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PMG Chapter 1873: You’re The Only Real Loser!

PMG Chapter 1873: You’re The Only Real Loser!
Minister Uptala was shocked and amazed by Lin Feng and Jian Mang’s strength. He murmured to himself, “It’s not a strange kind of cosmic energy, it’s light cosmic energy!”
There was an infinite number of cosmic energies, but the most common ones weren’t numerous, and were usually related to the five elements. However, some people also used powerful and strange cosmic energies, as was usually the case of some people from animal clans or people who had king body types. They could use strange and mysterious cosmic energies because they had inherited them.
Some cosmic energies were related to the elements. For example, a Golden Crow’s fire energy was an ameliorated version of sun energy.
Some very talented people understood decay cosmic energy, and when reaching enlightenment, those people could control time.
Some incredible people could also control light cosmic energy. Light cosmic energy granted a cultivator speed and could also make people go blind. Coupled with sword techniques, their attacks could be terrifyingly powerful.
He didn’t even use his full strength on the battle stage, otherwise he would have been able to defeat six people at the same time too!, thought Minister Uptala, watching Jian Mang.
Life, death, light, and sword cosmic energies had filled the air, and coupled with the shattering deployment spell, half of the strong cultivators of Chu Jiang City had already been killed. When all the energies dispersed, the crowd noticed that a dozen people had died, and three had gone blind. Two more were severely injured, one was lightly injured, and two were unharmed.
When the crowd saw all this, they were astonished. What a tragedy for the strong cultivators of Chu Jiang City! The strong cultivator of Chu Jiang City wanted to say something, but in the end he didn’t. He was speechless.
Jian Mang continued moving. His attacks still looked simple, but they were deadly. The three blinded people died at the same time, his sword lights cutting through their souls and flesh.
The strong cultivators of Chu Jiang City were astonished, and had no time to react. Jian Mang’s attacks were terrifying, they just realized how dangerous he was. However, the battle wasn’t over yet.
“Imprison!” Lin Feng flashed away, waved his hands, and one of the injured cultivators from Chu Jiang City was caged. The Tian Ji Sword glittered, streaked across the sky towards him, piercing through his body and killing him.
“Wake up!” shouted the Hell great emperor of Chu Jiang City furiously. The atmosphere shook. Lin Feng and Jian Mang even trembled.
A Lotus sword streaked across the sky again and three more people from Chu Jiang City died. However, this time, they were killed by Minister Uptala!
“What are you doing?” shouted the Hell great emperor from Chu Jiang City furiously.
“You intervened, so I can intervene, too,” replied Minister Uptala calmly. Then, he waved his hand and strength surrounded a strong cultivator from Chu Jiang City again. That person died instantly.
The crowd looked at the Hell great emperor from Chu Jiang City. He had indeed just violated the rules indeed by getting involved.
The medium-level Hell emperors of Chu Jiang City were being slaughtered. Lin Feng, Jian Mang, and Minister Uptala killed them all. Those people were all heroes from Chu Jiang City, and now they had all died. What a tragedy!
“Taishan City, Taiguang, Pingdeng City, they have all surrendered. Now, Chu Jiang City decided to fight against Great Imperial Song City, and Great Imperial Song City has won this battle. I don’t think anyone has anything to say about this, right?” asked Minister Uptala. The Hell great emperors of Taishan City and the other cities nodded. Great Imperial Song City had two incredible cultivators, they couldn’t say anything against them. They didn’t care if all those strong cultivators from Chu Jiang City had died, it had nothing to do with them. They had just watched the battle happily. The Chu Jian Hell great emperor was probably furious at the people from Great Imperial Song City. It was even more amusing that way!
“I’m sure we’ll meet again!” said the Hell great emperor of Chu Jiang City, glaring at Minister Uptala, Lin Feng, and Jian Mang icily. He turned around and left. He didn’t need to stay there. They’d had hopes for this battlefield, they had already lost the two others. Now, they had nothing.
The cultivators of Taishan City left, too. They had also lost the three battles.
“Let’s go!” said Minister Uptala quietly. A gigantic Blue Uptala Lotus appeared. Lin Feng and Jian Mang jumped aboard it, and they all left.
Now, the great emperors went to gather where the high-level emperors were fighting. The three groups gathered there.
