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PMG Chapter 1871: Defeat

PMG Chapter 1871: Defeat
Wang Xiao started flying towards the small world Ling Feng was located in. He immediately broke the seal and entered.
People from the five influential groups guarded the entrance. When they saw Wang Xiao, they were stupefied. Someone said, “Master, we sealed the area because the battles have already started. You’re violating the rules so Great Imperial Song City is violating the rules.”
When he said that, the others looked at the guards of Great Imperial Song City.
“Minister Wang Xiao, indeed, those are the rules. During the battle, nobody can come here and disturb them,” said the strong cultivator from Great Imperial Song City while bowing respectfully.
“I just came to watch. I’m not going to get involved!” said Wang Xiao. He suddenly started flying again, ignoring everybody else. Nobody dared to stop him.
The other people’s eyes glittered. This man from Great Imperial Song City was extremely strong, but they weren’t convinced he wasn’t going to get involved. Otherwise, the strong cultivators of the other groups would join hands and attack him together.
Very quickly, Wang Xiao found a palace. That palace was the place Minister Kalasutra and the others were guarding. Minister Kalasutra sensed a powerful Qi approaching and rose up into the air. When he saw Wang Xiao, he was astonished and looked at him strangely. “Wang Xiao, what are you doing here?” he asked.
“My son came here with you to conquer this territory, and now he’s dead. You’re a Minister and you’re surprisingly asking me what I’m doing here?” replied Wang Xiao icily, staring at Minister Kalasutra. He sounded very angry.
“Wang Zhuo is dead?” Minister Kalasutra was astonished, he couldn’t believe it. He knew how strong Wang Zhuo was. He was extremely strong and very smart. He also had many precious treasures. Killing him wouldn’t be easy!
“You didn’t even know!?” shouted Wang Xiao furiously. Powerful lights glittered in his eyes.
When Minister Kalasutra saw Wang Xiao’s expression, he frowned and said, “Wang Xiao, I’m very sad and sorry for your loss. Wang Zhuo was a real genius. But war is war! We’re in a territory that we’re trying to conquer. Death is inevitable!”
“My son!” shouted Wang Xiao, bursting out in anger. His voice carried explosive energies that made the sky churn.
“Young men of Great Imperial Song City will die here. Nobody can be sure they won’t die! Your son, Wang Zhuo, came here to conquer the territory, who could guarantee he wasn’t going to die? He was just too weak! How can you blame anyone?” said Minister Kalasutra, getting angry now. He wasn’t polite anymore, and his tone of speech was ice-cold. Hell was a cruel place, nobody could guarantee anyone’s safety!
“If you wanted to be sure your son was never going to die, why did you make him practice cultivation?” pressed Minister Kalasutra icily. “Wang Xiao, you’re a Minister. You’re also in charge of wars to conquer territories! Now, leave! You cannot get involved here!”
“Kalasutra!” Wang Xiao glared at the Minister with murder in his eyes.
“Piss off! If you have anything to complain about, go to Great Emperor Song to report me!” shot back Minister Kalasutra. He wasn’t a weakling. He was strong and aggressive, the atmosphere around him darkened abruptly.
“Very good, Kalasutra!” said Wang Xiao icily. Then, he turned around and left, saying over his shoulder, “When you come out, if you haven’t conquered this place, I will come and find you!”
Minister Kalasutra didn’t care about what Wang Xiao said. Even though Wang Xiao was a descendant of Great Emperor Song, there were rules. Great Emperor Song was one of the Ten Yama Courts’ kings. Many Ministers were under his orders. He couldn’t get angry because some of his family members had died. The cultivation world was about life and death, strength and weakness. Even the strongest cultivators in the world could die sometimes.
“Wang Zhuo is dead, surprisingly,” whispered Minister Kalasutra. He was surprised, too. Wang Zhuo was extremely strong and surprisingly, someone had still managed to kill him. No wonder Minister Wang Xiao was furious. Who had killed Wang Zhuo?
In the distance, a few people arrived. Among them, there were two beautiful women: Qing Qing and Qin Yao!
“Dad, who dared act that arrogantly?” Qin Yao asked Minister Kalasutra. She had easily heard the two extremely loud voices.
“Wang Xiao. Wang Zhuo has been killed. He came to ask for explanations,” said Minister Kalasutra dismissively. Qin Yao and Qing Qing were astonished. Wang Zhuo had been killed?!
“What’s wrong with you?” Minister Kalasutra asked the two girls.
“We lost the low-level Hell emperors’ battle. The enemies made an alliance with the local people. Among them there were a few terrifyingly strong medium-level Hell emperors. And it doesn’t count as a violation of the rules, because those people don’t belong to any kind of powerful group. If local people attacked us, they can say they did it willingly. Their own medium-level Hell emperors haven’t gotten involved, obviously,” said Qin Yao unhappily. Their opponents had clearly set the rules to suit themselves.
“Wang Zhuo has been killed too, so the medium-level Hell emperors’ war must be lost as well,” said Qing Qing, her eyes glittering. She felt sad too. Wang Zhuo had been really strong for a medium-level Hell emperor. He was one of their strongest assets, a great loss. They had definitely lost the war. She wondered how Lin Feng was doing.
“Indeed, it’s quite possible. The high-level Hell emperors lost first, so we may have really lost,” sighed Minister Kalasutra sadly. He had seen the high-level Hell emperors’ battle, they had been destroyed very quickly. Very few people remained alive.
“Our enemies were ready. Losing isn’t a surprise,” observed Qin Yao.
“Right, they all plotted against us and joined hands, Now, let’s just watch and stop fighting. We can wait for the end of the war. We can see if we can compete again at some point. But if not, we can give up,” said someone else. Qing Qing and Qin Yao both nodded, annoyed. It was a tragedy for Great Imperial Song City!
There were fewer and fewer people on all the battlefields. However, the battles were also more and more deadly.
However, all of that seemed to have nothing to do with Lin Feng. During those days, he walked in the mountains, he went to villages and cities. He saw many people, some of them lucky, some of them suffering. Some faced death, some lived. Lin Feng forgot about his own self, he led his life as an ordinary person and watched life go by.
A month later, Lin Feng looked like someone who had suffered a lot in life. His clothes were ragged. He looked worn down and quiet, like an ordinary person. He laid down in the grass, put a wisp of straw in his mouth and nibbled it. Time passed slowly as he looked up at the blue sky.
After understanding the path of life and death, Lin Feng understood that he couldn’t just practice cultivation really hard all the time. He couldn’t kill people unceasingly, either. Sometimes, it was important to relax and get back to nature. The world was beautiful, and that in itself was beneficial.
However, in the cultivation world, it was impossible to remain calm and serene all the time. At that moment, a powerful thread of Qi appeared in the sky and oppressed the whole region.
Lin Feng looked up at the energy. Some powerful lights had appeared in the sky, and a white bolt of lightning descended from the sky.
A strong wind started blowing as someone landed next to Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked at him nonchalantly and said, “You’re blind, but you can find people so easily.”
Jian Mang kept finding him everywhere and easily.
“It’s starting. Everybody is gathering. Let’s go!” said Jian Mang. He was efficient and didn’t waste time.

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