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PMG Chapter 1896: Destroying the Ancient Demon Clan

PMG Chapter 1896: Destroying the Ancient Demon Clan
The army of the continent was surrounded by corpses. The strong cultivators from Hell who were on the Milky Way battlefield were terrified. They couldn’t fight against such a powerful army!
Lin Feng and the others continued running away. The strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland gathered together because Lin Feng had a demon imprint and the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan hadn’t given up after Lin Feng had left. However, when Lin Feng and the others gathered again, the strong cultivators didn’t get any closer.
“They’re chasing me?” Lin Feng stared at the strong cultivators from the Ancient Demon Clan who had continued chasing him.
“Strong cultivators from the Ancient Demon Clan, why are they chasing you?” someone from Jalacandra Fairyland asked Lin Feng.
“They pissed me off! I have to kill them!” said Lin Feng coldly.
The strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland were surprised, “The cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan are terrifyingly strong. We can’t kill them easily.”
“Continue calling our people. We have to destroy the Ancient Demon Clan!” said Lin Feng. He looked furious, his eyes were filled with death energy. The strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland shivered when they saw him like that.
After seeing what there was coming on the Hell’s side of the Milky Way battlefield, many people stopped doubting and gathered together. They stopped traveling alone and fighting against one another. However, they were still running away. They needed to wait for their combined forces to be gigantic.
“Juxiao, he dares say he wants to kill us?” Jumo and the others noticed Lin Feng. They were all furious. The opposite of before was happening now, Lin Feng wanted to kill and chase them!?
“Let him dream. He can talk, it doesn’t mean it’ll happen!” snorted Juxiao scornfully. He had fought against Lin Feng, he had seen how strong he was. Juxiao didn’t care about Lin Feng’s friends. He had become strong, and high-level Hell emperors couldn’t even pose a threat to him. He could easily defeat most of them by himself!
The members of Jalacandra Fairyland continued calling their friends. Very quickly, there were more than fifty people of Jalacandra Fairyland gathered. That was a fairly big force already. Lin Feng said, “I control life and death Dao intent. When we attack, don’t worry about death attacks, just condense death strength and then we’ll attack together. I want to choke them to death!”
Lin Feng released life energy to cover the group. They frowned together: Dao intent! Lin Feng looked like a low-level Hell emperor and controlled Dao intent!
“Lin Feng, those people are really strong, are you sure?” someone asked Lin Feng.
“We must kill them!” answered Lin Feng, starting forwards. The strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland sped up and started towards the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan!
“They’re attacking us!” shouted one of the Ancient Demon Clansmen.
Juxiao looked at them with murder in his eyes as he suddenly grew to gigantic size, looking like a giant  demon as he shouted, “Fight!”
The Ancient Demon Clansmen turned around and threw themselves at the strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland. Juxiao’s hand descended from the sky. In a flash, the indestructible demon hand pressed down on the strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland!
“Attack, lend me some death strength!” shouted Lin Feng from the middle of the group, bathing them in life and death lights. The strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland bombarded the life and death lights with death strength. The life and death lights became broader and broader. A powerful death Qi filled the air and began to turn it black.
The cultivators forgot about time and released death strength unceasingly. At the same time, they also used spells.
“Die!” Death swords appeared. Two life and death light beams appeared and moved towards Juxiao’s head. At the same time, Lin Feng waved his hands and life and death lights turned into death strength, that then formed a Kalpa sword. Lin Feng was moving lightning fast as energies transformed around him.
“Be careful!” shouted the Ancient Demon Clansmen. The Kalpa sword had dreadful death stamps all over it!
“Kill the six on the side!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. The strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland listened to him and released death cosmic energies at the same time, immediately attacking those people. Lin Feng was yelling like a madman, his voice turning into a river of death strength.
Those six clansmen’s faces turned deathly pale. The Kalpa sword pierced through their heads and they collapsed, dead!
“Move away from them!” shouted Juxiao, furiously moving backwards. Lin Feng and his friends were extremely strong and had amazing spells. The Ancient Demon Clansmen couldn’t kill them using death strength, it didn’t work against them. Lin Feng could use those attacks for his own benefit!
The Ancient Demon Clan realized that, too. They all released Qi at the same time. Even though Lin Feng and his friends had killed six of them, they were still more than thirty of the Clan left.
“Retreat and fight at the same time. Those reached by the death strength will die first!” shouted Lin Feng furiously when he saw that the Clansmen were all attacking at the same time. The whole army pulled back. At the same time, some Hell death energy enveloped some Clansmen. A Kalpa sword streaked across the sky and the Ancient Demon Clansmen who were in front died instantly.
Life and death lights glowed everywhere, surrounding the cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland. Fighting against them with death strength was now impossible.
When Juxiao saw more of his people fall from the sky, his face paled. Lin Feng controlled life and death strength extremely well. He even used their strength for his own!
“Retreat!” shouted Juxiao when he understood what was going on. However, Lin Feng smiled coldly. He wouldn’t let them leave that easily.
Sharp energies whistled. The life and death lights turned into a powerful destructive light beam which rose to the skies. Death strength condensed and turned into a powerful Kalpa sword. Lin Feng said coldly, “Everybody, anyone who controls wind and or empty space cosmic energies, help me!”
The cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland who could released wind and empty space energies, which then surrounded Lin Feng’s death sword. The whistling sounds were strident. The Ancient Demon Clansmen kept running wildly.
“Kill!” shouted Lin Feng extremely loudly. In a flash, the sword lights shone everywhere. They smelled like death.
Cultivators’ heads flew away. The Ancient Demon Clan was extremely strong and proud, like death gods, but at that moment, they looked scared and moved chaotically.
“Let’s use more wind cosmic energies and chase them!” shouted a member of Jalacandra Fairyland. They picked up the corpses’ treasures and continued chasing the members of the Ancient Demon Clan and killed them whenever they could. The strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan couldn’t fight back against them at all.
Lin Feng was merciless, he wanted to kill all of them. He was also chasing Juxiao!
Juxiao turned around and met Lin Feng’s eyes, which were filled with demonic and death strength. A new sense of terror began to fill him. He was now the last one left! All his friends and family had died on the Milky Way battlefield! Returning the Ancient Demon Clan to life in the Celestial Country would now be very, very difficult. Besides, Lin Feng wasn’t going to let him off, he and his friends from Jalacandra Fairyland continued chasing the demon cultivator.
“Even if I die, you’ll die too!” swore Juxiao. He turned suddenly and shot towards Lin Feng.
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Sword energies filled the sky. At the same time, a dozen threads of death strength penetrated into Juxiao’s body. His body turned grey, but continued punching out in Lin Feng’s direction.
“Die!” Lin Feng released life strength. He didn’t flinch. His life and death pattern appeared and at the same time he also released energies to make himself an armored shell.
Lin Feng was bombarded backwards with a bone-crunching impact.
However, Juxiao’s skull was now filled with sword and death strength. There was a final shiver and shake, before his skull finally gave way, exploding in a dark eruption.
All the cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan were dead!
“Cough…” Lin Feng coughed up blood. His body felt sore, everywhere. However, he still looked determined. He moved quickly and picked up Juxiao’s treasures. The others didn’t mind. Lin Feng was the one who had defeated the most people!

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