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PMG Chapter 1881: Aoxu

PMG Chapter 1881: Aoxu
The great rocs flapped their wings furiously, a daunting sight. Their eyes were bloodshot as they stared at the red-haired young man.
The members of Jalacandra Fairyland also paid attention to that young man. He was heroic and incredibly strong. He could easily crush great rocs.
The young man’s red hair fluttered in the wind as he glanced at the great rocs coldly and shouted, “There’s no Great Oriental Greenfinch Roc!?”
“Aoxu!” A great roc turned into a human being with golden hair. He stared at the redheaded man and said, “If the king of my clan was here, you wouldn’t be that arrogant!”
“You dare call your leader a king? Ridiculous!” retorted Aoxu disdainfully. The air shook as threw himself at a great roc near him fearlessly. Bestial Qi rolled out as the roc’s wings turned into sharp blades and he threw himself at the human.
“Argh…!” A gigantic bloody hand appeared and surrounded the great roc.
The hand crushed the roc’s wings. Thunder built up in rumbles, and the great roc’s body exploded in a rain of blood.
“Someone from the Dragon Clan!” Bai Ling looked at the man, amazed and wary. Lin Feng was astonished, too. The Dragon Clan? That was a legendary clan! Surprisingly, he was on a battlefield in the Celestial Country!
“Let’s go!” shrieked another great roc furiously. He opened his wings and flew away as quickly as possible. All the other great rocs followed him, rapidly disappearing into the mountains. The arrogant man looked after them coldly. Around him, many bloodthirsty dragons appeared, roaring furiously.
Thunder swept out, and the forest below them was flattened. All the trees disappeared. “If you find the Great Oriental Greenfinch Rocs, tell them to come and find Aoxu!”
This guy is a terrifying fighter!, thought Lin Feng. He could kill great rocs easily! If he had continued killing them, they would have just died, so he had just humiliated them hoping the Great Oriental Greenfinch Roc would show up. He was provoking the king of the great rocs!
The great rocs had all left. Aoxu eyed Lin Feng and the others and said, “Death Qi, you’re all from Hell.”
He looked at Lin Feng, his eyes twinkling. Dragon Claws suddenly appeared and shot at Lin Feng.
“Stop!” shouted Bai Ling, coldly releasing ice-cold energies. Bai Ling punched out and an ice Hell cauldron appeared. It contained both ice and Hell Qi, and froze the dragon claws.
“Who dares attack me?” said Aoxu, his eyes all red and sounding furious. More dragon hands appeared again, this time there were nine of them and they all attacked the cauldron, shattering it instantly.
“Die!” the strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland shouted furiously. Suddenly, death energy surrounded Aoxu and started corroding his life. At the same time, Bai Ling released more ice energies. A waterfall of ice energies appeared and turned into a frozen river.
People from the dragon clan are really aggressive. Aoxu is a high-level emperor. There are so many terrifying cultivators here. Only real geniuses can come here. For animal kings and monstrously strong human cultivators, it’s a bit easier, Lin Feng thought as he punched out. A life and death chessboard appeared above Aoxu. Death Qi boiled as it surrounded Aoxu.
A dragon started chanting. Aoxu was surrounded by red lights as the death Qi penetrated into his body. At the same time, he released terrifying and aggressive destructive energies.
“Death Hell Attack!” shouted Bai Ling coldly. Death Qi turned into icicles. The others attacked one after another, all sorts of strength filling the air. However, Aoxu was really strong. He released blood strength and physical strength, filling the sky with his energies. Apart from death strength, other kinds of strength didn’t seem very effective against him.
“Everybody use death strength!” Lin Feng hurled out his power. Death and life energies kept glittering together.
“Death cosmic energy, condense!” Bai Ling and the others all released death cosmic energies. The life cosmic energies disappeared, and the air was filled with death Qi as it turned into a pattern. Lin Feng waved his hands and released death Qi unceasingly.
When Aoxu sensed the gathering death strength, he straightened up, his eyes bloodshot.
“Argh, argh…!” the dragons roared. Aoxu was standing there and started attacking. His punches turned into dragons and shot towards the death pattern. After reaching the pattern, the dragons exploded, shaking the pattern violently. Nine dragon’s voices suddenly roared, and as the pattern finally exploded and the death Qi dispersed, Aoxu was caught in the eruption!
However, Aoxu didn’t continue attacking Lin Feng. He stared at Lin Feng and said, “A life and death deployment spell, not bad! You even managed to take my dragon punches, you can be proud of yourself. Why is there demon dragon blood in you?”
Lin Feng was startled. No wonder that Aoxu had attacked him, he had sensed his dragon energy!
“I met a dragon before and he transmitted his blood to me,” he replied to Aoxu.
Aoxu raised his head and roared. The earth and the sky shook violently. The crowd sensed the ground shake. Lin Feng’s blood started boiling as dragons roared. Lin Feng also opened his mouth and dragon Qi mixed with demon Qi dashed to the skies.
The Qi turned into a body, and after a short time, a black dragon appeared around Lin Feng’s body. Its scales were pitch-black and as sharp as blades, it looked ferocious. It glared at Aoxu angrily.
“Bastard, you always keep him in your body?” demanded Aoxu, angrily staring at Lin Feng.
“His ancestor’s blood wasn’t powerful. I let him grow inside of my body to make him become stronger. It’s a good thing for him!” replied Lin Feng easily. Aoxu kept staring at the dragon behind Lin Feng.. The Dragon Clan had few dragons colored black. They all had an explosive strength.
In the Dragon Clan, there were three sorts of dragons: golden dragons with five claws, blood dragons like him who were bloodthirsty, and demon dragons.
Those three dragon types all had an explosive strength and were extremely powerful.
“So you intend to keep him in your body forever?” asked Aoxu. Lin Feng smiled and said, “If you want to take him back to the Dragon Clan, I don’t mind.”
“You don’t mind letting him go?” he asked Aoxu, startled to hear that. Demon dragons were extremely powerful. That dragon had grown inside Lin Feng’s blood, Lin Feng was almost like his mother. He could even help Lin Feng fight!
“He could get a great education in the Dragon Clan, that would be good for him!” Lin Feng smiled.
Aoxu remained silent for a few seconds, and then said, “Nah, my clan is for blood dragons, it wouldn’t be good for a demon dragon. If I took him back the members of my clan might attack him. Of course, the five-clawed golden dragons would accept him.”
“I see, then forget about it.” The demon dragon didn’t go back into Lin Feng’s body. He turned into a human being with black eyes and an icy stare. His skin looked like a pitch-black armor. The members of Jalacandra Fairyland were startled to learn Lin Feng had a dragon inside his body.
They also noticed Aoxu didn’t look as angry as before.

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