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PMG Chapter 1884: In The Celestial Mountain

PMG Chapter 1884: In The Celestial Mountain
The two armies, the Black Sharks and Jalacandra Fairyland, fought. Their energies blotted out the sky. It was the first time Lin Feng had participated in such a terrifying war. The weakest cultivators there were medium-level Hell emperors. His eyes were pure black and he kept releasing immortal and death energies, looking like a warlord. A terrifying life and death strength rotated around him.
“Kill him!” People from the Black Shark Army saw that Lin Feng controlled two sorts of strength. He had killed many people with his death energies already. Lin Feng sensed a terrifying Qi surging towards him. His life and death strength rotated defensively.
Someone surrounded by death and fire energies appeared and threw themselves at Lin Feng, running towards Lin Feng’s vortex.
“Hmph!” Aoxu groaned coldly. A blood dragon punch stuck out, churning the air. Behind his opponent, a terrifying silhouette appeared, a king of Hell and fire. The area turned into a small purgatory.
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng. That person moved towards his life and death pattern, and death strength moved towards them. A black flame appeared behind that person and surrounded them.
What a powerful Qi!, thought Lin Feng. He didn’t continue attacking the man. Aoxu could take care of him, and he could kill other people.
Explosions kept shaking everything, and cultivators kept falling from the sky. Apart from Aoxu, Qin Yu was also a terrifying cultivator. He had a mysterious spirit, a life and death cloth. People couldn’t get near him, and he was displaying exceptional strength.
However, the cultivators of the Black Shark Army were terrifying too. The battle was fierce, and people from Jalacandra Fairyland kept dying one after another. One of the warrior from the Black Shark Army was terrifying, he had netherworld ghostly claws and could cut people apart.
More and more people gathered, but they didn’t dare get involved. The two armies were fighting, but if any outsider tried to steal treasures from the celestial mountain, then some extremely strong cultivators would definitely kill them.
What a terrifying battle. Dozens and dozens of people died every second!, thought the crowd. They were stupefied. The two armies were terrifying. Nobody was in front of Lin Feng anymore, he kept evading. A netherworld silhouette moved towards him like dark lightning. Ghostly claws cut apart everything in their path.
However, Aomo attacked the ghostly claws with a chant, and a demon punch lashed out, destroying the claws. Aomo looked at that silhouette coldly.
Lin Feng didn’t know how strong Aomo was. The dragon had grown up inside his body. They were very close, as Lin Feng had raised him. Now Aomo was fighting, and Lin Feng had the impression he was terrifyingly strong.
The atmosphere kept exploding from conflicting energies. More claws appeared and turned into five black lights striking at Aomo. Aomo blocked them, but wounds appeared on his body and he started bleeding. Lin Feng dragged him backwards.
“Freeze!” When Bai Ling saw that strike, he released ice energy. The one with the scary claws moved away. That person was dangerously strong, a high-level Hell emperor. Lin Feng had just become a medium-level Hell emperor, and there were many high-level Hell emperors there. Some of them had even reached the top of the Huang Qi layer. They were all incredible combatants.
Lin Feng shouted furiously, sword energies whistled. His opponent was surprised at the sudden shift. At that moment, Lin Feng moved both hands . Another life and death pattern appeared and rotated. All sorts of energies penetrated into the life and death pattern.
His spirit appeared. Lin Feng turned into a shadow as he jumped into the deployment spell. His pattern was dazzling and life and death energies pulsed out.
“Life and Death Destructive Illusion!” shouted a voice. The atmosphere was suddenly sealed. However, the life and death pattern was an illusion, drawing in the cultivator.
“An illusion, a life and death deployment spell!” shouted someone furiously, retreating. But Qin Yu arrived behind him, his life and death cloth turned into a gigantic hand and imprisoned that cultivator. The deployment spell bombarded his head and he turned grey. His life energy even turned into death energy.
“Fire!” shouted Qin Yu coldly. A terrifying Hell fire appeared and surrounded that person. He started burning.
“Lin Feng is casting deployment spells, help him!” shouted Bai Ling extremely loudly. Some people landed around Lin Feng to protect him, all of them powerful and skilled. They saw that Lin Feng’s life and death deployment spells were extremely powerful. If they could help him, then it would be beneficial for everyone.
Lin Feng kept performing hand seals, the life and death pattern became gigantic and people from the Black Shark Army pulled back.
“Someone is stealing the celestial mountain!” At that moment, someone ran towards the celestial mountain, everybody looked at him and Qi dashed to the skies.
Idiot!, thought Lin Feng. At that moment, many people were staring greedily at the celestial mountain. Even if that person could steal the celestial mountain, they would die in any event.
As expected, everybody started moving when they saw that that person was trying to steal the mountain. The Black Shark Army and Jalacandra Fairyland stopped fighting and everyone moved towards that person. They were fighting over the celestial mountain, so they couldn’t let anyone else take it.
Energies rose to the skies and surrounded him. At the same time, people attacked the celestial mountain. They also wanted to know what was inside it.
The celestial mountain was extremely hard and seemed indestructible. However, when the energies crashed onto it, a crack appeared. People’s hearts were filled with ardor. Did that celestial mountain contain Marks of the Path?
“Immortal energy, and demon energy.” Lin Feng frowned. He could sense the incredible energies emerging from the mountain.
“Break!” shouted someone explosively. The mountain finally broke apart and turned into a million pieces. People twitched in astonishment.
There weren’t Marks of the Path inside. There was a person!
The person looked like an ancient god as he suddenly opened his eyes. His king energies dashed to the skies as he released heaven, earth, and demonic energies. He looked like a demon king!
“It’s him!” Lin Feng was astonished and froze for a moment. He had already seen that face!
Back then, in Jiu You, he had gone to the shrines.
He had already seen that proud young man there in the central area of the twelve shrines. He looked like a god, and all the shrines wanted to recruit him. It was the young man with the king body!
Back then, everybody wanted to recruit him, and in the end, the young man had chosen the Demon Shrine. Now he looked like a demon king!
I’m a very fast learner, I’m already a medium-level emperor. But that guy is already a high-level emperor and he has an immortal king body type. No wonder the people all wanted to recruit him. He was already gifted, but with the help of the shrine, he practiced cultivation even faster!, thought Lin Feng. That guy practiced cultivation even faster than him! Lin Feng was shocked, finding the Celestial Country even more mysterious. That guy was from one of the shrines, and now he had descended from the Milky Way!

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