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PMG Chapter 1886: How to Walk On the Path

PMG Chapter 1886: How to Walk On the Path
“Aoxu, is the Pathfinder Peak a forbidden area?” Lin Feng asked Aoxu.
Aoxu smiled and shook his head. “It’s not. Even though it’s the first time I’ve seen the Pathfinder Peak, I’ve heard about it many times. Some people from the Dragon Clan have been there. After coming back, their comprehension had increased a lot. They had also become much stronger. However, they held their tongues regarding what they saw and found there. They’ve always told me that if I found it, I had to go, though!”
Aoxu then spoke up and said, “Let’s go and see the Pathfinder Peak! We can’t miss such an opportunity!” before rushing towards the peak. He disappeared among the crowd.
“Indeed, we have to go since we’ve found it!” said Lin Feng, smiling and following after him. Aomo followed him, and they both disappeared into the crowd.
Lin Feng headed straight to the Pathfinder Peak, and felt the atmosphere change drastically around him. There was a special Qi here, rising from the grass. It looked like another world without an exit. There were many people seated cross-legged with their eyes closed. There were also many skeletons lying on the ground.
This place is really dangerous, thought Lin Feng when he saw the skeletons. Many skeletons were not complete, with some of their body parts were missing. Others were surrounded by a terrifying strength which had not dispersed.
“People who dare come to the Pathfinder Peak are at least medium-level emperors, but most of them are high-level emperors. At such a cultivation level, flesh doesn’t rot, which means that those skeletons lost their flesh because of an external strength!” muttered Lin Feng. Qin Yu and Bai Ling also arrived and came up next to Lin Feng. When they saw that place, they were as astonished as he had been.
“The Celestial Pathfinder Plates can be found here.” Aoxu was gazing into the distance. There were some dazzling lights dancing about a gigantic stone there.
“According to legends, it’s easy to come here, but difficult to leave, as if this place is sealed. There is a passage somewhere in that valley I think,” said Qin Yu, walking slowly towards the Celestial Pathfinder Plates.
A light shot down out of nowhere, spotlighting Qin Yu. Qin Yu looked calm and serene. He slowly walked towards the stone.
Suddenly, the Celestial Pathfinder Plates became even more dazzling and Qin Yu disappeared inside them.
“Kowtow before the Celestial Plate!” said a mysterious voice coming from the stone. Qin Yu attacked the stone with his energies and jumped towards it. In return, a terrifying strength emerged from the stone and smashed into him.
Qin Yu waved his hands and a stone hurled out from it. He barely managed to scratch the gigantic stone with it, as he hadn’t used much power
“Why would someone who doesn’t follow the Way ask for his path?” asked an ancient voice from the stone. Lin Feng and the others were astonished. The people around who were meditating looked calm and unsurprised. They obviously knew that there was such a thing already. Unruly people couldn’t ask for their path!
Qin Yu’s eyes twinkled. Someone who didn’t follow the Way?
Even though he was really strong and famous in Hell, Qin Wu wasn’t that strong compared to the Celestial Pathfinder Plate.
Qin Wu released more energies and attacked the stone again. However, the stone counterattacked even more brutally. The attack crashed onto Qin Wu and he groaned with pain as he was force back and started bleeding.
“What an aggressive Celestial Plate!” murmured Aoxu. He looked excited. Opening the door of that stone was going to be difficult.
“Aomo,” Lin Feng said. Aomo turned into smoke and went back into Lin Feng’s body. He had grown up in there, he could go back inside as he wished.
Lin Feng walked up to the Celestial Pathfinder Plate, took a deep breath as he calmed himself, and stood before it.
“Kowtow before the Celestial Plate,” demanded the voice.
Lin Feng released life and death lights and said, “I ask for my path regarding the path of life and death.”
The life and death lights penetrated into the stone. A strange light appeared around the stone. The whole stone turned into a death stone, like a mirror.
Suddenly, death lights emerged from the stone and moved towards Lin Feng. He frowned. That was death Qi, but life Qi had appeared. Life energy flew throughout his body. His body was suddenly filled with incredible life energies.
How dangerous! I understand why there are so many corpses!, thought Lin Feng. The Celestial Pathfinder Plate had a life. It could counterattack, and if Lin Feng didn’t understand life and death energies, he would have died.
Dazzling lights appeared and the Celestial Pathfinder Plate turned into a mirror. Lin Feng could see himself and strength surrounding him. He was astonished.
“Come in!” said someone. Someone who was seated with their eyes closed appeared before him and spoke to Lin Feng.
“Alright!” said Lin Feng before entering the Celestial Pathfinder Plate. He disappeared inside.
“Surprisingly, you can go inside the Celestial Pathfinder Plate!” Aoxu and the others were shocked. They wouldn’t be stuck inside this world that way.
Lin Feng entered the Celestial Pathfinder Plate and appeared somewhere else. There were people seated cross-legged all around him, and there were more corpses, too. There was one exit, and it was also a Celestial Pathfinder Plate.
There are two levels to the Celestial Pathfinder Plate?, thought Lin Feng, glancing around. There were so many people there. What was this strange place?
No wonder it was easy to go inside and difficult to come out! Some people were stuck, but not dead!
“Kowtow before the Celestial Plate,” said a voice again. Lin Feng frowned and stared at the Celestial Pathfinder Plate. He released life and death lights again, and presented them to the second Celestial Pathfinder Plate.
The lights penetrated into the Celestial Pathfinder Plate. Once again, the stone lit up, energies emerged, and penetrated into Lin Feng’s body. This time, he started shaking violently and had the sensation he was going to faint.
“You want to bring about your own destruction. You overestimated yourself!” spoke up a black-haired person coldly, after opening his eyes. However, Lin Feng just looked around again, he had the sensation he had died once.
“If you don’t use your mind to follow the Way, how can you ask for your path?” said the ancient voice resonating in Lin Feng’s brain. Lin Feng was astonished and looked dizzy.
Lin Feng finally understood the purpose of that stone, he might be able to find his path with it!

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