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PMG Chapter 1882: Milky Way Battlefield

PMG Chapter 1882: Milky Way Battlefield
The dark dragon had grown up inside Lin Feng’s body, and so had a very different childhood than other dragons. Therefore, even though he wasn’t old, he could already turn into a human being. He didn’t understand the outside world, though. He stayed next to Lin Feng and glared at Aoxu angrily. He could sense that Aoxu was very strong.
“You little bastard. We are both dragons!” Aoxu said to the demon dragon angrily.
“He’s just a baby. Why are you angry at him?” Lin Feng smiled wryly. Then, he looked at the demon dragon and told him, “Since the family name of people from the Dragon Clan is Ao, then I’ll call you Aomo.”
“Aomo!” repeated the dragon with a nod. He had a name now!
“You’re lucky, little bastard. You surprisingly have a demon dragon!” said Aoxu, looking at Aomo with a smile.
Lin Feng was speechless and said, “You like calling everyone bastard, don’t you? My name is Lin Feng.”
“Alright, Lin Feng,” agreed Aoxu. He glanced at the others and said, “Come, let’s go to the Milky Way battlefield.”
“Milky Way battlefield?” Bai Ling frowned in surprise. That was a scary place!
“What, you don’t dare?” asked Aoxu to Bai Ling, “You’re not weak. If we join hands, nobody can stop us. The Milky Way battlefield is a great place to practice. That’s where really strong cultivators go. You’ve probably never seen really strong cultivators! Haha!” Aoxu laughed.
Bai Ling looked at the others and said, “You have no objections, right? Let’s go to the Milky Way battlefield.”
Lin Feng looked surprised and asked, “What is the Milky Way battlefield?”
“It’s the most chaotic battlefield of the Celestial Country. People there are absolutely terrifying. There are army members from many different worlds. You’ll see some people from Hell who can kill others in one strike,” said Bai Ling, smiling at Lin Feng.
Lin Feng nodded eagerly. “I see. Let’s go and see!”
The others nodded. They were all excited, and couldn’t wait to see the Milky Way battlefield.
“Don’t worry. I’ll protect you,” Aoxu shouted to them. A moment before they were enemies, and now he said he was going to protect them. The members of Jalacandra Fairyland smiled wryly. Even though Jalacandra Fairyland was a powerful group, the Milky Way battlefield was a terrifying place with terrifying cultivators. There were many people there as strong as Aoxu. Many people there were as close to becoming a great emperor as possible. Many people also died there!
They arrived near the chaotic area. Some silhouettes flickered past them, but nobody attacked them.
After a short time, Lin Feng sensed a terrifying Qi. He raised his head and saw a constellation ahead. It was incredible sight that made him quiver.
The Milky Way, what a strange Qi!, thought Lin Feng. He didn’t know what the Milky Way actually was.
“That’s the Milky Way battlefield. Look at the Milky Way, you can’t get close to it, otherwise you will die. That’s why the battles happen within a radius of ten kilometers of it. Look at the crowd. They are all heroes. These people are stronger than most people in your world,” said Aoxu. Lin Feng and the others glanced around. Indeed, many silhouettes were moving around and their Qi was incredible.
Qi was pulsing ahead of them, and many energies whistled around them. However, the Milky Way didn’t move at all, it was just a mysterious Qi. Lin Feng gazed into the distance, and saw many broken bridges, with people fighting on them.

Finally, Lin Feng and the others arrived on a bridge and could clearly see everything. The area was gigantic. Under the bridges, there was water, and the boundless Yellow Springs of the underworld. Some people sometimes fell down into the yellow waters, already dead.
“Above, the heroic warriors search the Green Void, below the Yellow Springs. The Milky Way is the Green Void, the Yellow Springs are the underworld. Fighting here is extremely dangerous!” Bai Ling told them after glancing around. There were many bridges on which strong cultivators were fighting on.
“Some people are extremely strong!” said one of the members of Jalacandra Fairyland.
Aoxu said, “Even though they’re strong, how many people can reach the Milky Way and get to the other side?”
“What’s on the other side?” These people understood the Celestial Country quite well, but few people knew what it meant to go on the other side.
“Don’t you know? On the other side, it’s not Hell and it’s not the Celestial Country. It’s another battlefield. If you can go to the other side, it means that you’ve become incredibly strong. Besides, if you manage to cross the Milky Way, while crossing, you will be cleansed by the Hell World imprints. You will become much stronger!”
“Another world?” Bai Ling frowned. He had heard that there were people from other worlds in the Celestial Country. Surprisingly, there were also people who could reach the other side of the Milky Way.
Lin Feng shivered. Another world? Was it the Continent of the Nine Clouds?
“Aoxu, where do you come from?” Bai Ling asked Aoxu.
Aoxu smiled, “The Dragon Clan has ways to come to the Celestial Country, of course.”
“Where do those bridges lead?” Lin Feng pressed. “How many worlds are connected to this place?”
“Haha, there are billions of worlds, but there’s only one real world. The Hell world is independent. Opposite the Milky Way, there’s the Continent of the Nine Clouds!” Aoxu smiled. Lin Feng was delighted, sharp lights glittered. As expected, the Continent of the Nine Clouds! Was the Continent of the Nine Clouds the main world, then?
“Some people from Jalacandra Fairyland are there too,” Bai Ling pointed at a group of people. Those strong cultivators were on bridges and wearing white clothes. Their group was bigger than Lin Feng’s, a total of thirty-four people.
“That’s a descendant of King Qinguang, Leader Qin Yu. He’s extremely strong. No wonder he took people to the Milky Way battlefield!” said Bai Ling. Everybody was shocked. Qin Yu was very strong indeed, and very famous in Qinguang City. Few people could compete with him.
“Let’s gather and walk around?” Lin Feng glanced at Bai Ling.
“Alright, let’s go!” said Aoxu. Everybody followed. Very quickly, they landed on that broken bridge.
“Qin Yu!” said Bai Ling. All the members of Jalacandra Fairyland turned around and saw Bai Ling and his group. Bai Ling said to Qin Yu, “We’re all from Jalacandra Fairyland, let’s stay together.”
“Since we’re all from Jalacandra Fairyland, we should do that indeed. We have to help one another,” Qin Yu nodded. The Milky Way battlefield was dangerous, the more people the better!
“If we find good things, you’ll get things after us,” Qin Yu told them. Everybody looked at Bai Ling. Even though they were all from Jalacandra Fairyland, there were so many people, they had to find some compromise.
“Those who find great things keep them for themselves!” declared Aoxu.
That person smiled at Aoxu and said, “That’s the best solution.”
Qin Yu looked at the crowd and said, “If you find an item, keep it for yourself then. But remember that we’re all friends, there can’t be internal conflicts. Otherwise, I’ll get angry.”
“Alright!” everyone agreed. They started walking along the bridge People were fighting all around them. Precious items kept falling from the sky. Lin Feng was astonished.
“What are those precious items falling from the Milky Way?” asked Lin Feng.
“There are techniques, Ancient scriptures, Imperial weapons, Great Imperial Weapons, Marks of the Path, all sorts of items,” Bai Ling answered him. Lin Feng was stupefied. Marks of the Path?!

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