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PMG Chapter 1890: Ancient Demon Clan

PMG Chapter 1890: Ancient Demon Clan
Lin Feng was seated cross-legged and ignored the people around him. His eyes were closed. His bones and flesh were emitting crackling and spluttering sounds. Deva-Mara Kalpa and desolate energies kept bombarding him. If he hadn’t been strong enough, he would have died.
Surprisingly, nobody dared go and disturb him again. The demon cultivator in the distance did some hand seals and a pitch black imprint appeared, racing towards Lin Feng.
The pitch-black imprint stamped Lin Feng’s body. It looked like nothing had happened, but Lin Feng’s eyes went ice-cold. Strength started flowing inside his body and chased after the imprint. However, Lin Feng realized he couldn’t destroy it, it acted like it didn’t even exist.
“That’s a special imprint from my clan, the Ancient Demon Clan. It’s an illusion. You can’t destroy it!” said a voice. Lin Feng turned around and looked at the gigantic demon cultivator.
Sharp death Qi instantly struck out at the man!
The demon cultivator frowned and released demon strength. Ancient demons appeared in the air and crackling sounds spread in the air.
“Your Nihility Sword has a death stamp,” said the gigantic demon cultivator before adding, “Give me your skills! I set some Ancient Demon Clan’s imprints everywhere in the Milky Way battlefield, you can’t survive!”
“Ancient Demon Clan’s people.” The crowd was staring at the gigantic demon cultivator and frowned. The Ancient Demon Clan was very powerful. Nobody knew where their headquarters were, but they had a faction on the Milky Way battlefield. They were in the Milky Way battlefield at all times.
The Ancient Demon Clan had special powers. They were extremely strong, powerful, and aggressive. People didn’t dare offend them.
“Ancient Demon Clan?” Life and death energies rotated in Lin Feng’s eyes. He suddenly jumped and ran towards the gigantic demon cultivator. Death imprints appeared as well as Nihility Sword strength.
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His gigantic life and death pattern rained down. The gigantic demon cultivator’s soul shook. Another demon shadow appeared and collided with Lin Feng’s death sword. At the same time, he raised his fists, and a gigantic demon hand blotted out the sky. Thunder cracked in the air.
How strong!, thought Lin Feng. He suddenly rose up into the air. A terrifying sword intent started spinning around him. He condensed cosmic energies in his fists and punched out.
Lights flared around him. Lin Feng sensed his bones crackle and pulled back .
The gigantic demon cultivator wasn’t enjoying himself either, as Lin Feng’s sword energies were powerful. He had to protect himself.
He’s been a medium-level emperor for a short time, his cultivation isn’t that stabilized. However, he can resist my Ancient Demon Fist Imprint! His physical body is incredible, which means his mysterious skills are powerful!, thought the gigantic demon cultivator. He wanted Lin Feng’s skills even more now!
He stared at Lin Feng and said, “You’re quite strong, but your cultivation level is too low. Give me your skills and techniques, and I won’t kill you!”
“Hmph!” Lin Feng grunted, and flashed forwards, energies pulsing around him. He ignored the gigantic demon cultivator. He didn’t know what the Ancient Demon Clan was, but they were extremely strong. Lin Feng’s physical body was already incredible, he had even broken through to the Huang Qi layer thanks to his physical body. However, that gigantic demon cultivator’s physical strength was incredible too, and he had the strength of the top of the Huang Qi layer. He couldn’t defeat him with death sword attacks. He didn’t have the advantage in this battle.
“Do you think you can escape?” said the gigantic demon cultivator coldly, and chased after Lin Feng. Their battle attracted people’s attention on the Milky Way battlefield.
A terrifying golden spear shot at Lin Feng. That golden spear contained stamped fire lights. A rainbow of energies appeared in the sky and lashed at Lin Feng.
“Hmph!” The gigantic demon cultivator chased after Lin Feng and accelerated, his strength rising quickly. A gigantic hand appeared and moved towards Lin Feng even more quickly.
Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with flames of fury.
The spear moved even faster. His enemy wanted to stab Lin Feng no matter what.
At that moment, Lin Feng stumbled and the golden spear pierced through his chest. However, it didn’t kill him. It just softly pierced through his body. The attacker was stupefied. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would fail to dodge. He suddenly looked scared.
But it was already too late, both of them were incredibly fast. His spear hadn’t killed Lin Feng. Lin Feng raised his fist and crashed a fist onto the man’s skull. His head crackled at the blow. Lin Feng grabbed him and threw him away.
The golden energies were still in Lin Feng’s body. People’s hairs bristled when they saw Lin Feng’s ice-cold gaze.
Life energy started flowing in his body. He yanked the spear out of himself and threw it behind him. He didn’t even look at his attacker again, and continued walking. Some strange marks appeared behind him as he wielded empty space and wind cosmic energies.
“Hmph!” The gigantic demon cultivator grabbed his golden spear and chased after Lin Feng again. Many people looked after them. They were surprised, but they didn’t try to attack them. These two people were too strong.
What a strange agility technique, he’s also using empty space strength!, thought the gigantic demon cultivator. He was furious, he couldn’t seem to catch up with Lin Feng.
At that moment, a talisman appeared in his hand. He put his godly awareness in it and didn’t stop chasing.

Lin Feng flew for a long time. Suddenly, the atmosphere shook in front of him as more people arrived, their strength was incredible. One of them had a Qi similar to the gigantic demon cultivator and was flying towards him. Each time he took a step, the ground shook.
“Strong cultivators from the Ancient Demon Clan.” Lin Feng turned around, but someone was coming from that direction, too. He was being surrounded on the Milky Way battlefield!
“Don’t offend me or I’ll kill you!” said Lin Feng, suddenly turning around to confront the gigantic demon cultivator and releasing terrifying energies.
However, the gigantic demon cultivator didn’t care about what Lin Feng said, he was also an amazing cultivator. In response, a demon appeared behind him.
“Die!” shouted the gigantic demon cultivator. The demon charged Lin Feng. He was using his soul to carry out the attack.
A gigantic Ancient Demon Hand appeared above Lin Feng’s head. He felt the pressure, the hand wasn’t an illusion!
Lin Feng raised his fists, terrifying energies continued pressing down on him. He was being pushed down and was going to be pushed into the Yellow Springs under his feet. The gigantic demon cultivator frowned; he didn’t want to push Lin Feng into the Yellow Springs, he wanted his mysterious physical body skills and techniques!
However, Lin Feng released death intent and a cage appeared around the gigantic demon cultivator.
The gigantic demon cultivator was startled. Lin Feng suddenly rose up into the air, grabbed one of the gigantic demon cultivator’s legs and pulled him down. The gigantic demon cultivator and the cage containing him fell!
“Break!” shouted the gigantic demon cultivator furiously. The cage broke apart, but Lin Feng continued putting pressure on him. Silver wings appeared on Lin Feng’s back and he forced the demon cultivator down further. His Purple Tank appeared and pressured the gigantic demon cultivator even more. Lin Feng wanted to throw him into the Yellow Springs!
The gigantic demon cultivator’s expression changed drastically. He shouted furiously and gained some altitude, performing a knifehand strike in the air and making a fissure in the atmosphere.
In the blink of an eye, the two other cultivators also arrived. Lin Feng flapped his wings quickly and flew away. If the Ancient Demon Clan’s strong cultivators caught him, they’d definitely kill him!

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