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PMG Chapter 188: Condescending

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Lin Feng had used a single finger to cripple Feng Xiao’s cultivation, which was at the peak of the sixth Ling Qi layer.

That finger had been enough to destroy all of his Qi passageways and cripple his cultivation.

“What a terrifying power.”

The crowd was calmly looking at Lin Feng, but their hearts were pounding. No wonder Duan Wu Ya had told them that Lin Feng could defeat Hei Mo. That battle energy could cover the entire sky, it seemed unstoppable.

Possessing a battle energy which could swallow everything was the true power of a cultivator.

How could they know that when Lin Feng nearly killed Hei Mo, he wasn’t even as strong as he was now. The power of his battle and sword energy was the result of two months spent practicing in the cultivation tower. Lin Feng could also control that divine black sword with a higher proficiency. He could understand its unfathomable mysteries a little better.

Lin Feng was also deeply affected by the fact that he was able to understand how to use the Celestial Book. The first page had enhanced his power of comprehension and the second page had granted him a divine black sword. That was unconceivable.

Lin Feng did not have the slightest idea as to what his spirit was, but he had thought of a great deal of things. Why were there so many kinds of spirits? How could such a powerful spirit such as his Celestial Book exist? That was a miracle in itself.

At that moment, blood was uninterruptedly flowing out of Feng Xiao’s mouth. His eyes were wide open. He was fixedly staring at Lin Feng. He was dumbstruck and looked terrified.

Did Lin Feng really just cripple his cultivation?

When he realized that it really was the case, he started shaking. He was heavily flustered with a face filled with panic, and his body was covered with cold sweat.

Without being able to practice cultivation, he was worthless. Having a worthless person in such a big clan would be a humiliation. His destiny had been completely changed. His fellow clan members were going to make his life a misery.

All the things that Feng Xiao was going to experience terrified him to the bones. He was also endlessly regretting what he had done. Why had he been the first person to challenge Lin Feng? Not only had he not managed to win the princess’ heart, but he had also become a useless piece of trash. He would never be able to act arrogantly again. Even a slave girl would look at him in a disdainful way.

Big clans had an important influence, but there were also rules. His fate was truly terrible.

“A moment ago, you said that you wouldn’t kill me because you were showing mercy. Now, I decided to show mercy for you, brother Feng Xiao, as I have only crippled your cultivation. I didn’t kill you. I am very merciful indeed.” said Lin Feng while repeating Feng Xiao’s ideals. In Feng Xiao’s ears, these words were extreme ridicule.

Feng Xiao had just realized that a moment before, he had acted this way towards Lin Feng, saying such unpleasant words.

At that moment, Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered. He grabbed Feng Xiao’s body with one hand and started moving across the water with great speed. He was extremely fast and agile.

A short moment after, Lin Feng arrived close to the pavilion and jumped inside with a single swift movement. He then threw Feng Xiao’s body onto the floor, naturally and unrestrained.

“What an amazing agility technique!”

The crowd was astonished. They had found out Lin Feng’s true ability. A moment before, his movements were very ordinary, yet at this moment, they were extremely agile and skilful, which astonished the crowd.

Actually, Lin Feng wasn’t an expert at agility techniques. He didn’t practice amazing agility techniques and didn’t have an agility based spirit. It’s just that he had intensely practiced the basics to a high level. In one breath, he could travel at an incredible speed. Therefore, in a single breath’s worth of time, he had been able to cross the lake and arrive in the pavilion.

When the crowd saw Feng Xiao’s body lying on the floor like a dead fish, they were speechless. A moment ago, Feng Xiao had said he wanted to cripple Lin Feng’s cultivation. Lin Feng’s reaction wasn’t exaggerated at all.

“Lin Feng, you’re going too far. Today, His Highness invited us to have fun and the princess is here… but you surprisingly dare to act that cruelly and show no mercy. You crippled Feng Xiao’s cultivation. Don’t you think that this will make the second prince feel embarrassed?” said a voice from behind, sounding cold and detached. Lin Feng was surprised.

