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PMG Chapter 1880: Peerless Fighting Ability

PMG Chapter 1880: Peerless Fighting Ability
The mountain range which Lin Feng had chosen was gigantic. He had chosen the highest mountain because he could see the furthest from it.
At that moment, the person in white clothes had led him above a precipice. There was a valley below, and Lin Feng also noticed a waterfall. Lin Feng and that man crossed the waterfall and appeared somewhere else. There was moss, it was humid, it smelled fresh, and the stones were shiny.
“What a strange place! It really looks like a fairyland!” observed Lin Feng.
The person in white clothes smiled, “That place was the entrance to my world. It’s a remote place. Few people come here. That way, nothing can happen to Jalacandra Fairyland.”
“Jalacandra Fairyland has become a kind of sect, how come they are worried about safety?”
“The Celestial Country is a dangerous place, wait until you see the battlefield, you will understand that our lives are insignificant. Even if you’re initially from a powerful family, nobody cares,” said the man in white clothes. Lin Feng remained silent. He didn’t know much about the Celestial Country, obviously. But this person said the same things as Minister Uptala. Besides, apart from people from Hell, people from other worlds were also here!
In Jalacandra Fairyland, there were many waterfalls. A short time later, Lin Feng saw someone.
“Bai Ling, who’s that?” asked the new person.
“His name is Lin Feng. I found him at the top of a mountain. He’s very talented. His deployment spells are terrifying. I’m hoping he can become a member of Jalacandra Fairyland!” explained Bai Ling.
“Alright!” that person nodded. Then, he looked to a beautiful woman standing next to him. She looked tall and precious. She was wearing a simple transparent white dress, one could see her breasts.
“I’m the current leader of Jalacandra Fairyland, Zhi Rou! Lin Feng, would you like to join Jalacandra Fairyland?” asked the woman to Lin Feng.
“Are there restrictions? Am I free? Can I leave anytime?” asked Lin Feng.
“No restriction. Just one thing: if you leave in times of danger, then you’ll be considered a traitor!” replied Zhi Rou. People who let their friends down were traitors, of course!
“I agree!” Lin Feng nodded.
“Since you agree, remember that we all join hands to kill traitors!” Zhi Rou told him solemnly. As a leader, she had to be like that.
“You came at the perfect time. People from Hell have already started dispersing everywhere in the Celestial Country. We are getting ready to go. We have more than forty people here. We want to divide into three, each group can have a little bit more than ten people. That’s enough for us to support one another. We will also keep in touch using Jalacandra signals. We must help one another in case of danger. If someone doesn’t help, we kill them!” said Zhi Rou. Everybody nodded agreement with her.
Lin Feng looked at Bai Ling and said, “How many people are there in Jalacandra Fairyland?”
“I’m not sure. It has existed for so many years, and it changes from generation to generation. There are many people I’ve never seen. However, the Celestial Country is becoming bigger and bigger, so there are also more and more people!” replied Bai Ling.
“Lin Feng, your Jalacandra Imprint!” said Zhi Rou, handing an imprint to Lin Feng. “Alright, get ready to leave, everyone! When the Challenge of the Celestial Country is over, we come back here!” shouted Zhi Rou. Everybody gathered up.
Bai Ling looked at Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, come with me.”
“Alright!” said Lin Feng. He had no problem with that. Very quickly, the three groups left. They all had a leader. In Lin Feng’s group, Bai Ling was the leader. They were sixteen people in his group: four medium-level Hell emperors, and twelve high-level Hell emperors. Indeed, high-level Hell emperors were numerous!
Bai Ling and the others left Jalacandra Fairyland and landed in the mountain range. Bai Ling looked at the others and said, “Since our purpose is to help one another at all times, I need to tell you some things. First how we share the loot each time, everyone can choose: you can share according to how much people have contributed, or you can share equally.”
“First one,” said someone.
“We’re a team, second one.”
“Second one.”
Everybody expressed their opinion. Lin Feng said, “We’ll see how lucky we are. If we obtain several rings, each person can choose a ring. In any case it will be difficult to share equally. If we find a really precious treasure, the first one to get it can keep it. And nobody can fight over precious treasures.”
“What if we all contribute to steal a treasure from an enemy?” said Bai Ling.
“Do you think that’s unavoidable?” asked Lin Feng. Bai Ling was surprised. If they found a really precious treasure, everybody would want to get it. And even if Lin Feng said nobody was going to argue over treasures, it was rarely the case.
Everybody agreed with Lin Feng though, and they continued. They saw many battles along the way. However, when people saw Lin Feng and his group, they always ran away. They looked really strong, and nobody wanted to fight against groups.
“Where are we going?” Lin Feng asked Bai Ling. He didn’t recognize anything here.
“We’re going to the real battlefield, of course, where the battles are the best.” replied Bai Ling.
“There are beasts ahead!” someone exclaimed. There was a vast forest ahead, and an ancient tree had appeared in their field of vision. Lin Feng and the others noticed some sharp dazzling eyes within it.
A powerful Qi rose to the skies, and a strong wind started blowing. Gigantic beasts appeared in front of Lin Feng and the others, all winged with sharp claws.
“Stupid animals, that’s a great roc clan! Be careful, they’re extremely fast!” said Bai Ling. These great rocs spanned hundreds of meters.
Surprisingly, there are animal clans in the Celestial Country!, thought Lin Feng. The great rocs had surrounded them.
“Great rocs are extremely fast and they have an incredible physical strength. However, they can’t use death Qi. Let’s all release death Qi together!” said Bai Ling. A death Qi vortex appeared and death Qi moved towards the rocs.
“Die!” screeched a great roc. The rocs started flapping their wings, and threw themselves at the humans.
“Ice Hell!” shouted Bai Ling grimly. An ice-cold Qi filled the air, and Bai Ling punched out. Ice-cold energies moved towards the great rocs. One of them started slashing the ice with his sharp claws, but his claws started freezing.
“Hell!” shouted Bai Ling furiously. Ice-cold energies surrounded the great roc.
However, the great roc opened his wings, which were as sharp as blades. A gigantic wind blade appeared.
Bai Ling pulled a long face and shouted, “Be careful, great rocs are too fast. Lin Feng, come and cast a deployment spell, I’ll protect you.”
“Alright.” Lin Feng nodded. Death and life marks appeared all around, glittering in the air.
At that moment, the ground started shaking from the sound of someone’s footsteps. Lin Feng looked around and saw a young man with red hair in the distance. He looked extremely strong.
That person charged in and punched a great roc. It was a simple punch, but a massive indent appeared, and the great roc shrieked in terror. His claws broke apart, and the roc was smashed away. Blood splashed everywhere, and the great roc exploded!
“How explosive! That strength…” Lin Feng was stupefied. His physical strength was exceptional, but this guy’s physical strength was even scarier!
An incredible fighter from the Celestial Country with a peerless fighting ability. He’s never lost. He just keeps killing. Lin Feng remembered what Bai Ling had told him. This person was even more powerful than that swordsman with his sword energies!

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