Wang Zhen and Minister Kalasutra looked at Minister Uptala. Wang Zhen said, “I thought we’d lost, but why did you come back with two people?”
Minister Kalasutra stared at Jian Mang and Lin Feng. He only knew that Wang Zhuo had died, so he had thought they’d lost that battle. However, Minister Uptala had now told him they had won that battle using telepathy.
“Everybody else died fighting,” said Minister Uptala. Wang Zhen was stunned, they had all died during the fighting?
“Wang Zhuo is dead too?” Wang Zhen was shocked and angry, Wang Zhuo and he were related by blood. They were Great Emperor Song’s descendants! How could he explain this to Wang Xiao?
“Everybody died, including Wang Zhuo, then those two survivors won?” asked Wang Zhen. He couldn’t believe it. Lin Feng had survived, Wang Zhuo had died, had Minister Uptala protected Lin Feng?
“He died a long time ago,” said Minister Kalasutra. “Wang Xiao even came inside to ask what had happened. I made him go back. It’s a war, not a game. Wang Zhuo died, that’s part of war.”
“Wang Xiao came here earlier?” Wang Zhen was startled, and pulled a long face. He looked at Minister Kalasutra. “Minister, you should have told me earlier.”
Wang Zhuo had died! Even if they conquered the territory, Wang Xiao wouldn’t forgive him!
Minister Kalasutra frowned. What did Wang Zhen think? That Great Emperor Song’s descendants were superior to them, or what? They were Ministers, they were stronger than Wang Zhen, how could they report to him?
“And since Wang Zhuo died, how did you win the medium-level Hell emperors’ battle?” asked Wang Zhen.
“I don’t know how Wang Zhuo died. However, at the end of the three months, Lin Feng and Jian Mang decided to fight alone and defeated all the strong cultivators of Chu Jiang City. They won!” Minister Uptala informed them. Wang Zhen was astonished and stared at Lin Feng and Jian Mang.
“You defeated all the cultivators of Chu Jiang City?” Wang Zhen couldn’t believe his eyes and asked, “Minister Uptala, you managed the battle there, and surprisingly you don’t know how Wang Zhuo died?”
Wang Zhen glanced at Lin Feng and asked, “How did Wang Zhuo die?”
“Wang Zhuo did things his own way and died, why do you need to ask us, Master?” Lin Feng asked Wang Zhen.
“Wang Zhuo’s death is a big problem, I need to understand!” said Wang Zhen. Wang Xiao was really strong, and Wang Zhuo was Wang Xiao’s only son! They were supposed to help him conquer that territory, they needed to have a clear explanation. Wang Xiao had a bad temper, he would remember them!
“We risked our lives and now you just remember Wang Zhuo’s death? Don’t you know that Minister Uptala and Minister Kalasutra also lost many people?” Lin Feng asked indifferently. Wang Zhen looked furious. Minister Uptala and Minister Kalasutra thought the same way, but Lin Feng had dared say it out loud. Wang Zhen remained silent with difficulty.
“Your Excellencies, if you agree, you can join Qinguang City’s army!” said the nearby Hell great emperor from Qinguang City to Lin Feng and Jian Mang. They had done so much for Great Imperial Song City, and now Great Imperial Song City’s rulers seemed ungrateful. They were more than willing to accept such strong cultivators!
“Wang Zhen doesn’t represent Great Imperial Song City. He just expresses his own opinion,” said Minister Uptala at that moment. Wang Zhen was afraid of Wang Xiao, that was why he was acting this way.
“Kalasutra, I’m not participating anymore, and you?” asked Minister Uptala.
Kalasutra turned around and waved dismissively, “We’re retreating as well.”
Minister Uptala nodded and looked at Lin Feng and Jian Mang, “Let’s go, then.”
A gigantic lotus reappeared, the few remaining people jumped onto it. Qing Qing, Lin Feng, and the others jumped onto the lotus and left without even glancing at Wang Zhen.
Wang Zhen pulled a long face. Minister Uptala and Minister Kalasutra had come to help, and without them, he couldn’t do anything anymore.
He looked at the cultivators from Qinguang City and Pingdeng City, they looked back at him mockingly. His cheeks felt like they were burning. Surprisingly, everybody had let him down, and now he was the real loser!

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