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PMG Chapter 1874: Uptala Army

PMG Chapter 1874: Uptala Army
Minister Uptala and Minister Kalasutra went back to the city. Many people knew about the war already. Not long before, Wang Zhuo had died in battle, Wang Xiao had gone insane and destroyed many buildings.
“Minister Uptala and Minister Kalasutra have suffered heavy casualties, things don’t look good for them…” said some people when they saw the two Ministers come back. Wang Zhen had come back, too. He was furious. When the crowd saw how furious Wang Zhen looked, they understood that the war hadn’t gone well at all.
Minister Kalasutra and Minister Uptala had gone to war for Wang Zhen, they were supposed to help him take over that territory. Wang Zhen would have become a Minister that way. However, he had lost!

After Wang Zhen came back, he immediately headed to the private district since he was a descendant of Great Emperor Song. Even people with privileges couldn’t go there freely.
Wang Zhen looked glum. He went to a certain palace and waited outside, not daring to enter.
After a short time, an old man appeared. His hair was white and he had wrinkles everywhere, but still managed to look fearsome. He glanced at Wang Zhen indifferently.
“You lost?” said the old man gloomily. Wang Zhen lowered his head, “Monsignor, Minister Uptala and Minister Kalasutra are way too arrogant. They let Wang Zhuo die and in the end, we had an opportunity to conquer that place, but they didn’t want to let me control it, so they abandoned me. They don’t care about us Great Emperor Song descendants.”
“In order to be a Minister in Hell, you need to be a man of virtue and honor. The Ministers, and especially Great Emperor Uptala, would never try to do anything to harm you. Minister Uptala even controls the strength of the ten thousand things of creation. He doesn’t try to harm people on purpose. They would have never harmed Wang Zhuo, either. If you failed, it means you’re not suitable to become a Minister. From now on, don’t come here anymore,” said the man calmly.
Wang Zhen started trembling violently, and his face turned deathly pale. He was in the central part of Great Imperial Song City, this place was the symbol of the city. From now on, he couldn’t go there anymore, he perfectly understood what that meant!
“Monsignor!” protested Wang Zhen, trembling in fear.
“Go now,” said the man, making a shooing motion nonchalantly. He turned around and headed back into the palace. Wang Zhen’s heart was pounding violently. That old man was even more powerful than what the legends said about him.
He was the only one who could see Great Emperor Song. Seeing Great Emperor Song was extremely difficult even for Ministers!
Great Emperor Song was one of the Ten Yama Courts’ kings, one of the ten great leaders of Hell. Even his descendants didn’t know how strong he really was.
Wang Zhen left and far away, he sensed a cold energy surround him. He turned around and saw Wang Xiao.
“Brother Wang Xiao,” Wang Zhen greeted him politely.
“Don’t call me that,” said Wang Xiao icily. “I’m asking you, who killed my son Wang Zhuo?”
Wang Zhen’s expression changed drastically. How unlucky! What a tragedy, today was so horrible. He had to give Wang Xiao an explanation, but he didn’t know how Wang Zhuo had died.
“Brother Wang Xiao, after we entered that territory, I asked Minister Uptala to take care of Wang Zhuo. However, later, they told me that he had been killed. I was furious at Minister Uptala and Minister Kalasutra. Then, they abandoned me and refused to continue helping me conquer the area, I was forced to leave the small world and came back alone,” said Wang Zhen coldly. He was trying to blame everyone else for all those problems.
“What you mean is that you don’t know how my son died?” asked Wang Xiao. An ice-cold Qi surrounded Wang Zhen.
“The battlefields were divided into three, one for low-level Hell emperors, one for medium-level Hell emperors and one for high-level Hell emperors. Wang Zhuo followed Minister Uptala to the medium-level Hell emperors’ battlefield. Only medium-level Hell emperors could fight, so nothing should have happened to Wang Zhuo! I don’t know what Minister Uptala did. You can go and check, Brother Wang Xiao.”
“A bunch of nonsense!” shouted Wang Xiao furiously, “My son had my talisman! He could have made it explode to protect his life. Unless a Hell great emperor attacked him, he couldn’t have died. How could he die on the medium-level Hell emperors’ battlefield?”
