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PMG Chapter 1888: The Path of Life and Death is Complex

PMG Chapter 1888: The Path of Life and Death is Complex
Lin Feng crossed the door and arrived in another room. As before, there was a Celestial Pathfinder Plate. However, there was nobody else in that room. He was completely alone with the celestial doorway.
Lin Feng walked up to the Celestial Pathfinder Plate and sat down cross-legged before it. Strange lights surrounded him. A voice emerged from the Celestial Pathfinder Plate, “Use your heart to knock on the door and ask for your path.”
Lin Feng looked calm as sharp lights emerged from his eyes. They turned into life and death lights and penetrated into the Celestial Pathfinder Plate. However, the Celestial Pathfinder Plate didn’t react.
“Use your heart to knock on the door and ask for your path,” repeated the voice. Lin Feng frowned. What heart?
Lin Feng was seated there and looked pensive. On the path of cultivation, you had to do things wholeheartedly.
Back then, he had started studying the path of life and death. He had to do it wholeheartedly, just wanting to do it wasn’t sufficient.
The heart was the most important thing.
Lin Feng closed his eyes and started meditating and thinking about the path of life and death. In his mind, life and death stamps appeared and moved to the Celestial Pathfinder Plate.
The Celestial Pathfinder Plate started shaking. Lin Feng sensed his godly awareness shake violently. He suddenly started feeling a bit sad and grieving. It was the grief of life and death.
He remembered Liu Cang Lan, who had died for his country. He felt grief for Yan Yu Ping Sheng, his wonderful teacher. He also felt sad for Wen Ao Xue, an incredible woman who had ended up dead because of her family.
He also felt sad for the man and his daughter in the village in Hell. They were ordinary people, but in that world, they had no freedom. Cultivators didn’t care about those people’s lives.
In that world, nobody could escape from death. It was omnipresent.
That’s my way of walking on the path of death and life, thought Lin Feng serenely. He released his godly awareness again. It sparkled, and life and death lights continued raining on the Celestial Pathfinder Plate. The air whistled in reaction. Lin Feng continued feeling grief, but in that grief, he also sensed vitality. Life and death were indivisible.
Lin Feng felt very weak before the plate now. He felt tiny and scared.
He was afraid. His strength allowed him to control other people’s lives, either by letting them live or by killing them, or by protecting his loved ones as well. He had created a small world and had put his loved ones inside because he was afraid to let them stay in the outside world.
What was he afraid of? He was afraid that Meng Qing would turn into an animal again. He was afraid that his family members could be killed. He was afraid that Qiu Yue Xin had lost control over herself. He was afraid because Yi Ren Lei had dumped him like that. He wanted to control everything in his life. Therefore, he needed to become stronger.
“You’re asking me how I feel deep inside?” Lin Feng sighed. He looked at the Celestial Pathfinder Plate and tried to understand how he really felt.
Lin Feng stood up and took a step forward. Dazzling lights appeared before him. He calmed down as he infused the door with life and death energies again. He forced himself to have a heart as calm as still water.
“I chose the path of life and death, are you asking me to use my heart or to stop using it.” Lin Feng stared at the door. Sharp lights emerged from his eyes.
“Who can reject the world of mortals on the path of cultivation? Nobody can escape from life and death!” declared that voice in Lin Feng’s brain.
Dazzling lights emerged from Lin Feng’s body, “I’ve already started walking on that path. There is nothing I can’t do. I can reject the world of mortals if I wish! Destroy!”
After that, Lin Feng released terrifying energies and bombarded the Celestial Pathfinder Plate. However, at that moment, a silhouette appeared there. It was his own silhouette!
Lin Feng walked forwards and realized he was now at the top of the mountain. He could sense the breeze brush against his body. His clothes were fluttering in the wind. He had just arrived, but it felt as if he had spent an entire life there.
Lin Feng walked to a gigantic stone and sat down on it cross-legged. He closed his eyes and forgot about the outside world.

Three days later, at the top of the Pathfinder Peak, life and death intent were intertwining and appearing in Lin Feng’s brain. He was also releasing life and death energies.
One month later, Lin Feng was still surrounded by life and death lights. He looked calm and serene. Sharp lights were emerging from his third eye.
“Eh?” At that moment, in the outside world, people around the Pathfinder Peak looked surprised. Their eyes were twinkling. They could see life and death energies emerging from the Pathfinder Peak.
Three months passed. On that day, the meditating Lin Feng finally opened his eyes. They were filled with demonic will. There were two life and death discs in his eyes. One could sense life and death strength just looking at his eyes.
In the air, terrifying demon energies pulsed. It was as if the Milky Way had appeared above Lin Feng’s body. There was demon Kalpa strength there, too. Lin Feng flashed forwards and left the Pathfinder Peak.
“There’s someone!” Outside of the Pathfinder Peak, some people saw Lin Feng come out and were astonished. It was said that most people never came back out. The Pathfinder Peak was easy to go to, but difficult to leave.
“The Milky Way is shaking, what kind of strength is that?” Some people came out of the Milky Way and moved towards Lin Feng, they wanted to ask him questions about the Pathfinder Peak.
“What did you see on the Pathfinder Peak?” asked someone. People surrounded Lin Feng and stared at him. People who had never been there were curious.
“You can ask for guidance about your cultivation, obviously,” replied Lin Feng. That person was cold and impolite. The Milky Way continued shaking.
Some sounds spread in the air. It was as if the Milky Way had been broken. Something strange was happening. Someone demanded, “What did you find there?”
Lin Feng glanced at them in a cold way. His eyes contained life and death intent.
“If you don’t dare go there, why do you ask me?” said Lin Feng.
That person shouted coldly, “You want to die!” as he attacked.
Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with life and death energies. Suddenly, lights emerged from his eyes and moved straight into that person’s. In counter, a gigantic hand appeared and moved towards Lin Feng.
Lin Feng flashed away and released life and death sword energies. The man had the sensation that his soul was going to explode. Death sword energies pierced through his head. He gave a horrible shriek as his face turned grey, he looked dead.
“Die!” said Lin Feng. Sword energies continued piercing through his brain. Then, his body slowly fell from the sky and down into the Yellow Springs.
Lin Feng glanced at the others coldly and said, “If you don’t dare go there, why do you ask me?”
Demon Kalpa strength pulsed, it was as if the Milky Way had been broken. Lin Feng was surprised at the feeling.
“I’m going to get cleansed by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength, how strong will they be since I’m a medium-level emperor?” Lin Feng’s eyes looked ice-cold. The crowd around moved further away from him.
Thunderclaps boomed. Kalpa strength fell from the sky and rained down on Lin Feng’s body furiously with its first wave. His clothes completely disappeared, and his silhouette had become blurry, too. Demon Kalpa strength flowed throughout his body.
How terrifying. The Kalpa strength is much scarier than when I had the strength of a low-level emperor. If my physical body didn’t have the strength of a medium-level emperor, my flesh would have been crushed!, thought Lin Feng grimly. When the Kalpa strength cleansed his body a sixth time, he started bleeding as wounds appeared on his body.
However, when this demon Kalpa cleansing finally ended, Lin Feng’s body was already all shiny and unmarred. He had recovered in the blink of an eye, as if he had been reborn.
When the seventh wave of Kalpa strength pounded down on him, Lin Feng had the sensation his soul was going to get kicked out of his body. He fell down on his knees and his face was deathly pale.
“Life!” Suddenly, life strength flowed through Lin Feng’s body. He raised his head and stared at the sky. The Kalpa strength kept coming down. Just like the previous time, the last waves of Kalpa strength were the most powerful ones.

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