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PMG Chapter 187: Burning Battle Energy

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“Lin Feng, brother, I challenged you to exchange pointers but you haven’t replied to me yet. At least, you should fight me first and then challenge Brother Meng Chong.” said Feng Xiao mockingly. When Meng Chong heard these words, he nodded and said: “He’s right, Lin Feng. Are you trying to escape the fight by changing the subject? You should first defeat Brother Feng Xiao and then challenge me.”

A moment ago, Meng Chong was at loss for words and had nothing to say but now he had an opportunity.

” What you mean to say is you’ll only fight me if I defeat him?” said Lin Feng in a mocking tone while looking at Meng Chong. Meng Chong avoided Lin Feng’s eyes and looked hesitant. Immediately after, he nodded and said: “Indeed.”

Feng Xiao wasn’t weak. He was at the peak of the sixth Ling Qi layer. He hadn’t seen Hei Mo and Lin Feng’s fight and knew very little about it but he had heard the news that it was a draw. Besides, Lin Feng was still at the fifth Ling Qi layer at the auction market. Meng Chong didn’t believe that Lin Feng, was able to defeat a cultivator at the peak of the sixth Ling Qi layer after such a short time such as Feng Xiao.

The second prince was overestimating Lin Feng’s strength. Feng Xiao would humiliate him.

The crowd was looking at Lin Feng. The second prince was particularly kind to Lin Feng which caused some of them to be in a bad mood. they would gladly watch if Lin Feng could be humiliated.

Lin Feng sipped his glass of alcohol with a cold aura around him. Immediately after, he slightly raised his head, glanced at the crowd and finally looked at Feng Xiao.

Lin Feng had no choice but to humor him since Feng Xiao really wanted to use Lin Feng to show his strength.

“Where do we fight?” asked Lin Feng indifferently which surprised the crowd. Excitement immediately flashed through their eyes. Lin Feng had accepted the challenge.

Feng Xiao was also a bit surprised. He smiled immediately after, and said: “Watching a battle from the pavilion while drinking some alcohol is a very pleasant thing to do. The landscape is wonderful. We could take advantages of the bamboo rafts on the lake, what do you think?”

“Alright.” replied Lin Feng indifferently. The crowd was sneering at him. Who didn’t know that Feng Xiao had a hurricane spirit and that he was extremely powerful? Choosing the lake as a battlefield would give him a huge advantage. Lin Feng had surprisingly accepted.

“Alright, I’ll go first.” Feng Xiao’s silhouette flickered and in the blink of eye, he appeared on a bamboo raft outside of the pavilion. Then, the crowd saw the bamboo raft move with precise skill towards the center of the lake.

“What a nice agility technique.” the crowd was amazed. They then looked at Lin Feng to see if they could catch his surprise but Lin Feng’s face didn’t reveal shock. He looked expressionless and calmly stood up.

He slowly walked towards the edge of the pavilion and jumped onto a bamboo raft. Immediately after, the bamboo raft started moving slowly towards the center of the lake. His movements were extremely ordinary and didn’t look beautiful and elegant, which made the crowd look at Lin Feng with disdain.

It seemed like Lin Feng was definitely going to lose that battle. Many people were even regretting that Feng Xiao had challenged Lin Feng before them. If they had challenged him first, they could have gained the prestige and been in Feng Xiao’s position.

After Feng Xiao arrived in the middle of the lake, he turned around. While standing on the bamboo raft, he looked at Lin Feng and a smile appeared on his face.

“Lin Feng, brother, I heard that your strength was exceptional, but today, it seems like it was unjustified. How should I dispose of you?” said Feng Xiao jokingly. At that moment, he wasn’t acting politely anymore, he was now showing his true colours.

“However you wish.” said Lin Feng as indifferently. He was extremely calm. The crowd found Lin Feng’s mind hard to fathom. He was indeed mysterious.

“Hehe, it feels like we are like old friends even though this is the first time we have met, so I will not make you suffer too much. I will cripple your cultivation and let you live.” said Feng Xiao while smiling evilly. His heart was filled with malicious intent. Having accepted his challenge on the lake was an extremely reckless decision.

If he hadn’t put on his façade of kindness, how could he possibly get such an opportunity?

