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PMG Chapter 1872: Two People

PMG Chapter 1872: Two People
The forces gathered. The five Hell great emperors looked at the crowd from the sky.
The number of people of the five groups wasn’t homogenous, though. For example, it seemed that there was almost nobody left from Great Imperial Song City and Taishan City.
Minister Uptala looked calm and serene even though there were very few people left from Great Imperial Song City. War was about death, too. Battles to conquer territories could only be cruel. The strongest ones survived, the weakest ones died. That was their destiny and he couldn’t do anything about it.
“Who joined hands to kill my people?” demanded the Hell great emperor of Taishan City. They had already lost ! He wanted to know who had killed their people!
“If it was you, just say it!” shouted a subordinate of the the Taishan Hell great emperor.
“We didn’t do anything!” replied the strong cultivator of Chu Jiang City indifferently. The others remained silent. The strong cultivator of Taishan City frowned. How strange! How could his warriors have disappeared just like that?
“Many strong cultivators came here. Chu Jiang City lost the least amount of people. They’ve won,” said the high-level Hell emperor of Qinguang City. They had seemingly won the battle of the high-level Hell emperors.
“I agree,” said the Hell great emperor of Taishan City indifferently. They completely ignored Great Imperial Song City, who had nobody left anymore. Then, they looked at the Hell great emperor of Pingdeng City.
“I agree too,” said the Hell great emperor of Pingdeng City.
The strong cultivator of Chu Jiang City smiled, “So we won! Great!”
However, at that moment, two people arrived in a flash of light. The crowd turned around and saw a blind man and a low-level emperor.
“Great Imperial Song City refuses to surrender!” said the blind man. The crowd was astonished. These two people?
Minister Uptala looked at Jian Mang and Lin Feng strangely. Some mysterious things happened sometimes. Jian Mang and Lin Feng had both won a hundred victories at the same time in the city, they had also defeated nine other champions, and now they were here together. They were the last survivors of Great Imperial Song City!
“Lin Feng, where are the others?” asked Minister Uptala to Lin Feng.
“All the other groups had already plotted together against us, so when we arrived, they were attacked. However, I decided to go away before that, so I didn’t see them. Then, I bumped into Jian Mang. I don’t know about the others,” said Lin Feng calmly. Minister Uptala nodded. Wars were cruel. Great Imperial Song City had lost many people!
“Minister Uptala, does Great Imperial Song City accept the result or not?” asked the strong cultivator of Chu Jiang City smiling coldly.
Minister Uptala didn’t reply. He looked at Lin Feng and Jian Mang. He knew they were incredible warriors. However, Chu Jiang City still had so many people and Lin Feng had just become a medium-level Hell emperor. Only Jian Mang could easily defeat other medium-level Hell emperors.
“We don’t!” stated Jian Mang.
“If you don’t, then you have to battle to the death. Are you sure?” asked the Hell great emperor of Chu Jiang City smiling coldly. They still had sixteen medium-level Hell emperors, two people couldn’t do anything against them, they were just acting recklessly!
Minister Uptala said, “Jian Mang, Lin Feng, are you sure?”
“Minister, we want to fight!” said Lin Feng, nodding at Minister Uptala.
When he saw how proud and self-confident they looked, he was surprised but smiled, “Alright, since you want to fight, I support you two. Great Imperial Song City doesn’t accept the result and wants to continue battling!”
“How brave!” said the Hell great emperor of Chu Jiang City smiling coldly. He waved his hands and said, “Everybody, battle to death.”
The members of the other groups moved back. Minister Uptala looked at Lin Feng and nodded. Apart from the strong cultivators of Chu Jiang City and Lin Feng and Jian Mang, nobody was left. Everybody else had moved back and wanted to watch the battle.
“You cast deployment spells, I kill,” said Jian Mang to Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded his agreement. He landed on the ground and marks started appearing everywhere. Lin Feng carved deployment marks at incredible speed.
“Deployment spells?” Minister Uptala was astonished. Lin Feng understood deployment spells?
Lin Feng released wind cosmic energies around his body to move even faster. His deployment marks were dazzling. The strong cultivators of Chu Jiang City were shocked.
Those two dared fight, they had a reason: deployment spells!
“Kill him first and prevent him from casting a deployment spell!” ordered someone icily. Deployment spells could be terrifying!
“Use a death spell and kill him instantly!” shouted someone icily, releasing death cosmic energies which surrounded Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng merely released life cosmic energies to counter them.
Life cosmic energies? Life cosmic energies can oppress death energy!, thought the strong cultivators of Chu Jiang City, who had all started releasing death cosmic energies at the same time. Their death cosmic energies were truly powerful, they could have killed a strong cultivator easily, but when those energies crashed onto Lin Feng’s body, they turned into life cosmic energy. Green lights of vitality started appearing around Lin Feng!
How is that possible?, thought the amazed Chi Jian combatants. They didn’t understand what was going on. Lin Feng didn’t stop moving and carving out dazzling marks. Demon and earth cosmic energies rose up into the air. A destructive strength oppressed the whole battlefield.
A hellish spear streaked across the sky towards Lin Feng, carrying pure death intent. The air darkened as it sped forwards.
Lin Feng smiled icily, as his Tian Ji Sword spat out all sorts of cosmic energies and collided with the spear, shattering it instantly.
Dozens and dozens of punches appeared in the air, and death strength rose to the skies. Their goal was simple: destroy Lin Feng and Jian Mang with an endless amount of death strength!
“The Circle of Life!” said Lin Feng. His life cosmic energy turned into a vortex and absorbed everything around, the incoming death strength kept turning into life strength. Lin Feng opened his mouth and swallowed all the energy before all their eyes.
Jian Mang didn’t waste time, either. He moved like a lightning sword, his sword energies slashing at someone’s eyes.
Jian Mang was punched by an opponent and coughed up blood and was forced backwards. Jian Mang’s sword attacks were strange, they didn’t look powerful but they were deadly.
“Kill the one who’s carving the deployment marks!” shouted a cultivator furiously. Many people attacked at the same time, using all sorts of other cosmic energies to surround Lin Feng.
Lin Feng stepped away, and dazzling deployment marks started flashing and rising to the skies, colliding with all the energies. Their interplay blotted out the sky. Lin Feng’s life energies had turned into a powerful vortex, forming a giant life and death pattern.
His life and death energies have become one. His life energies heal him and he uses his death energies to attack!, thought Minister Uptala, pleasantly astonished. Lin Feng understood life and death energies so well already. At the same time, he could even cast deployment spells! Minister Uptala was getting more and more impressed every day!
The gigantic pattern dashed to the skies, and suddenly many people fell down from the air.
Jian Mang continued moving around at lightning speed. His sword lights were dazzling. Horrible shrieks kept sounding out and many people’s eyes started bleeding.
“What a fast sword, his sword moves like lightning!” The crowd was shaken. These two people were terrifying. Who knew there were such cultivators in Great Imperial Song City!

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