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PMG Chapter 1895: Ji Wuyou Nowadays

PMG Chapter 1895: Ji Wuyou Nowadays
The Dark Night Region, Holy City, Champion University…
Hou Qing Lin and the others had left their small homeworld a long time ago. After that, they had been to the nine great celestial castles. These days, the headquarters of Tiantai were already incredible, both spectacular and famous. Nobody could challenge their position. Hou Qing Lin and the others were convinced that their teachers would find them soon, or that Tiantai would hear about them someday.
Two people were fighting in one of Champion University’s main buildings, a man and woman. The man was extremely young, and obviously struggling, “Sister Qing Yan, your cosmic energies can kill me!”
“So before fighting against emperors, you need to understand force to the extent your force is multiplied by a thousand. Only then will you understand how to control the world around you!” Yun Qing Yan smiled, “Xiao Chen, our teacher told me to take care of you. Don’t blame me!”
“How could I? Sister Qing Yan, you’re amazing. Xiao Chen knows how to differentiate good from bad!” replied Ye Xue with a smile.
Yun Qing Yan looked at Ye Xue and smiled, “You’re helping that little boy. Next time, Huang Fu Long will deal with him, or Tantai.”
“No…” protested Xiao Chen, pulling a long face.
“Little boy, we’re like uncles for you, you should be happy!” said Tantai, walking up to him. Ye Chen smiled angrily. Tantai walked over to Ye Chen and clapped his shoulders. Ye Chen smiled wryly. Each time Tantai tried to teach him cultivation, it wasn’t fun.
“What about our second brother?” Tantai asked Yun Qing Yan cheerfully.
“He’s meditating in seclusion. He’s a cultivaholic,” huffed Yun Qing Yan.
Tantai smiled and said, “Lin Feng is also like that. Thanks to them, Tiantai will become great again. Have you seen how arrogant the members of the Ji Chang’s Club are? Even the Star Group, I want to destroy all of them!”
“Be patient. The Star Group is not a problem. Ji Wuyou, who used to be difficult to defeat, is now in the Moon Group. With our strength, we can easily defeat the Star Group, but the Moon Group is different. But two years is enough,” Yun Qing Yan said solemnly.
“Indeed. I just saw Ji Wuyou. After that guy became a medium-level emperor, they started being arrogant again. Not so long ago, he went to the battle stage for those of the higher ranking list and challenged the fifth one. Then, he became a medium-level emperor and went back to the Ji Clan to meditate in seclusion. I wonder how strong he’s become. Hou Qing Lin and the others will go and see. We’ll be able to get ready,” said Tantai slowly. Yun Qing Yan nodded. Tantai was right. They had to be ready!
Ji Wuyou had dared challenge the fifth of the higher ranking list, which meant he was strong enough.

At that moment, Hou Qing Lin was looking pensive. He released reincarnation strength, which swelled around him. A reincarnation hole appeared in the skies above. Hou Qing Lin stared at it and whispered, “On the path of cultivation, what is the destiny of my reincarnation strength? How will it evolve?”
He looked thoughtful as he came out of the cultivation room. Tantai and Yun Qing Yan were both standing there. They knew that Ji Wuyou might defeat the fifth student of the higher ranking list, so Hou Qing Lin had gathered some people to go and watch the battle. They were enemies, but seeing how strong he was was a good thing.

