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PMG Chapter 1877: Danger All Around

PMG Chapter 1877: Danger All Around
“When will the passage open?” asked Lin Feng, looking around. It was very cloudy here.
“Today. The passage opens every year once for three days. During those three days, you can enter or leave. I suggest you go in on the last day,” Shichuan advised Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t understand, but then Shichuan continued, “During the first two days, some people who entered last year will stay there to hunt more people.”
Lin Feng understood. On the last day, those hunters would definitely leave the world.
“Greed is the most dangerous thing during the Challenge of the Celestial Country, because many people want to obtain as many treasures as they can. Other people are precious treasures for you. You hunt people to hunt treasures. Those people are real heroes, and their rings contain priceless treasures. Remember what the Minister said, don’t be too greedy. Stay safe!” Shichuan told them all.
At that moment, the cloud became dazzling and golden. The golden clouds illuminated everything. Someone came out of the golden clouds and flew away into the distance.
How fast, he didn’t stay here, even for a second!, thought Lin Feng. Then, someone else came out, and then a third person… and people came out one after another. Nobody stuck around. Those people all had a common point, they didn’t stay there at all, and left immediately.
Those people were chased by others…, considered Lin Feng. So many strong cultivators were coming out of the Celestial Country. Even if they were extremely strong, they didn’t want to take risks. In Hell, it was different, as they couldn’t fight as they wished. If they did, they would have to bear the consequences of their actions. They might not know other people’s social status, so if they offended a powerful group, their friends might help!
“Someone is going in!” The watchers were startled. Someone had penetrated into the golden clouds and gone into the Celestial Country.
But very few people entered immediately, only one or two once in a while. However, people kept coming out unceasingly, and the golden lights didn’t disappear.
That lasted for three days, then Shichuan looked at Lin Feng and the others, “It’s the last day. You can go in. When you cross the passage, you will end up in different places. Remember to stay safe!”
“Don’t worry, Master. We know what to do!” everybody nodded. Then, they rose up into the air and dove into the clouds. Lin Feng followed along. While rising up into the air, he looked down at the ground once and took a deep breath.
When Lin Feng crossed the clouds, he saw a golden empty space door of empty space. It trembled in front of him, and then Lin Feng was teleported somewhere else. He disappeared from there, and was suddenly falling from the skies.
“Die!” shouted someone icily. Lin Feng sensed death Qi all around him.
“Life!” said Lin Feng. Life and death energies rotated around him. His life energy became much more powerful.
However, Lin Feng was startled and had cold sweats. If he hadn’t understood life and death as a dual energy, he would have lost half of his life. His eyes were glittering as he saw a skinny old man. That person was grey-skinned, and looked half-dead.
The only restriction to participate in the Challenge of the Celestial Country was cultivation level, there was no age restriction. This old man was a high-level Hell emperor, waiting idly for opportunities. When he saw new people coming out, he naturally tried his luck. During these three days, more and more people had come to the Celestial Country.
At that moment, Lin Feng looked like a low-level Hell emperor, so the old man didn’t want to let him off.
The old man moved like the wind, and a powerful black wind of death started blowing. The skinny old man’s eyes looked like black holes. Lin Feng released wind cosmic energies but he was still slower than the old man.
Dazzling lights appeared. Lin Feng took out an imperial weapon, a sword, he wanted to see if he could use Great Imperial Weapons in there.
A destructive strength descended from the sky and crashed onto the sword, turning it to ashes. Lin Feng raised his head. What kind of strength was that? Was it forbidden to use weapons in this world, and therefore a mysterious strength had descended from the sky and destroyed his sword?
Had this world been created by a strong cultivator, too?
“Stay here forever!” said the skinny old man icily. Death Qi dashed to the skies and moved towards Lin Feng, turning into a hand of death.
His opponent’s death energy was corroded by his own life energy. It all turned into life energy. At the same time, Lin Feng released sword energies. The death hand crackled as it broke apart.
“A low-level Hell emperor can be so strong?” The skinny old man looked stupefied. Lin Feng could make death Qi turn into life Qi. How strange, he was very powerful! However, the old man was determined, he wanted to defeat Lin Feng. Maybe he had incredible treasures!
“Where are you going, little boy?” said the skinny old man provocatively. The earth and the sky around Lin Feng were filled with death energies. If Lin Feng hadn’t been strong enough, he would have been killed outright by those energies.
Lin Feng’s eyes glittered. In the Celestial Country, he couldn’t use Imperial weapons and Great Imperial Weapons. He could only rely on his own strength!
“Eh?” At that moment, Lin Feng arrived in front of a mountain, and at the top of the mountain, there was a middle-aged man. His Qi was powerful and sharp as he stood there calmly. Lin Feng felt a new pressure.
No wonder Minister Uptala had told him to wait before coming to this place. It was extremely dangerous here! There were so many strong cultivators here, and the people staying here used it to hunt newcomers!
However, Lin Feng continued flying. The middle-aged man noticed that Lin Feng was looking at him, but he still looked unmoved.
Powerful wind and empty space cosmic energies surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng landed on the mountain not far from the middle-aged man and suddenly penetrated into an empty space. At the same time, the middle-aged man also moved, turning into a powerful sword. It was as if there was no strength in the air around anymore. Even the old man’s death Qi broke apart. The powerful sword’s target wasn’t Lin Feng, it was the skinny old man!
The skinny old man was a high-level Hell emperor, Lin Feng was a low-level Hell emperor!
The skinny old man’s expression changed drastically. He released as much death Qi as he could, and it turned into a death Qi vortex. If the attacker got closer, he’d die!
The middle-aged man turned into a sword and penetrated straight into the vortex, which started bubbling. The old man stared at it. The swordsman had dared go straight in, was he going to die?
However, at that moment, a powerful sword Qi cut apart everything, The sword came out of the vortex, the atmosphere froze for a moment before the vortex exploded.
The skinny old man’s body was sliced into two! The middle-aged man’s sword attack was extremely swift. A few rings fell from the sky, and the swordsman immediately grabbed them. Then, he looked at Lin Feng.
Lin Feng hadn’t left, he had just watched. People there were extremely powerful!

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