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PMG Chapter 1898: Fighting Over and Over Again

PMG Chapter 1898: Fighting Over and Over Again
On Hell’s side, the army was moving chaotically. They were being oppressed by the strong cultivators of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.
Ji Chang stopped attacking. He proudly stood in the sky like a king and watched. Lin Feng and the others moved back. They saw many people die and fall from the sky. Their hearts were pounding violently.
“Don’t try to protect yourself, just keep bombarding the atmosphere at the same time!” shouted Yang Mian furiously. If they didn’t join hands and attacked chaotically, their power was limited. They had to join hands. They were losing too many people, and many of them were also being injured.
“We’re going to lose the battle,” said Lin Feng. The strong cultivators from Jalacandra Fairyland had underestimated the enemy. They were much weaker. On Hell’s side, the losses were too important. The strong cultivators of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were slaughtering them.
Yang Mian looked furious. He moved his fists and a gigantic rotating imprint appeared, containing the vitality of the earth and sky. It shot forwards. At the same time, Yang Mian continued attacking. Dazzling imprints appeared and attacked another group.
“Die!” shouted Yang Mian explosively. He felt like an ant fighting against an army of lions.
“We’ll lose if we move that chaotically. We have to make them disperse too then! Fighting chaotically can be good too!” shouted Yang Mian furiously and releasing death strength.
Lin Feng waved his hands and a powerful life and death pattern appeared. He didn’t need to say anything, the strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland understood. They started releasing and condensing death strength at the same time. At the same time, Lin Feng moved his hands back and the life and death pattern grew to massive size and rained down.
“Condense the death strength in the lights!” shouted a strong cultivator of Jalacandra Fairyland explosively. Many people on Hell’s side noticed the gigantic life and death pattern. They also started condensing death strength, which moved into the life and death pattern. It was more and more magnificent and spectacular. Then, it rolled out like a flying rug in the wind.
The strong cultivators of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were taken aback. Who controlled that life and death pattern? He could surprisingly absorb death strength!
“Die!” said Lin Feng. The life and death pattern turned into a deadly ocean of energies. The death strength was destroying the earth and sky. People from Hell were astonished and continued adding more and more death strength.
The gigantic life and death pattern streaked across the sky and enveloped a group of strong cultivators. The death strength started corroding their bodies, and they almost instantly collapsed and died. Instantly, the other army started moving chaotically as well, trying to get away from the pattern.
“Opportunity!” Hell’s cultivators immediately understood there was an opportunity, so they released more death energy. The whole army of the Continent of the Nine Clouds was forced to disperse. If they didn’t do that, they could die all at once!
Ji Chang frowned as he looked over at Lin Feng. He was surprised and blurted out, “It’s him!”
Ji Chang had already seen Lin Feng once, when he had gone to the Godly Wood Valley and obtained the Heavenly Grace Godly Wood. Lin Feng had said he wanted the Heavenly Grace Godly Wood as well, and everybody had made fun of him. He had never thought back then that the next time he’d meet Lin Feng would be here!
Ji Chang was convinced that Lin Feng couldn’t have become too strong. However, he didn’t understand why Lin Feng was here.
Lin Feng’s third eye didn’t have an imprint, which meant that he was on the side of the people from the Milky Way battlefield, from Hell. How had he ended up in Hell? Even for him, a strong cultivator of the Ji Clan, there was only one other way to go to Hell: the legendary forbidden area of Jiu You! Few people knew about it…
There was another possibility, that the person wasn’t Lin Feng, he just looked like him a lot.
Lin Feng sensed something and looked back at Ji Chang.
When Lin Feng looked at Ji Chang, his soul started shaking, and he had the sensation his soul was going to collapse. It started shaking violently.
Lin Feng’s eyes glittered. Life energy started flowing throughout his body.
“Break!” shouted Ji Chang from the other side of the battlefield. The whole atmosphere shook violently. More energies surrounded Lin Feng, and his blood started boiling even as he shivered.
“Ji Chang’s Dao is much more powerful than Juxiao’s Dao. He is even stronger than the one with the immortal king body!” muttered Lin Feng, gritting his teeth. His life energies pulsed around him. Lin Feng and Ji Chang were now calmly staring at one another.
It was the first time Lin Feng was facing Ji Chang, Champion University’s strongest disciple. Someday, he’d definitely become a Champion. Lin Feng had to surpass him! As they were staring at one another, the two armies moved even more wildly around them.
Finally, Ji Chang stopped looking at Lin Feng and back at his troops. Even though he was wondering why Lin Feng was there, he had to pay attention and remain vigilant. He needed to lead his army, or he wouldn’t be able to win!
More Cyan Dragon Totems appeared. Ji Chang threw himself at Yang Mian, his Dragon Totems trailing streams of light. Someone tried to stop the dragons and died instantly. Nobody could stop Ji Chang!
Yang Mian noticed Ji Chang coming and glared at him furiously. This was going to be his main enemy!
Yang Mian did a knifehand strike, and a river of destructive strength invaded the atmosphere.
“Die!” shouted Ji Chang explosively. Two light beams emerged from his eyes, shooting for Yang Mian. However, at the same time, Yang Mian’s third eye became dazzling and a disc imprint appeared. An ancient silhouette appeared behind him, majestic and imposing, and formed kingly hand seals.
The Dragon Totems roared, nine Cyan Dragon Totems baring their fangs. The now-gigantic ancient imprint collided with the dragons, the impact blinding.
What a powerful attack! Unless I use Dao strength, I can’t really compete with them, especially in terms of soul strength. I am not qualified at all to fight against them!, thought Lin Feng when he saw them fight. He knew how strong he really was. Ji Chang could easily kill someone like Jumo. Lin Feng had managed to kill the members of the Ancient Demon Clan thanks to his deployment spells and the demon pond. However, there was still a significant difference between Lin Feng and these people!
The battle was frenzied and uncontrolled. There were people fighting everywhere. Someone suddenly threw themselves at Lin Feng. Lin Feng moved back to the strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland and they all released death strength at the same time.
“Destroy!” said Lin Feng raising his head. Death lights appeared and pierced through the man’s body. He turned grey and died instantly.
Lin Feng picked up the corpse’s items and gazed into the distance. Strong cultivators kept dying one after another. Lin Feng wondered, How come those people are dying so easily?

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