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PMG Chapter 1893: Fighting Over the Milky Way

PMG Chapter 1893: Fighting Over the Milky Way
Out on the vast Milky Way battlefield, there was a kind of natural protective screen that looked like an illusion. It looked like cliffs, but it was transparent. It could usually prevent cultivators from passing through, but if they did, an imprint appeared on their third eye and they couldn’t delete it.
At that moment, Juxiao had come to that place from the Ancient Demon Clan. He couldn’t see anyone in front of him, as few people came to that place because it was very dangerous. When people did, they could sense some powerful energies.
People who came from Hell knew that the Milky Way battlefield was very dangerous, but people who came from powerful groups could go there if they took precautions. However, crossing over completely was extremely dangerous, because on the other side there were many extremely strong cultivators.
At that moment, Juxiao gazed into the distance sharply, his demon energies pulsing. He already had an imprint on his third eye. He continued flying ahead, as he wanted to see how hard it was to completely cross the area.
“People who come here will die!” said someone in the distance, the air quaking. A silhouette appeared and charged at him.
Juxiao just grunted, and sharp lights emerged from his eyes. His enemy shivered and stared at Juxiao, petrified. Juxiao looked like a celestial demon. He punched out explosively. Endless numbers of golden sun swords appeared, but were immediately destroyed by Juxiao’s Deva-Mara punch.
“Break!” after that, the enemy continued attacking crazily, his golden energies became dazzling and assaulting the Deva-Mara punch. Juxiao continued running towards him. A gigantic Deva-Mara hand appeared as Juxiao’s body became gigantic.
The strong cultivator turned into a golden body. Juxiao grabbed him with his gigantic hand as easily if he had grabbed an ant.
“Destroy!” snarled Juxiao. He squeezed the golden cultivator with his gigantic hand and crushed him. He said coldly, “According to legends, on the other side, you can find the Continent of the Nine Clouds, I’m curious to see how strong people there are. I follow the path of Ancient Demons and I have a Deva-Mara body. Who can compete with me in this world?”
His body turned into a light beam. Along the way, he killed a dozen people.
However, after a short time, Juxiao stopped upon on a bridge. His body was pitch-black and gigantic, but at that moment, he seemed to feel dizzy and was gazing into the distance. He started trembling.
“The Milky Way’s great war.” Juxiao heard that voice in his head. A boundless army was coming his way. That army sealed the entire sky. There were people spread out over hundreds of kilometers, and they all had a killer Qi. The atmosphere became very oppressive.
“It’s going to be a tragedy for the people from Hell on the Milky Way battlefield!” said a voice in Juxiao’s head. He quickly turned around and started running away. He was very confident, and he knew he was strong. He could kill people easily, he could also fight against a small army. However, the army he was facing wasn’t any ordinary army. They were an elite force! According to the old legends, each time this army appeared, many people died!

Ji Chang calmly watched Juxiao escape, not bothering to chase him. They were there for a real war, not to kill one or two people. They wanted to invade and conquer the Milky Way battlefield!
According to legends, on the other side of the Milky Way battlefield, there were people from Hell. Hell was isolated from the rest of the world. People who wanted to go to Hell said that you needed to find the forbidden area of Jiu You. Few people knew where it was. The ancestor often said that going to the Celestial Country was a way to go to Hell, too. But these were only legends!
People from Hell controlled death strength, and they had explosive powers. In the past, people from Hell usually took the initiative to attack first, but this time people from the Continent of the Nine Clouds made the decision to attack. The troops were composed of people from many different academies. They all had incredible spells and techniques, and came from everywhere in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. There were hundreds of them here now, a fearsome force!
Ji Chang was in charge of leading the army of Champion University. People who were from the Celestial Champion Ranking List and above were the core troops, and constituted a powerful army. They wanted to get on the other side of the Milky Way battlefield.
“Ji Chang, we should go to the other side of the Celestial Country and kill everyone!” someone next to him spoke excitedly. It was a young man with a golden face.
“This time, we came here to practice! Our purpose is show that in the future, people from the continent can fight together. Our allies today will be our enemies tomorrow. Our main goal is to become stronger anyway,” said Ji Chang. The whole army had already crossed the protective screen, so they all had an imprint in their third eye and were considered intruders. They couldn’t hide themselves.
Some strong cultivators from Hell were on the edge of that vast area. When they saw the army arrive, they were stunned and their faces turned deathly pale as they started running away, trying to escape.
“Die!” shouted Ji Chang furiously. Now, they were going to start attacking!
“Die!…” shouted the whole army furiously. Their voices made everyone shake. A powerful Qi rolled out, and some people immediately started coughing up blood. Their faces all turned pale and desperate.
Destructive strength filled the heavens. People’s faces were as white as sheets of paper as they started drowning in the destructive strength.
In the distance, some people raised their heads and shook when they saw what was happening. They couldn’t keep calm, and all looked terrified. They gazed into the distance, their hearts pounding. A great war over the Milky Way battlefield was going to start!
A powerful wind started blowing. People on the Milky Way battlefield were shaken. People started running away to tell everyone about what was happening. Some people didn’t believe that there could be a war on the Milky Way battlefield. Of course, some people wanted to go and see to make sure, but after going there, they never came back.
The Continent of the Nine Clouds’ army was terrifying. They slaughtered their way forward relentlessly.
Some strong cultivators started gathering on the side of Hell and forming an army.
However, Lin Feng didn’t know about what was happening. At that moment, he was still in the Ancient Demon Clan’s great deployment spell. The people from the Ancient Demon Clan also found it difficult to resist him.
On that day, Juxiao suddenly came back. The strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan quickly went up to him.
“What’s going on?” Juxiao asked the Ancient Demon Clansmen when he saw that they had activated the Great Ancient Demon Deployment Spell, astonished.
Jumo pointed to Lin Feng down in the demon pond and said, “That guy has a mysterious technique and he’s very dangerous. He used the strength of the demon pond to attack us. We couldn’t do anything against him, so we had to activate the deployment spell… but his deployment spells are extremely powerful, too!”
Juxiao looked at Lin Feng and flew towards him. He appeared in the sky above the demon pond, sharp demon lights emerging from his eyes and descending from the sky.
Lin Feng opened his eyes and looked up at Juxiao.
Juxiao shot down towards Lin Feng in the demon pond, his body swelling immensely in size. He looked like a Deva-Mara demon!
“Die!” shouted Juxiao furiously. He waved his hand and a powerful celestial hand descended from the sky.
Deva-Mara Kalpa strength condensed. Lin Feng released a powerful and explosive Deva-Mara Kalpa attack. The two hands collided, but Juxiao’s hand didn’t break!
“Hmph! Juxiao is walking on the path of enlightenment, he’s an incredible demon cultivator and has the Deva-Mara body. He is invincible!” sneered the Ancient Demon Clansmen coldly. This time, Juxiao had to kill Lin Feng!

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