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PMG Chapter 1894: Condensing strength

PMG Chapter 1894: Condensing strength
“Dao power!” Lin Feng was stupefied. He sensed some Dao power in the demon hand attack.
That level of strength was terrifying. Even some great emperors didn’t know how to use Dao power yet. Lin Feng understood basic things on the path of life and death. He could already adapt his Nihility Sword Scriptures to his life and death cultivation, and he could easily kill high-level emperors with his powers. With life and death stamps, his attacks were even more fearsome. But without Dao power, killing those heroic and talented high-level emperors was difficult.
And now, a demon silhouette had appeared. He had his own path, and his attacks contained threads of Dao power!
Lin Feng released a Kalpa Sword which whistled as it pierced through the air.
The demon hand was cut apart by the Kalpa sword, shocking Juxiao. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would be strong enough to destroy his Dao power attack.
He was also even more infuriated. Many more demons continued descending from the sky to suppress Lin Feng. Even his soul started shaking!
“Soul attack!” Lin Feng was grim. That soul attack was almost physical, as it contained Dao power strength. His enemy was very powerful. He also had very advanced knowledge and understanding of his own path.
Lin Feng understood what kind of body his enemy had, it gave him the power to make things almost indestructible. His offense and defense were both amazing. With that kind of body, and that kind of Dao, Lin Feng understood that his path and his enemy’s path were completely different.
Sword strength appeared in the sky and pierced through the demons’ heads, dispersing them. Juxiao grunted and advanced. Lin Feng could feel Juxiao’s powerful soul approach him and weighing down on him.
Lin Feng advanced as well. Lights glittered, and demon strength condensed and dashed skywards before whipping at his enemy’s gigantic feet. Water splashed and rolled but the colossus had an indestructible body, and his defensive abilities were incredible.
Lin Feng sighed. He understood the difference between people who had understood the Dao and those who hadn’t. They belonged to different worlds. Even Lin Feng only understood rudimentary notions of the Dao, and yet that was enough for him to kill high-level emperors with life and death strength. Now Juxiao was using Dao power attacks to attack him, and Lin Feng was countering with destructive demon strength, but he couldn’t even break the enemy’s feet.
Huge waves of dazzling Kalpa strength began condensing around Lin Feng
“Go!” The Kalpa strength raged up and moved towards the condensing lights. A dazzling light flew above the demon pond, delivering an explosion that actually blew a hole in his enemy’s feet!
“Demon Kalpa strength!” Juxiao was surprised. This guy could use the strength of the demon pond! He could take it and make it turn into Kalpa strength. He had probably obtained some mysterious Ancient scriptures!
“You’re quite strong! However, you will never be able to run away from me!” Juxiao swore coldly. Lin Feng looked back at him with murder in his eyes. Even though Juxiao was strong, Lin Feng wasn’t worried because he could also imprison this guy in his small world, and he was probably not strong enough to break free from it. However, Lin Feng wasn’t sure whether Juxiao had Great Imperial Weapons or not. If he did have one, then Lin Feng wasn’t sure if that weapon would allow him to break free from his inner world.
He knew his small world wasn’t indestructible. Back then, he had seen how Emperor Yu’s small world had been destroyed in the world he came from, Emperor Tian Long and Emperor Qi had managed to break it. Lin Feng’s small world wasn’t very stable. Really strong cultivators could definitely destroy his small world in one shot.
“Try then!” Lin Feng answered coldly. Juxiao descended from the sky. Surprisingly, he didn’t fear Lin Feng’s deployment spell. The empty space in the deployment spell was very oppressive. The water of the pond moved aside, Juxiao didn’t want Lin Feng to use the water of the pond.
Juxiao stopped and moved sharply away after he saw the marks at the bottom of the pond. Now he understood that there weren’t many possibilities. One was to fight in a great battle against Lin Feng, but Juxiao also understood that a great war had started outside, and they wouldn’t be able to protect this place much longer… in which case the demon pond wouldn’t be that important anymore.
A loud booming started. Juxiao tried to attack again, descending and trying to use his feet to crush Lin Feng!
Lin Feng’s eyes glittered, and the marks under his feet interwove. The life and death strength they contained was incredible as the deployment spell was activated. At the same time, Lin Feng suddenly disappeared, turning into a shadow. He wanted to attack Juxiao from a different angle!
“Empty space teleportation deployment spell.” Juxiao was impressed. He saw a silhouette moving towards him. The silhouette turned into two and then three and then even more clones. They all looked real!
“Argh!” Juxiao shouted furiously. A powerful and oppressive soul wave attack surged out, and the clones started breaking apart one after another.
However, at that moment, one of the silhouettes was extremely fast and had dazzling marks under it – holy marks!
“Curse, die!” Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with a dreadful energy. Cursing strength moved towards the Dao power, and at the same time, a Nihility Sword whistled and sliced towards Juxiao’s head.
At that moment, Juxiao’s soul shook, his will had been affected, and his fury rose. He continued releasing more soul strength, while at the same time, punching out with what looked like mountains streaking across the sky.
“Die, die, die!…” Lin Feng shouted and used the power of his Nihility Sword Scriptures, releasing death energies and immortal will. Juxiao was going to pay the price for attacking him!
A powerful hand moved towards Lin Feng, who released his Purple Tank in retaliation. Lin Feng continued releasing sword energies which rose to the skies, countering the thunderous rumblings in the air. Juxiao’s energies did finally reach Lin Feng and force him back, but Lin Feng had already started releasing life energy to recover.
This was precisely the reason why he dared offend those people, and now they had to pay the price.
Juxiao pulled a long face. Immortal energy and a death sword had penetrated into his body, as well as death cursing strength. His body was almost indestructible, but Lin Feng had managed to wound him. He wanted to kill Lin Feng, but he was obviously facing an insane cultivator!
Lin Feng turned into an illusion and moved towards the outside world. When the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan saw that, they were all furious. If they chased him, he would probably kill them! This insane cultivator had already injured Juxiao!
“If you try to stop me again, I’ll kill you!” shouted Lin Feng explosively, his voice carrying death energy to corrode them. Suddenly, the Ancient Demon Clansmen opened the way. Lin Feng passed between them, creating a sonic boom with his speed. At the same time, they heard a loud voice, “A bunch of trash!”
The Ancient Demon Clansmen were all furious. What a humiliation!

When Lin Feng left the Ancient Demon Clan, he appeared on a bridge and placed an imprint there. A light beam leapt into the sky. Lin Feng remained waiting there on the bridge.
After a short time, some people came flying over to Lin Feng. A few of them took out a Jalacandra Talisman, and asked Lin Feng , “You’re from Jalacandra Fairyland?”
“Indeed!” Lin Feng nodded. He also took out his talisman People from Jalacandra Fairyland were like brothers and sisters there. Surprisingly, they had found one another.
At that moment, someone came up to them. He also had a Jalacandra Talisman, but he didn’t look happy.
“What’s wrong?” asked everybody.
“Some people are coming from the other side of the Milky Way to kill us. A great war over the Celestial Country is going to happen. Nobody can block them. Everybody has to escape, or we’ll die. If they weren’t tired, they would already be here. They’re so fast!” said that person slowly.
Everybody was stunned. A great war in the Celestial Country?
“Over the Celestial Country?” Lin Feng was perplexed.
“According to legends, they come from another world. And now they have sent a great army to conquer the place and we can’t stop them. We have to find a solution, otherwise they’ll invade the Milky Way battlefield!”
“People from the Continent of the Nine Clouds are here to kill us?” Lin Feng was stunned. His heart was pounding. He had never thought he’d meet such incredible fighters!

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