He turned around and looked at Meng Chong. He then said indifferently: “Can you even be more shameless?”

Meng Chong was talking shit again, which made Lin Feng grow furious.

“Am I wrong? Everybody saw that you crippled Feng Xiao’s cultivation.” replied Meng Chong sounding strict.

Lin Feng smiled coldly and looked at Meng Chong: “Since you think that was cruel, I will show you what real cruelty is. Everybody here was a witness when you said that you would fight against me after him.”

When Meng Chong saw Lin Feng’s cold smile, his heart was racing and he had an ugly expression. He then said: “If you are that cruel, I will not accept your challenge.”

“Do you think that you can act so shamelessly?” Lin Feng said mockingly. Immediately after, a cold expression appeared on his face, and he said: “Do you think that I will bend according to your mood? What kind of person do you think that I am?”

While talking, Lin Feng moved towards Meng Chong.

Meng Chong’s facial expression drastically changed. His body flickered, and he suddenly started running out of the pavilion. He then jumped away in an attempt to flee. If Lin Feng had managed to defeat Feng Xiao with one finger, Meng Chong would never be able to defeat Lin Feng.

Lin Feng immediately launched himself forwards and arrived on the roof of the pavilion. He had a cold smile on his face while looking at Meng Chong’s body racing through the air. Lin Feng then released his sword Qi and sword force into the atmosphere.

“Come back here!”

Lin Feng raised his hand. He was releasing even more sword energy. In the air, a black sword illusion suddenly appeared. It rushed through the air and crashed into Meng Chong’s body.

Meng Chong could not move while travelling through the air. He had jumped in the air to escape. However, in that situation, he couldn’t escape Lin Feng’s attack and now had no way to protect himself. Even though Lin Feng’s attack wasn’t very strong, it was enough.

When the sword energy crashed into Meng Chong’s body, he immediately fell like a meteor from the sky.

“Bastard, I, Meng Chong, will never let you off.”

Meng Chong shouted these words while falling down. He was extremely furious while Lin Feng was smiling coldly. Lin Feng said: “Since you will never let me off, I don’t need to be polite then.”

When Meng Chong heard Lin Feng, he was stupefied. While he was still falling from the air, he turned around and saw that Lin Feng was rushing towards him. Meng Chong’s face immediately turned deathly pale. Why did he continue talking nonsense to Lin Feng?


Lin Feng arrived in front of Meng Chong, who was still falling down, and without hesitation, raised a single finger and thrust it towards Meng Chong, who was still falling. In the blink of an eye, an incredible amount of sword energy emerged from Lin Feng’s finger and pierced through Meng Chong’s body, instantly crippling his cultivation. Lin Feng had shown no mercy at all.


Meng Chong gave a horrible shriek while agonizing. The crowd could sense an extremely terrifying energy. Lin Feng was really cruel. He was incredibly determined and was a cultivator who stuck to his word. If he said that he was going to cripple someone’s cultivation, he did it without fear. These noble cultivators should know better than to provoke an insane person like Lin Feng.

None of them were close to being merciful, but at that moment, they had met someone who made even their ruthlessness seem insignificant. They had to be vigilant. He was a terrifying individual.

Lin Feng had taught them a lesson, a practical life lesson.

That lesson had cost Meng Chong and Feng Xiao both of their cultivations.

Lin Feng came back to the pavilion carrying Meng Chong’s body. He then threw his body onto the floor next to that of Feng Xiao. Meng Chong looked dispirited and deathly pale, even more so than Feng Xiao. Even though his body had no strength at all, he was still fixedly staring at Lin Feng.

“No need to look at me that way. If you were able to do the same to me, you would. Besides, today, I didn’t want to fight at all, it was your idea. A tooth for a tooth.”

Lin Feng looked expressionless and detached. It seemed like nothing could affect him. Immediately after, he raised his head and glanced at the crowd. He then said indifferently: “Are there any other people who wish to have a battle against me to exchange pointers? I will politely accept all requests.”

His voice was loud and resonated in the pavilion, making everybody feel anxious. In front of his ruthlessness, all of them were powerless to resist.

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