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PMG Chapter 1883: Milky Way’s Celestial Mountain

PMG Chapter 1883: Milky Way’s Celestial Mountain
Lin Feng gazed into the distance. The bridges were floating in the air, and blood kept falling from the sky. It was an astonishing sight.
“Is that meteor rain made of precious items?” Lin Feng was dumbstruck. He didn’t understand.
“Haha, we’re in the Celestial Country, it’s a mysterious place. We can’t know where there are items. Here is the most dangerous place, though, there are the scary battles here. Of course, that meteor rain isn’t solely made up of precious items. There are real meteors too, and some meteors are empty!” said Aoxu.
Qin Yu nodded agreement with the dragon. “Even Hell great emperors go insane for Marks of the Path. After all, even great emperors want to raise their comprehension. Marks of the Path are more likely to appear here than anywhere else. The other places of the Celestial Country aren’t as good.”
“Let’s stop talking and wasting time. Let’s go further and see!” proclaimed Aoxu, leading the way ahead. The group of people from Jalacandra Fairyland continued along. They were a larger force, and it was safer for them like that.
The broken bridges in the air were extremely strange. They appeared out of nowhere, then they were broken, and started again farther away. They also seemed indestructible, strong cultivators’ attacks reached them, but they didn’t break.
Many people noticed Lin Feng and his group. Some people sped up because they wanted to avoid them. Some others didn’t mind and walked confidently near to them.
“Milky Way Rain!” Suddenly, a thick rain appeared. Lin Feng and the others sped up immediately, moving like lightning towards the rain!
Lin Feng stretched out his hands and touched the water, a gigantic drop of water appeared on his hand and vanished.
“Haha, you’re lucky!” Aoxu laughed. After that drop of water dispersed, an ancient imprint appeared. It contained ancient Qi. Aoxu laughed loudly when he saw it.
The others all rolled their eyes, at how loud he was. The others also obtained treasures and smiled happily.
A gigantic hand suddenly moved towards Aoxu.
That person sure is unlucky!, thought other people who knew Aoxu. Aoxu looked at the hand coldly, before claws appeared and destroyed the hand. At the same time, Aoxu flashed away and threw himself at the man attacking him furiously. A red dragon’s claw moved towards the attacker. Dragon roars filled the air. That person’s face turned deathly pale in shock, “Dragon Clan!”
He retreated exceedingly quickly. At the same time, two other people attacked Aoxu at the same time.
“Die!” shouted Qin Yu coldly. Aoxu had stayed with them, they couldn’t let people bully him. The strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland all released death Qi at the same time and it surrounded those two people, who turned grey. So many people attacked at the same time, it was terrifying. The two people didn’t have time to do anything. The death Qi crashed down on them and their bodies fell down into the Yellow Springs.
How terrifying!, thought Lin Feng. Almost all those people were high-level Hell emperors and all of them controlled death Qi, a terrifying kind of strength. There weren’t only sixteen of them anymore, they were more of them, and they were very powerful.
After those two people died, two people grabbed the items from the corpses. They couldn’t give them up.
Those who hadn’t obtained treasures were annoyed, but those were the rules. They couldn’t steal treasures from their friends. They couldn’t violate the rules either, everybody respected them.
Aoxu also killed his first attacker, laughing and saying, “Not bad. That small army is useful!”
“You’re from the Dragon Clan?” Qin Yu asked Aoxu. He was surprised after seeing Aoxu use dragon energies.
“Indeed! Let’s keep going!” Aoxu smiled. Strong cultivators kept moving forwards or returning all about them.
“There’s a powerful army there. They’ve killed many strong cultivators,” said Bai Ling, pointing at a group of people fighting together. They were all wearing black Taoist robes made of feathers. The wind swirled about them. They looked imposing and awe-inspiring. People didn’t dare get too close to them.
“That’s the Black Shark Army. They are super stars on the Milky Way battlefield, very strong. They have hundreds of fighters!” said Qin Yu.
“The Milky Way battlefield is gigantic. There are many armies. The Black Shark Army is only one of them. There’s nothing exceptional about them,” sniffed Aoxu. Many people understood that fighting there alone was dangerous. Only a few people like Aoxu dared fight against entire armies on their own.
“The Milky Way battlefield is gigantic, if we could kill an entire army, that would be incredible!” said Lin Feng. Even with his strength, Aoxu couldn’t kill an entire army on his own.
Suddenly, more meteorites fell from the sky. The group of people from Jalacandra Fairyland rose up into the air again.
“Those who steal treasures from the rain of meteorites will die!” shouted someone arrogantly. The group of people from Jalacandra Fairyland suddenly stopped. They saw the people from the Black Shark Army rise up in the air and taking treasures.
“How arrogant!” said Aoxu coldly. A hundred people looked at Aoxu. His dragon blood started boiling.
“Look over there!” said someone at that moment. People turned their heads and saw a mountain descending from the Milky Way. It looked like a celestial mountain. Its Qi was incredible!
“That celestial mountain seems alive. Does it contain Marks of the Path?” People’s eyes started shining with greed.
“Take them all!” shouted the leader of the Black Shark Army. The strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland all released death Qi. Everybody was ready to fight.
“Celestial mountain!” In the distance, more and more people arrived and stared at the mountain. Suddenly, explosions and rumbling filled the air. The celestial mountain descended and crashed onto a bridge. A terrifying Qi surged out over them.
Marks of the Path, there might be Marks of the Path inside!, thought the crowd. Finally, someone flew towards the mountain.
“Die!” Millions of threads of Qi crashed onto that person and they died instantly. The whole crowd went silent. Nobody dared move recklessly anymore. Nobody went to take that person’s treasures, either.
“If anyone touches the celestial mountain, they die! Let’s fight first!” said the leader of the Black Shark Army coldly. Everybody looked solemn and respectful. Death strength surrounded the Black Shark Army. It was like the battle could start anytime.
“Die!” shouted someone furiously. They were already prepared. All the members of Jalacandra Fairyland started running towards their enemies. Death Qi dashed to the skies. The Jalacandra Fairyland’s army was powerful, but the Black Shark Army was dangerous. They had to deal with them first.
“Life!” said Lin Feng, flashing ahead. Life and death lights rose to the skies. Five or six people were killed on the way and fell down from the sky.
“The Circle of Life!” A gigantic life and death pattern surrounded the people from Jalacandra Fairyland.
“Get ready to use death strength, I’ll attack!” shouted Lin Feng extremely loudly when he saw that all the members of the Black Shark Army were running towards them. Life and death lights dashed to the skies and surrounded them.
“Condense death strength!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. Bai Ling and the others knew how strong Lin Feng was, they kept releasing death strength into the life and death pattern. Then, the life and death pattern surrounded the crowd from the Black Shark Army and turned into a vortex.
The life and death energies kept rotating. Life energy turned into death energy, death energy turned into life energy, both attacking the Black Shark Army. Instantly, many corpses started falling from the sky. It was a spectacular scene. The crowd in the distance didn’t get involved, they were just astonished as they watched this.

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