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PMG Chapter 1870: Wang Zhuo’s Death

PMG Chapter 1870: Wang Zhuo’s Death
Very quickly, everybody learned about those people’s deaths, and were astonished. They had all paid attention to what the others had been doing, they were wondering who had killed the strong cultivators from Taishan City.
Everybody started investigating. Who had killed those people?
Two people appeared in the mountains where Lin Feng was. One of them was Wang Zhuo, the other one was the other survivor who had managed to escape with him.
They were astonished when they saw what had happened.
“Lin Feng!” Wang Zhuo looked at him strangely. There were green trees everywhere and there was only one person here… Lin Feng!
“How come it’s you?” Wang Zhuo asked as he landed on the mountain.
Lin Feng opened his eyes and looked at Wang Zhuo, “I’m here, do I need to have a reason to be here?”
Wang Zhuo was surprised. Lin Feng was alone there?
“Have you seen those who killed the strong cultivators from Taishan City?” Wang Zhuo asked Lin Feng.
Lin Feng shook his head, “I haven’t.” He couldn’t have seen them, because he had killed them.
“Are you hiding here?” Wang Zhuo asked icily.
Lin Feng looked back at him coldly. “Mind your own business, will you?” Wang Zhuo had pissed him off those days. Because of his poor tactical skills, everyone from Great Imperial Song City had died. Luckily, Lin Feng had left straight from the beginning.
Yes, Lin Feng dared look at him coldly. Wang Zhuo didn’t smile, he was furious.
“Lin Feng, you escaped, you abandoned us, the people from Great Imperial Song City!” accused Wang Zhuo, staring at Lin Feng.
Lin Feng stood up. He was furious too, and said to Wang Zhuo, “You want to kill me?”
“How do you know?” shot back Wang Zhuo icily. He slowly walked over to Lin Feng and said, “I’m just picking up bodies. Minister Uptala won’t say anything. Besides, he won’t even know you died.”
“The way you think is not bad,” said Lin Feng. He looked at the other and said, “There’s a witness though. Are you going to kill us both?”
“Don’t worry about that. He’s with me,” said Wang Zhuo, releasing his Qi.
“Do you want to know who killed the people from Taishan City?” Lin Feng asked Wang Zhuo mockingly.
“You know?” asked Wang Zhuo, staring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded.
“Who?” asked Wang Zhuo. He was surprised.
Lin Feng walked towards him and death marks appeared everywhere, then a deployment pattern appeared. Life Qi turned into death Qi. The atmosphere became dark.
Wang Zhuo’s expression changed drastically. He saw the illusion and turned deathly pale. That was a powerful death strength!
He looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng said grimly, “It was me!”
Then, death energies started converging, and surrounded Wang Zhuo. Wang Zhuo stared at Lin Feng. His body turned black. “No…”
However, it was already too late. Death Qi surrounded him as well as the other man. They both turned into corpses.
Lin Feng looked at them emotionlessly. In his hands, two black flames appeared. He threw the two fireballs at the corpses and burned them to ashes. He also took their weapons. Wang Zhuo had an extraordinary social status and had been strong, he had incredible treasures.
However, at that moment, Lin Feng raised his head and gazed into the distance. He saw someone, but that person seemed blind, as if he hadn’t seen Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng sensed a cold presence.
Jian Mang, he’s here too!, thought Lin Feng. When they had come to the small world, Lin Feng hadn’t seen Jian Mang. But now he was there and it seemed that he had sensed that Wang Zhuo and the other man had been killed. Even though Jian Mang couldn’t see much, with his godly awareness, he could still inspect the area.
“You want to kill me so that I don’t say anything?” said Jian Mang calmly. Wang Zhuo had an incredible social status, and Lin Feng had killed him in one strike with his deployment spell. If people in Great Imperial Song City learned about this, Lin Feng would be doomed.
“Your deployment spells are powerful, I won’t go in. If you come out of the deployment spell, I will kill you,” said Jian Mang said slowly.
“And so?” said Lin Feng.
“Of course, he wasn’t my friend. He died and it has nothing to do with me. I don’t care. However, I still want to win the war for Great Imperial Song City.” said Jian Mang. Lin Feng recalled his energies. Jian Mang didn’t know Wang Zhuo and didn’t care about him. They weren’t friends. And Lin Feng and Jian Mang weren’t enemies.
“You mean you want us to join hands?” asked Lin Feng.
“Indeed. Even though I’m quite strong, our enemies haven’t lost many people. I can’t kill them on my own. With my strength and your deployment spells, things would be different. Even if we are the last two ones, we have hope,” said Jian Mang straightforwardly. He wanted to win the war!
“What would that bring to us?” said Lin Feng.
“It would prove how strong I am,” said Jian Mang.
Lin Feng smiled and nodded, “Alright, we can cooperate. But I’m not going to look for them. They can come. If they don’t come, then we’ll wait until the last day.”
“I don’t mind,” agreed Jian Mang calmly.
Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes. He began studying evolution energy, making his life and death energies evolve. He started moving his hands, and another pattern appeared indistinctly.
Lin Feng kept drawing life and death energies. He was casting another deployment spell.
However, what he didn’t know was that at that moment, in a luxurious building in Great Imperial Song City, someone was furious and their Qi was raging to the skies. That was Wang Zhuo’s father, Wang Xiao!
Wang Zhuo was talented, and relying on himself, he had won a hundred battles for Great Imperial Song City. He was extremely talented, had traveled a lot, and had many precious items. His future was supposed to be bright. However, he was dead now!
“Who killed my son!?” shouted Wang Xiao furiously. He had done his best to raise Wang Zhuo, his only son. His dream in life was to see his son surpass him. Now he was dead!
“Wang Zhen, Minister Kalasutra, Minister Uptala, you’re really cruel!” shouted Wang Xiao furiously, before leaving his home in a rage.

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    Thx 4 the chapter

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    Huh, the author must have gotten tired of him and wanted to continue the arc with LF having more enemies

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    The author just couldn’t resist the same plot of the arrogant young master trying to kill mc, gets killed in return and then angry father comes raging… Sigh, I was just enjoying the nice change in this arc but I guess it wasn’t to last.

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    I’m confused. Wang Zhuo and Wang Zhen are two different people or it’s just the same bad translated? Coz i’m lost… Why Wang Xiao say ” Want Zhen you’re very cruel ” otherwise..

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