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PMG Chapter 1889: Making the Skies Furious Again

PMG Chapter 1889: Making the Skies Furious Again
However, Lin Feng didn’t look like he was suffering, he looked excited. He stood up again, like a powerful mountain. He was defying the heavens!
“Kacha!” When the eighth wave of Kalpa strength bombarded his body, his muscles shook violently, and he burst out bleeding again. His soul kept shaking violently.
The Kalpa strength felt like millions of snakes inside his muscles. The crowd was staring at him in amazement. Surprisingly, a medium-level Hell emperor was being cleansed by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength, and the Milky Way even started breaking. That was an incredible skill!
When the last wave of Deva-Mara Kalpa strength appeared in the sky, he was still surrounded by powerful life and death lights.
Thunder kept rolling, and the Milky Way had turned into a dark demon cloud. People felt like they were suffocating around him.
Finally, the ninth wave attacked his body violently, like a million snakes trying to enter his skin.
“Destroy!” said Lin Feng coldly. Death meaning rose to the skies. Sword lights cut everything and countered the wave of Kalpa strength. It was as if everything were collapsing around him.
“Life!” Lin Feng released life energies. The mighty Deva-Mara Kalpa strength kept tempering his body. He had the impression he was going to die.
Blood splashed out of his mouth. Lin Feng slowly sat down and released even more life Qi to surround every corner of his body.
Is he hurt?, thought the crowd, staring at Lin Feng. The demon cloud slowly dispersed. However, the terrifying strength was still pressing down. He had to be injured!… At that moment, some people’s silhouettes flickered. Lin Feng’s skill was incredible, he probably had some incredible Ancient scriptures!
I’m a demon cultivator, I broke through to the Huang Qi layer using my physical body. If I had his skill, I would become extremely powerful!, thought a demon emperor, staring at Lin Feng. Demon lights appeared, he looked at Lin Feng greedily with his black eyes.
Silhouettes flickered. A group of strong cultivators had surrounded Lin Feng and looked at him coldly.
“Give me your skill and I’ll help you get rid of these people!” said one person coldly. His long black hair looked as sharp as blades, like a scary ancient demon.
“Kill him, that’s all!” said someone coldly. Many people looked at that demon emperor coldly.
Lin Feng opened his eyes and glanced at the people around him coldly. “If you want my skill, come and get it!”
Eyes glittered with greed. One of them shouted furiously and released death strength to surround Lin Feng, who was still seated. He looked unperturbed. He absorbed the death energies and a life and death pattern appeared. He waved his hands, and life and death lights appeared.
One of the people flashed to attack, the earth and sky shook violently. It was like endless ferocious animals had been unleashed to attack him!
Lin Feng moved forwards. Lights shone, a Purple Tank appeared and explosions detonated around him.
That cultivator raised his hands and a powerful earth spear appeared, also containing deadly empty space cosmic energies.
“Die!” shouted that cultivator coldly. His spear shot at Lin Feng.
“Illusion Destruction!” retorted Lin Feng, throwing his life and death pattern. The life and death pattern started spinning as an illusion swept over the area.
Lin Feng flashed away as more marks appeared, and a great deployment spell materialized. It contained a terrifying strength. Besides, the golden deployment spell kept spreading more and more.
“If you don’t kill me, I guarantee you, you won’t survive,” said Lin Feng, smiling coldly. He didn’t stop moving, staying in motion. The deployment spell turned into a dangerous illusion!
“Hmph!” The cultivator who had just talked groaned coldly. He moved in a blur of speed. In front of him, eight spears appeared and shot towards Lin Feng.
Lin Feng waved his hands, and the life and death pattern became lit up brightly, collided with the spears. At the same time, death intent emerged from his eyes.
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He suddenly disappeared, a void sword appeared and pierced through his opponent’s head with death intent.
After Lin Feng’s brain had been imprinted, he had managed to stamp his Nihility Sword Scriptures with death strength. His Nihility Sword attacks were now much more powerful. Therefore, even before Lin Feng was cleansed by the Deva-Mara Kalpa strength, he had killed someone like this.
That person still shouted furiously. Millions of spears reappeared and collided against Lin Feng’s sword. However, at that moment, Lin Feng landed in front of him and another life and death stamp appeared and crashed onto his body.
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng. His eyes were filled with death energies. The soul of Lin Feng’s enemy shook violently. Lin Feng raised his fist and there was explosion. His enemy’s head directly blew apart. At the same time, sword Qi emerged, and he cut apart his opponent’s soul.
More bright lights suddenly moved towards Lin Feng, gleaming and sharp. His soul suddenly started shaking.
“Cut!” An ancient mountain moved towards Lin Feng. As the second strong cultivator attacked, some other people also attacked Lin Feng at the same time.
Lin Feng released his bestial consciousness, and a lake of black water appeared everywhere, shocking everyone. Lin Feng released all his wind cosmic energies into his legs and retreated . The earth and sky were shaking violently as multiple energies crashed together.
Lin Feng descended on his deployment spell. Golden lights glittered and strobed. At the same time, destructive illusion energies surrounded those strong cultivators.
The onlookers were all staring at the Milky Way, it was pulsing furiously, and its strength was pressing down on everyone.
Lin Feng released all his desolate cosmic energy. People’s faces changed drastically as they saw the results. He had just been cleansed by Deva-Mara Kalpa, why were the skies furious again?
“What kind of strength is that?” Even though they were all well-taught and knowledgeable, they didn’t recognize that kind of strength. Why were the skies furious?
Lin Feng raised his head as some explosive strength condensed in the Milky Way. It was extremely oppressive and descending from the sky.
“Come!” said Lin Feng coldly. The skies were furious. Explosions erupted. Lin Feng’s deployment spell kept undulating. Some splits appeared on the deployment spell, and drove Lin Feng down onto his knees, he was bleeding severely. However, he looked indestructible. He stood up again and said, “Destroy!”
Lin Feng’s physical body was being attacked. The strong cultivators were still stuck in the deployment spell, and his face was deathly pale as he stared at the energies in the sky.
Then, a second wave of strength bombarded him.
“No…!” shouted someone. However, explosions and rumbling sounds erupted again, and Lin Feng was struck down to his knees again. Back then when the skies had attacked him, he had used the Celestial Evolution Chessboard to protect himself. Now, he just endured the attacks with his physical strength.
“Pfew…” Lin Feng took a deep breath. His physical body was being destroyed by that strength, but he kept recovering. He coldly glanced at the crowd. Those people were high-level emperors, but their physical strength couldn’t be compared with Lin Feng’s.
What kind of physical strength is that? How come he attracts the fury of the skies?, thought the demon cultivator who had wisely retreated. A third wave of energies crashed down onto Lin Feng. He had just recovered and now he was being repeatedly assaulted again. He fell down on his knees once again, and finally just sat down on the illusion spell again and closed his eyes. Terrifying life energy appeared all around him.
The Qi finally dispersed. The watchers didn’t dare attack Lin Feng anymore. Even though he was just a medium-level Hell emperor, he was really terrifying. The demon cultivator was determined to learn what Lin Feng’s secret was.

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