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PMG Chapter 1899: Understanding the Dao

PMG Chapter 1899: Understanding the Dao
The two armies kept fighting. The Yellow Springs were filled with strong cultivators’ corpses floating on the surface or drowning. Throughout history, trillions of people had died and fallen into the Yellow Springs.
Fewer and fewer people still had the strength to fight. Lin Feng and his friends from Jalacandra Fairyland were strong enough to continue fighting, and their strategy was good, too.
Lin Feng kept pulling back. Strong cultivators kept falling from the sky, dead. The Yellow Springs were turning red from all the blood.
The Yellow Springs were like acid rivers, the corpses quickly dissolved after falling into them.
Suddenly, a band of strong cultivators moved towards Lin Feng, a small group of attackers!
“That person controls death strength. Let’s kill him!” said someone coldly. People converged on Lin Feng from every direction.
“Earth cosmic energy, release!” shouted someone coldly. A powerful strength surrounded Lin Feng and his friends. They could sense their blood and bones starting to ache from the pressure.
Lin Feng released a death pattern which moved forwards, and at the same time, the strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland released their death strength.
“Empty space cosmic energies!” shouted someone loudly. A golden hand appeared and surrounded the death pattern.
“Kill him!” said Lin Feng coldly. Death strength surrounded the one who had just spoken. A powerful black sword pierced through his body, inflicting a mortal wound.
An explosive strength suddenly turned into a dragon and shot towards the sword. However, at that moment, death strength surrounded him and ate away at his life.
“Destroy!” said a voice which seemed to come from Hell. Sword energies pierced through his head. His face was frozen in desperation. What had happened?… he fell down into the Yellow Springs and his blood tainted the waters below
“Back, attack with strength!” said Lin Feng. He released a Purple Tank, the others used death strength to attack and pulled back at the same time. Lin Feng suddenly directed some death energies to surround someone and said, “Kill him!”
Endless death strength surrounded his target again, and he died almost instantly. He was extremely strong, but he had died in but a heartbeat!
Lin Feng and his friends retreated further and further. They attacked at the same time, and people who got too close to them died instantly. Many people stopped chasing them, some others even retreated from them.
The outsiders realized that they couldn’t fight against Lin Feng and his allies. They were too strong, especially Lin Feng. Lin Feng even killed some people who had turned around and had started running away!
The members of Jalacandra Fairyland took deep breaths. The only things Lin Feng was saying were die, kill, destroy! However, their people survived thanks to him. He was smart and had many ways to deal with the outsiders. In case of danger, he made move them back, and when there were opportunities, they attacked. They knew no matter which army won or lost, it would be difficult to defeat them with Lin Feng there!
The outsiders were furious. Fighting against Lin Feng was extremely frustrating. When they approached, he moved back, and when they retreated, he chased them. They knew that Lin Feng and his band were too strong. The terrifyingly strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland were all obeying Lin Feng’s orders precisely!
At their level, if an individual wanted to destroy an army, it was extremely complicated. To do that, a cultivator likely needed a method to make everybody submit before him. Ji Chang had incredible powers, being the first student of Champion University and the leader of a big army of strong cultivators.
Even though nobody had made Lin Feng the leader of his group, things had happened naturally. People trusted him and found him strong enough for the role.
Very quickly, more strong cultivators attacked Lin Feng and the others again. The attackers fell down into the Yellow Springs one after another, dead.
However, Lin Feng could only influence the battle a little bit. They couldn’t make their side win. The Hell side had already suffered too many losses, and couldn’t get the advantage back. They couldn’t reform a powerful army again.
The battle seemed to be lost already. Lin Feng had no interest in wasting his energy trying to win anymore. He could only stand in the air and watch the battle.
What a dangerous fight!
Ji Chang’s path must be the Path of Destruction. With the power of his mind, he can probably destroy people easily. He can probably oppress my physical body as well. He can probably kill weak people just by glancing at them. If he became stronger, he’d have the power of his entire army too…, thought Lin Feng while watching Ji Chang fight against Yang Mian.
Nobody could prevent those two people from fighting, they were both far too strong. Yang Mian could prevent people from modifying their strength as they wished. It was a powerful ability.
Of course, neither of them had very high levels on the Path of the Dao, only basics.
“Yang Mian is one of the descendants of the Ten Yama Courts’ kings. He’s very strong, and even stronger than many people in Hell. Ji Chang is terrifying, he isn’t weaker than Yang Mian,” observed a strong cultivator of Jalacandra Fairyland.
Lin Feng knew that Ji Chang was the first student of Champion University, and he also knew that he had the potential to become the Champion of the city. He was currently the second strongest student in the Holy City. Yang Mian could compete with him. Since he could compete with Ji Chang, it meant that he was probably amongst the strongest people of his generation in Hell.
Ji Chang’s Dao can destroy the earth and sky. Yang Mian’s Dao can turn into explosive vortex imprints. He can also use the strength of the ten thousand things of creation thanks to the Blue Uptala Lotus. How could I be restrained to the life and death pattern on the Path of Life and Death?, thought Lin Feng in a moment of inspiration. He waved his hands, and sharp sword lights appeared, all of them containing black sword lights. However, his sword lights quickly dispersed. Lin Feng sensed something as they did; his Dao was too rudimentary. He couldn’t do the same thing as Ji Chang and Yang Mian.
“Life serves to save people. Death serves to kill people. On the path, I need to make my Death Dao intent into my attacks, and in Hell, death is black water.” Lin Feng’s eyes were glittering and flashing. He made a knifehand strike, and a black river containing death strength appeared.
The black water pulsed with death energy, looking very destructive. When Lin Feng saw that, he smiled. He had understood something! In the future, this would definitely help him when fighting. He wouldn’t need to cast deployment spells all the time. Deployment spells were powerful, but they were static and required time.

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