“Didn’t you just say that the purpose of that battle was to exchange pointers? Why is it that you are talking about crippling my cultivation?” asked Lin Feng indifferently yet his heart was filled with extreme coldness.

These noble cultivators were all the same, really arrogant and considered other people’s lives as trash. Their hearts and morals were disgustingly rotten. It was the first time that Feng Xiao was meeting Lin Feng, they didn’t have any hatred between them, and yet he was already talking about crippling his cultivation as if it was something ordinary.

When Feng Xiao heard Lin Feng, he couldn’t help but heartily burst into laughter. The other people in the pavilion were also laughing. Lin Feng was really a fascinating and amusing person.

“What’s so funny?” asked Lin Feng indifferently which made Feng Xiao stop. He looked at Lin Feng and said: “I said I wouldn’t kill you, I am showing mercy.”

While talking, he moved his hand and a sharp wind rushed straight towards Lin Feng’s bamboo raft.


Lin Feng’s bamboo raft was broken into pieces. Water burst into the air surrounding Lin Feng’s body.

But the crowd only saw that Lin Feng was surrounded by a wall of water and didn’t know if he was alive.

Only when the wall of water fell down once again, they saw that Lin Feng’s bamboo raft was already broken and that Lin Feng was still standing there motionless.

“If you don’t try your hardest, how do you plan to fight against me?” asked Feng Xiao while laughing and looking at Lin Feng. He had accepted to fight on the lake, Lin Feng was asking to die.

“Do I even need to use any effort against someone like you?” said Lin Feng indifferently. A terrifying battle energy surrounded his body and like a fire spread around him and through the atmosphere.

Lin Feng took few steps on forward. He was skillfully and elegantly walking on the water.

When the crowd sensed Lin Feng’s battle energy, they were stupefied. A moment before, Lin Feng was as calm the lake and now he was releasing battle energy that was sharper than a sword.

Besides, the battle energy was growing even more intense with each of his steps. It was causing their hearts to race.


Feng Xiao frowned and looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked elegant and agile and his battle energy was piercingly sharp.

“Whoosh!” Feng Xiao swiped his hand forwards and two sharp hurricanes rushed straight towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng moved his hand at incredible speed and a wave rose from the lake. That wave seemed like it had transformed into a sharp sword which stopped the hurricanes.


Lin Feng continued moving forwards. Immediately, the wave crashed down and disintegrated Feng Xiao’s bamboo raft.

The crowd was amazed by Lin Feng’s movements. At that moment, Lin Feng was surrounded by huge waves roaring across the lake. It seemed like the lake had turned into an enraged dragon under Lin Feng’s feet. His battle energy was still burning outwards and now covered the entire lake.

Feng Xiao’s facial expression drastically changed. He now had an extremely ugly expression. He looked gloomy as if he had just realized how terrifying Lin Feng’s power was.

At that moment, Lin Feng looked determined, his mouth slightly opened and he said coldly: “I first admitted defeat, not because I was scared but because I thought that fighting was pointless. Since you really wanted to fight against me, I accepted.”

While talking, Lin Feng moved forwards again, it seemed like he was unceasingly moving and suddenly his silhouette looked like it had disappeared.


Lin Feng’s voice spread through the air. The crowd couldn’t see where Lin Feng was. Besides, at that moment, Feng Xiao was dumbstruck. Lin Feng looked like a terrifying warlord. Lin Feng’s body was faintly discernible and an incomparably huge amount of battle energy was moving towards him. Feng Xiao could not tell where the battle energy was coming from, but he could feel the danger rushing towards him.


A hurricane emerged in the atmosphere and Feng Xiao rushed backwards. A moment after, his body intensely shook and he loudly groaned. A strong sword Qi had pierced into his body and completely destroyed his Qi passageways before piercing his dantian.

“I didn’t want to fight, not out of fear but out of disdain for pointlessly fighting.” The crowd looked at the two silhouettes. Lin Feng attacked again, he pointed his finger at Feng Xiao and deadly energy crashed into his body.

Lin Feng did not want to fight against Feng Xiao, that’s all. Defeating Feng Xiao was an extremely easy thing to do.

Feng Xiao had provoked Lin Feng. After Lin Feng had accepted the challenge, he had acted even more wildly and wanted to cripple Lin Feng’s cultivation. Lin Feng instead had crippled Feng Xiao’s cultivation and returned the favour.

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