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PMG Chapter 1891: Demon Pond

PMG Chapter 1891: Demon Pond
Lin Feng wrapped his silver wings around himself, and his shadow spirit appeared. Lin Feng turned into a shadow and sped away. He had to get rid of the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan.
“Jumo, why are you chasing this person?” asked one of the strong cultivators from the Ancient Demon Clan to the gigantic demon cultivator, who was called Jumo. The three of them continued chasing Lin Feng.
“His physical strength is incredible. He has a marvelous skill which allows him to cleanse his body. If I and some others could obtain it, we could possibly become great emperors using just our physical bodies!” Jumo told them eagerly. The other two lit up with greed. Indeed, Jumo was right; if Lin Feng had such a thing, then they could benefit from it!
“Let’s tell our people and let’s capture him!” said that guy coldly, and took out a talisman. He used his godly awareness to contact his people.

Lin Feng was farther and farther from the people tracking him. However, Jumo continued chasing him. He couldn’t see Lin Feng anymore, but he couldn’t lose track of him since he had put an imprint in Lin Feng’s body. Lin Feng couldn’t escape.
Sometimes, it rained above the Milky Way battlefield, but Lin Feng didn’t try to get any precious items. A palace appeared in front of him above the Yellow Springs, it was spectacular.
Lin Feng flashed aside and entered the palace.

At that moment, Jumo looked extremely happy, he smiled in a strange way and said, “We’re so lucky! That guy surprisingly went to the Ancient Demon Island, he’s going to bring about his own destruction!”
“Ancient Demon Island?” The two others continued using talismans to communicate with their colleagues, but they looked surprised.

Lin Feng didn’t know where he had gone. However, he could sense demon Qi everywhere. That place seemed to be a paradise for demon cultivators. Lin Feng liked these energies!
However, at that moment, more people rose up in the air and said nothing, they just threw themselves at him and surrounded him. Lin Feng realized he had ended up in the wrong place. Those people had the same Qi as Jumo!
“Ancient Demon Clan!” Lin Feng was speechless. What a bad coincidence! However, Lin Feng was fearless. In the Celestial Country, there was no great emperor, there were only normal emperors. Lin Feng wasn’t afraid to fight against emperors.
Lin Feng suddenly charged ahead lightning-fast, and a powerful demon lotus appeared in his left hand. It contained a powerful and destructive fire energy.
“Hmph!” one of the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan grunted coldly. He didn’t know how strong Lin Feng was. That fire was powerful, but it didn’t pose a threat to him.
People from the Ancient Demon Clan were terrifyingly strong. They had incredible Ancient Demon techniques, and their physical bodies had all been cleansed by demon strength. Their physical strength was usually amazing. Few people could compete with them in terms of physical strength.
Lin Feng threw the fireball in his left hand. His enemy smiled coldly. He waved his hand and an ancient demon imprint moved towards Lin Feng. His enemy looked like a demon.
“Boom!” Lin Feng’s fire and the demon hand collided. The demon hand broke apart but Lin Feng continued punching the atmosphere in his enemy’s direction. Lin Feng was strong. Another demon imprint appeared and shot towards Lin Feng. He had to suppress Lin Feng!
At that moment, the two cultivators were getting closer. Lin Feng didn’t look perturbed at all. His eyes were just grey. He actually looked dead.
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. Death energy penetrated into his enemy’s brain. At the same time, Lin Feng released sword energies in a blur of motion. The attack seemed indestructible.
Those watching had no time to react. They saw the death sword shoot towards the strong cultivator’s head. Lin Feng blurred into motion, and a gigantic hand came down on the man’s head, with fatal results!
The other strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan were astonished. They had just been watching the battle, they thought their colleague could fight alone against Lin Feng, he should have been enough. But even if he wasn’t enough, they had thought Lin Feng couldn’t kill him! They hadn’t thought Lin Feng would kill a cultivator of the Ancient Demon Clan so easily.
Of course, they didn’t know how strong Lin Feng was. Lin Feng had already started on the Path of Life and Death, and he had already started practicing life and death cultivation with his heart and mind. He used death strength stamps, his Nihility Sword attacks, and his mind to attack. He could now kill people even more easily than before. Lin Feng didn’t flinch, and boldly attacked the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan.

In the central area of the palace, there was a demon pond with demon water inside. It contained powerful demonic energies which dashed to the skies. The whole pond was filled with demon strength.
There were two strong cultivators from the Ancient Demon Clan bathing in the pond and practicing cultivation. Powerful demon strength kept flowing throughout their bodies, making them stronger and stronger. Crackling and shattering sounds were audible, and the water around them seemed to be boiling.
Oh no!, thought some of the strong cultivators when they saw that Lin Feng was flying towards the demon pond. They were stupefied and shouted furiously, “Be careful!”
The extremely loud shout woke everyone up on the whole Ancient Demon Island. Black lights moved towards Lin Feng. Someone was causing trouble in their world, and now he was going to their demon pond, how audacious?!?
They hadn’t imagined such a thing was possible, so the two cultivators in the pond couldn’t possibly think of such a thing, either. Even if they could sense the powerful energies, they couldn’t imagine what was happening while they peacefully practiced cultivation. Sometimes, the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan released such powerful energies, so it was no surprise to them.
A death sword streaked across the sky and pierced through the head of the first one cultivating. Lin Feng then punched the other one, wasting no time. When those people realized they were being attacked, they had no time to react. The second one’s head just exploded!
Lin Feng killed those two people, but he still looked emotionless. His eyes were still filled with death intent. He entered the demon pond and started absorbing the water.
This pond’s demon intent is strange. I can use it to cleanse my body!, thought Lin Feng, surprised he had found such a place. He did a knife-hand strike, and gigantic waves appeared on the pond. Lin Feng then released Kalpa strength as the whole world seemed to tremble. The powerful Deva-Mara Kalpa strength fused together with the water, before sending it shooting up into the air.
“He’s using the demon strength of the demon pond.” Some strong cultivators from the Ancient Demon Clan arrived and saw that Lin Feng was in the pond, they could hear crackling and shattering sounds coming from it. They were astonished and looked down at Lin Feng coldly.
“Die!” Explosions filled the air, and death strength surrounded Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng didn’t seem to be affected at all. He continued swimming in the demon pond and his powerful Deva-Mara Kalpa strength became stronger.
Suddenly, Lin Feng waved his hand and the water rose higher up in the air.
“Die!” said Lin Feng raising a finger and pointing at someone. In a flash, the water started boiling. An endless amount of Deva-Mara Kalpa energy shot towards the person Lin Feng was pointing at, and that person immediately exploded into chunks of flesh and bone.

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