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PMG Chapter 1885: Pathfinder Peak

PMG Chapter 1885: Pathfinder Peak
“Who are you? Why were you in the mountain? Why did you come down from the Milky Way?” asked the leader of the Black Shark Army. People who touched the Yellow Springs or the Milky Way could die, now that young man had descended from the sky. People were obviously astonished.
People fought over that mountain and in the end, there was someone inside. Amusing!, thought the people staring at the young man with a king body. He had to be the descendant of an ancient king, a noteworthy person.
The young man glanced at the strong cultivators of the Black Shark Army indifferently. He didn’t say anything. He glanced around as if he didn’t know where he was.
“I asked you something!” said the leader of the Black Shark Army when he saw that the young man didn’t reply to him. He looked furious.
The young man turned to him, and suddenly, demon Qi emerged from his eyes, and thunder echoed out. The eyes of the cultivator from the Black Shark Army suddenly felt extremely sore. His will was being attacked!
“Immortal king and demon strength!” the strong cultivator of the Black Shark Army blurted out as he shook violently. Then, the young man jumped and a trail of immortal Qi appeared behind him and turned into a vortex.
“That person has killed countless people! His king body is incredible. He’s a dangerous person!” Aoxu declared cautiously. Even though he was from the Dragon Clan, he also found people who had king bodies incredible. They were always extremely strong!
“Let’s go. That guy is here to kill. He will kill all of us to practice,” said Aoxu. That young man had already started killing cultivators from the Black Shark Army. Demon lights kept emerging from his eyes and killing people. He was a real murderer.
The members of Jalacandra Fairyland started dispersing. After a short time, the young man slaughtered the strong cultivator of the Black Shark Army.
He didn’t stop releasing immortal and demon energies at all. His silhouette flickered and he continued butchering the people from the Black Shark Army.
“Die!” Many people from the Black Shark Army and Jalacandra Fairyland were injured. However, there were still many people who released energies and attacked the young man.
However, at that moment, the young man looked like a death god. He proudly stood in the sky and absorbed the death Qi his opponents released.
The young man flashed ahead, and the strong cultivators were shaking. He was too terrifying!
The young man pointed a finger at a strong cultivator, Qi emerged and pierced through his head. His corpse fell down from the sky, a one-shot kill.
Corpses kept falling down from the sky and into the Yellow Springs. The crowd looking on was astonished. The strong cultivators from the Black Shark Army died one after another. What a tragedy for all those valiant fighters. They were insignificant in front of that young man, and he was slaughtering them!
“That guy is killing people, but not taking their treasures. He lets them and their treasures fall into the Yellow Springs, the treasures are lost forever.” Qin Yu was astonished. That guy was a true slayer.
“He’s just practicing. This place is just somewhere to become stronger for him.”
The crowd was astonished when they saw what the young man was doing. He didn’t even care about precious treasures anymore. Only Lin Feng understood that the Demon Shrine had sent him there, so he didn’t lack skills and Ancient scriptures. He didn’t need more treasures!
“I feel ashamed of being inferior in front of such people. Is he from Hell? He came from the Milky Way, so where does he actually come from?” asked Qin Yu. He didn’t understand. Most people in the Celestial Country thought of the territory as two territories, one for terrifying battles and one for easier battles. But when facing such a terrifying cultivator, they could only question themselves.
Some mysterious people understood that Hell wasn’t the only place next to the Celestial Country. However, they didn’t understand the details.
Lin Feng was staring at the young man in astonishment. The cultivation world was a cruel place, and so was this person. Lin Feng stared at the young man and wondered how he could improve his life and death cultivation.
“Let’s go!” said Bai Ling. Everybody nodded. That guy was just a butcher. He was going to kill them if they stayed. Taking such a risk was useless.
On the side of the cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland, more than twenty cultivators were still left. They had suffered great losses. Lin Feng understood how those geniuses thought now. When they became high-level emperors, they chose their own path!
In the Holy City, at university, there are champions. Ji Chang is the champion of Champion University. He could become the champion of the city. Such cultivators also choose their own path and what they want to do in life!, thought Lin Feng. He felt intense pressure and had the sensation he wasn’t progressing quickly enough. He hadn’t been back to the Holy City for a long time. He was wondering how strong Ji Chang had become.
Lin Feng and the others left. Meteorites continued falling from the sky, but there were only twenty-some people left in Lin Feng’s group. They had also obtained many great items, anyway. Everybody felt dispirited though. Even Aoxu felt dispirited. The young man was too strong!
“There are many strong cultivators in the world. Perseverance and determination are mandatory. Cultivators have to focus on cultivation to become extremely strong,” said Lin Feng, walking next to Aoxu.
Aoxu frowned and looked at Lin Feng warmly. “You look like a low-level emperor, but you’re a medium-level emperor. Your life and death deployment spells are deadly. You’re a very talented person. Were you amazed by the strong cultivators of the Milky Way battlefield?”
“I can’t control other people’s strength. I can only control my own life,” Lin Feng smiled.
Aoxu smiled back and said, “Indeed. In normal conditions, I would have tried to fight against him. However, when I saw how he killed people, I gave up. I felt like trash.”
“I see,” Lin Feng nodded. “Someday you’ll achieve enlightenment, and you’ll fight against him.”
“Indeed. People from the Dragon Clan are incredibly talented. I’ll definitely try to fight against him someday!” said Aoxu, smiling happily as he thought about that day. He gazed into the distance, where there was a bridge above Yellow Springs. There was a peak sitting there, and many people were floating around it. They looked hesitant and maintained a distance between themselves and the peak.
“Within the Milky Way battlefield and the Yellow Springs, there is an ancient peak there!” said the startled Lin Feng. The peak was even moving, how strange!
“Eh?” Aoxu was surprised and stared at the peak with him. “Apart from treasures, there’s also such a place in the Milky Way battlefield? It looks dangerous. It might be worth it, though! Let’s go and see!”
Their band sped up, chasing the moving hill. The peak was so strange, looking like a mirage. There were some big words on it, but they looked indistinct and blurry.
“Pathfinder Peak!” read Lin Feng. He was astonished.
The expressions of Aoxu and the others changed drastically. “I’ve heard about the Pathfinder Peak but I’ve never seen it,” the dragon admitted.
“What is that place?” asked Lin Feng.
Qin Yu said, “According to legends, the Pathfinder Peak is a place where you can find Celestial Pathfinder Plates. They are very helpful for cultivators.”
“I see. Why are those people hesitating and not moving closer?” asked Lin Feng.
“Many people have never come back from the Pathfinder Peak, it’s like you go in and can’t come back” explained Qin Yu calmly.
Lin Feng was astonished. What a mysterious place!

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