“I also think it’s strange,” Wang Zhen agreed. He had already thought of that. If Wang Zhuo had faced danger, he would have broken the talisman or used a Great Imperial Weapon. However, he had been killed nonetheless.
“There’s another possibility.” said Wang Zhen suddenly as if he had thought of something.
“What possibility?” asked Wang Xiao.
“One of your people could have assassinated him!” proposed Wang Zhen icily. “Indeed, Minister Uptala came back alone with Lin Feng and Jian Mang. One of them is blind, the other one has just become a medium-level Hell emperor. How could they be strong enough to kill all those medium-level Hell emperors? How come they cooperated? Besides, Minister Uptala and Lin Feng are quite close, he takes care of Lin Feng. Lin Feng even went back to Minister Uptala’s headquarters.”
Wang Xiao frowned. His son had died, and the matter was very strange, so anything was possible.
“Lin Feng and Jian Mang were the only survivors. Brother Wang Xiao, you have an inspection technique, if you inspect their memories, you’ll find out the truth,” said Wang Zhen.
Wang Xiao seemed pensive. He couldn’t do anything against Minister Uptala and Minister Kalasutra. Regarding Lin Feng and Jian Mang, he just needed an opportunity to attack them. After all, they were Minister Uptala’s guests. He couldn’t attack them openly.
However, his son Wang Zhuo had died. He had to try anything he could!
Lin Feng didn’t know what Wang Xiao and Wang Zhen were talking about. He was in Minister Uptala’s headquarters.
“Minister Uptala, we offended Wang Zhen. He’s one of Great Emperor Song’s descendants. Won’t they cause trouble?” asked Lin Feng to Minister Uptala.
“We’re in Hell. There are Ten Yama Courts. If we hold grudges against one another, then Great Imperial Song City will disappear. Lin Feng, you have to understand that strength is all that matters here,” said Minister Uptala. Great Imperial Song City was one of the ten cities of Hell. Strength was all that mattered. Anyone who was strong enough was respected. Lin Feng was such a person.
“Minister, do kings inherit their position of Ten Yama Courts’ king?” asked Lin Feng.
Minister Uptala looked at Lin Feng, smiled and shook his head, “Of course not. The position of Ten Yama Courts’ king is obtained thanks to strength. If someone becomes a peerless cultivator and defeats Great Emperor Song, then they’ll replace him. But nobody has tried to attack Great Emperor Song in thousands of years.”
Lin Feng was stupefied. Great Emperor Song had been one of the Ten Yama Courts’ kings for thousands of years? How strong!
“Of course, even though Wang Zhen doesn’t attack strong people, maybe he will try and attack you. After all, you offended him too. You have to be careful,” warned Minister Uptala. Lin Feng nodded, he knew that.
“Let’s go, Lin Feng. I’m going to show you around the Uptala district!” said Minister Uptala, smiling at Lin Feng. He took Lin Feng to several different buildings. After a short time, they arrived in front of a lake, and went into the water. There was a door there, it looked like an illusion. They crossed it and ended up in a courtyard. There was a pattern under Lin Feng’s feet.
Teleportation Deployment Spell!, thought Lin Feng looking at the marks of the pattern. The marks were Holy marks. After Minister Uptala conquered a territory, he had created a Teleportation Deployment Spell to go there easily.
“Let’s go!” Minister Uptala and Lin Feng rose up into the air. After a short time, they appeared above a beautiful watery world. There were many waterfalls and rivers. Lin Feng gazed into the distance and saw people wearing Uptala armor. They were seated cross-legged and practicing cultivation. Some of them fought against one another to practice. Some others talked about cultivation. Those people were also extremely strong.
“Those people are the members of the Uptala army. They work together a lot. They can fight against one another to compare themselves, and they can talk about cultivation. I also make them travel sometimes. Of course, if they want to stay alone, they can too. They help me control this part of Hell. People who are talented can join my army,” Minister Uptala explained to Lin Feng.
Lin Feng nodded. This army controlled a part of Hell!

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