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PMG Chapter 1879: Jalacandra Fairyland

PMG Chapter 1879: Jalacandra Fairyland
At that moment, many people were watching Lin Feng, and saw him kill the swordsman. They were stupefied. The swordsman wasn’t extremely strong, but he was still a high-level Hell emperor, and Lin Feng had killed him!
Lin Feng seemed to have the strength of a low-level Hell emperor. However, his real level seemed to be that of a medium-level Hell emperor! However, his life and death deployment spell was terrifying, and could easily kill people. His death strength was terrifying. It didn’t look powerful, but it was extremely deadly.
Lin Feng picked up the loot from the swordsman’s body, and nobody attacked him. He was dangerous. They had to be careful, or else they could easily die.
After picking up the loot, Lin Feng looked at everyone around watching him. He knew that their battle had attracted many people. However, the watchers still left. Lin Feng was very self-confident, nobody wanted to take such risks. He didn’t seem to be afraid of them.
Everybody was like that. Lin Feng was warning them off by being self-confident.
After that, Lin Feng descended from the sky. He didn’t want to draw too many people’s attention.
After that, Lin Feng found a mountain range. He went to the highest peak and glanced around.
“There!” Lin Feng glanced around, then he stopped and started carving deployment marks at the top of the mountain. Life and death deployment lights appeared indistinctly. After a short time, his deployment spell was dazzling. However, Lin Feng waved his hands and the death strength disappeared, only life strength was left.
After that, Lin Feng didn’t stop carving deployment spells. Very quickly, more marks appeared everywhere, including illusion marks.
Finally, when Lin Feng finished, an illusion energy surrounded the mountain range. It was filled with life and vitality.
Lin Feng stopped after casting two illusion spells. He sat down cross-legged and another Lin Feng appeared. It was an ordinary clone. He stood up and looked around, protected by the illusion spell. Lin Feng could practice cultivation with his real body and his clone could pay attention.
Lin Feng closed his eyes and a chessboard appeared in his mind: the Celestial Evolution Chessboard! Lin Feng stood on it.
At that moment, he carved two deployment spells on the chessboard, a life and death mark as well as an illusion mark. More marks appeared everywhere.
Deployment spells exist thanks to evolution energy. You use your mind to cast deployment spells. I already know a few of the three thousand great deployment spells. I can make them evolve, too! I also need less time to cast them, and they are even more powerful!, thought Lin Feng. He had managed to kill the swordsman with a life and death deployment spell, but he still needed some time and effort. He wouldn’t be able to kill extremely powerful cultivators that way.
He used the strength of the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, a light beam appeared and began to evolve slowly. Lin Feng focused. With his clone outside, he felt safe enough to focus on his task.
A few hours later, someone arrived near Lin Feng and looked at the two clones.
“What a powerful life strength!” said that person. He looked at Lin Feng’s clone and said, “Your Excellency, your life Qi is incredible. You’re not really a low-level Hell emperor, are you?”
“Don’t come closer. Stay a thousand steps away,” replied Lin Feng calmly. He looked at that person with his pitch-black eyes emotionlessly.
That person stopped his advance and smiled, “Your Excellency, don’t misunderstand me. I mean you no harm. The Challenge of the Celestial Country is extremely difficult. We could travel together and help one another.”
Then, he continued coming closer.
“I’m practicing cultivation, I don’t want to travel. If you really don’t harbor evil intentions, then come back in a hundred days,” said Lin Feng, “Your Excellency, if you take one more step in my direction, I will consider you as an enemy.”
“Having one more friend is better than having one more enemy, isn’t it?” said that person. He continued walking forwards. Lin Feng waved his hands and suddenly the atmosphere changed and became dark. Lin Feng’s clone and body disappeared. At the same time, death Qi started corroding the man’s body.
The man’s face turned grey. He rose up into the air, but he was now stuck in the illusion. When he died, he was still staring at Lin Feng.
Lin Feng didn’t even open his eyes with his real body. His clone picked up the enemy’s ring. He left the corpse and the life energy came back. People preferred life energy. It made them feel confident. By leaving the corpse there, he was warning people.
Time passed slowly. A few corpses had built up, stirred by the blowing wind. The marks at the top of the mountain also started changing, Lin Feng wanted to try what he had worked out mentally. He made the life and death deployment spell fuse together with the illusion one, and they turned into a single gigantic deployment spell. That way, he wouldn’t need to carve two deployment spells anymore, he’d just cast one!

Two months later, his deployment spell had become even larger, it had turned into a gigantic dazzling pattern. There was life energy everywhere, and trees had started growing, showing leaves and everything.
Lin Feng continued studying, not leaving until the day when his demon Kalpa strength had become powerful enough. He opened his eyes, now filled with sharp demon Kalpa strength.
Even now that I’m a medium-level emperor, I still need to be cleansed by Kalpa strength 81 times, but it still hasn’t happened, thought Lin Feng, lifting his head to look at the unresponsive sky. He rose and walked over to his clone, who gave him all the precious items from the dead, and then they both fused together again.
Lin Feng continued walking to the edge of the mountain, he glanced around and saw someone in white clothes standing on a stone. Their robe was fluttering in the wind like their black hair.
The man sensed someone and turned around, noticed Lin Feng, and smiled, “Your Excellency, I’m from Jalacandra Fairyland, I noticed that your deployment spells were amazing. I’ve been waiting here for a long time. Would you like to come to Jalacandra Fairyland?”
That person had come by a few times, Lin Feng’s clone had seen him several times. Lin Feng didn’t need to offend him.
“Jalacandra Fairyland, where is that?” asked Lin Feng.
“Jalacandra Fairyland is a group in the Celestial Country. From generation to generation, old people leave and new people join. New people constantly receive the Jalacandra Fairyland’s intent,” said the person in white clothes with a smile.
Lin Feng smiled back and asked, “What is Jalacandra Fairyland’s purpose?”
“Progressing together!” replied the person simply. “The Celestial Country is a dangerous place, people come here to hunt treasures, but there are many strong cultivators. Many people end up creating groups, it’s unavoidable. Some other people who are incredibly strong can also fight on their own and kill anyone. But many people still end up in groups. Jalacandra Fairyland is about intent and there can’t be internal fights. Those who violate the rules are killed by everyone else.”
“Temporary group!” Lin Feng was intrigued. “My cultivation level is low, why choose me?”
“Jalacandra Fairyland’s vision is on the long term. We don’t care about people’s cultivation level, we care about talent. Many people who join Jalacandra Fairyland decide to stay in the Celestial Country. Those who are weak at the beginning always become strong. You’re really talented and you stand out, your deployment spells are terrifying!” said the person in white clothes amiably. “I’ve come here several times, waiting for you to wake up. I mean you no harm. If you refuse, then I’ll just leave. I don’t want to disturb you. I hope you’ll accept, though!”
“I’ll come with you!” smiled Lin Feng. If the Jalacandra Fairyland had truly existed in the Celestial Country for many years, they had to be strong, and those people had to understand the country quite well. It was worth trying!

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