At that moment, Ji Wuyou was standing on the battle stage of the higher ranking list. Many people were around to watch him. Back then, Ling Tian had defeated Ji Wuyou. Ji Wuyou wouldn’t forget that, he was too proud.
“Que Lan is here. He’s the fifth student of the higher ranking list, and extremely strong. He’s a highly skilled medium emperor who knows ancient techniques that can attack people’s souls. Even people who are higher than him in the ranking list don’t want to fight against him. Ji Chang has been meditating in seclusion and has become much stronger, so he dares to challenge Que Lan.”
The crowd commented as they saw someone in fine clothes arrive. That man landed on the battle stage. “Ji Wuyou, even though you’re Ji Chang’s brother, on the battle stage, I will be merciless.”
Ji Wuyou smiled coldly. He rose up into the air, king’s Qi gathering and pulsing around him. A dragon pattern appeared behind him amid dazzling lights. This time, there were three Dragon Totems of astonishing strength. The dragon chants were making the earth and sky shake, filled with power.
“Let’s fight. If you can endure my first attack, we’ll consider it my loss,” said Ji Wuyou proudly.
Que Lan replied coldly, “Back then, you lost like a nobody, and today you dare act this arrogantly?”
When Ji Wuyou heard Que Lan, he looked at him with murder in his eyes. His dragons roared furiously, reacting to his emotion. Trails appeared behind the dragons in the sky.
Que Lan grunted coldly. He wasn’t afraid at all. He started forwards as a gigantic bell appeared, it’s ringing shaking people’s eardrums violently and painfully. At the same time, imprint shot out everywhere and collided with Ji Wuyou’s dragons.
“Destroy!” snarled Ji Wuyou. There was a flash of thunder, and Que Lan’s imprints broke apart, Qi flowing in every direction.
Que Lan’s facial expression changed drastically. How could that happen? He was clearly stronger than Ji Wuyou, why had his energies broken?
Que Lan performed some hand seals and more bells filled the air with their ringing, people’s eardrums were shaking unceasingly.
Ji Wuyou looked at him coldly, and just shouted out angrily again. More rumbles of thunder spread out, and the bells were shattered again!
Suddenly, a destructive strength pressed down on Que Lan. He groaned with pain as his face turned deathly pale. It felt like his soul was about to explode. Thunder rumbled as Wuyou’s dragons crashed onto his body and hurled him away. Blood splashed out of his mouth as he collapsed, his face deathly pale.
He had lost!
The crowd was astonished. Ji Wuyou had become so terrifying. How? The fifth student of the higher ranking list hadn’t withstood a single attack from him.
“He can use Dao power!” a young man spoke up. His eyes were twinkling.
“Dao!” The crowd was astonished and frowned thoughtfully. This was too astonishing! Even some great emperors didn’t understand Dao strength. Only extremely talented high-level emperors started understanding the power of the Dao. Ji Wuyou was just a medium-level emperor, and he already understood Dao power. It was an amazing accomplishment. He was determined to surpass his brother!
Ji Wuyou’s robe was fluttering in the wind, he looked like a proud king. He glanced at Que Lan coldly and said, “There is no cultivator in the world who is undefeated. I lost against Lin Feng and I was humiliated. Next time I fight against Lin Feng, I’ll definitely defeat him!”
“Empty words.” said someone in the crowd. Everybody gazed into the distance and saw Tantai.
The crowd was startled to see them. Tiantai’s people, Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, they’re here. Last time, they defeated the members of the Star Group. They seem much stronger than before, too…, thought the watchers.
When Ji Wuyou heard Tantai, he flashed forwards and stopped above Tantai. He said coldly, “Where’s Lin Feng? We can fight right now!”
“You lost last time. Why would he fight against you again?” said Tantai, staring at Ji Wuyou. Lin Feng was very proud. He had beat Ji Wuyou once, why would Lin Feng fight against him again?
Ji Wuyou looked down at Tantai disdainfully. Suddenly, he shouted furiously and his dragons reappeared. Tantai had the sensation his soul was going to explode. He groaned with pain and his face turned deathly pale as he almost collapsed.
Dragons continued roaring furiously. Ji Wuyou looked down upon him and sneered, “Since you don’t dare fight, it means you’re totally unqualified to talk. Wait until the day of the agreement. Tiantai will be crushed.”
“You…” said Huang Fu Long, starting forwards.
However, Hou Qing Lin prevented him from going. He calmly looked at Ji Wuyou and said indifferently, “I’ve read books about Dao power in the Champion Hall. If you had achieved enlightenment, you would have killed Tantai in one strike. Maybe you’re just borrowing someone else’s Dao.” Hou Qing Lin waved his hand and said, “Let’s go!”
Ji Wuyou was frozen. What a humiliation again! He didn’t understand Dao, indeed… A strong cultivator of the Ji Clan had made him study the Dao and had made him use Marks of the Path.  However, he hadn’t understood precisely how to use them. He could still use some Dao power, however.
“Wuyou, no need to explain anything to those people. They challenged the Moon Group, they will be destroyed. You’ll get your revenge then!” said some strong cultivators from the Moon Group as they landed next to Ji Wuyou.
Ji Wuyou nodded. He didn’t need to explain anything to them. His brother was in the Celestial Country. He had to make efforts to become stronger and surpass his brother, otherwise, everybody would only talk about his brother his entire life. In the future, people would consider Ji Chang’s brother as the stronger one!

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