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PMG Chapter 1900: Dispersion

PMG Chapter 1900: Dispersion
He’s become stronger!?, thought the members of Jalacandra Fairyland as they watched Lin Feng. They were all amazed by his strength. Lin Feng’s comprehension was incredible. He was supposed to be a medium-level emperor, but he was way too strong for that!
“Lin Feng, it seems Hell can’t win this battle anymore,” a strong cultivator from Jalacandra Fairyland said to Lin Feng.
“Those people were prepared a long time ago and came here, they were very organized. When we saw them arrive, we hastily formed an army. Who do you think had the best chance to win?” asked Lin Feng.
“The outsiders, of course. In the past, we always had the advantage, though!”
“Of course. Hell can quickly win again. A year’s time isn’t much. When the time comes, everybody will disperse and we’ll be able to create an army in secret. Then, we’ll come back and win!” Lin Feng said calmly.
The others nodded agreement. Indeed. That was fine too. This place was here to practice and become stronger in, anyway.
“What should we do?”
“We can’t live together on the same battlefield. We have to make everybody disperse for real,” Lin Feng said. Then, he pointed at a small group and said, “Let’s go. Let’s destroy that group. We’ll also become stronger, and it’ll be helpful for everybody else on our side.”
Lin Feng was thinking of solutions which were good for him. During the coming year, he’d be able to fight and go to the other side to head back to the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He couldn’t stay in Hell his entire life. He had also made an agreement with the Moon Group. Initially, they had three years, and now, less than two years were left. He had to get back to the Continent of the Nine Clouds during the coming year!

Lin Feng and the strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland gathered together and destroyed some small bands.
“Condense death strength!” shouted Lin Feng. His pattern appeared again, and they condensed death strength which moved towards the pattern. Some enemies attacked Lin Feng and the others at the same time.
Lin Feng waved his hands, life and death lights appeared and turned into a thread of death Qi. He waved his hands again, and black water washed out towards his opponents.
The black water and the death Qi surged towards the enemies who retreated quickly. However, Lin Feng waved his hands again and the black water surged crazily, drowning some people within. When the water disappeared, those people fell, dying.
The strong cultivators from Jalacandra Fairyland chased them and killed them before picking up their loot.
The outsiders pulled long faces. What a powerful black water! Lin Feng’s attacks were extremely powerful with the help of his friends from Jalacandra Fairyland.
“Die!” said Lin Feng. Death strength turned into death swords and pierced through the air.
The strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland felt even better. Lin Feng’s Dao power was becoming better and better. They could continue lending death strength to Lin Feng, and nobody would be able to resist them. Lin Feng’s achievements on the Path of Life and Death were incredible!

The battle continued. It was constant and cruel, and corpses kept falling into the Yellow Springs.
Finally, the two armies resolved into a gigantic line. It was getting more and more difficult to find people fighting. They had truly dispersed, and the battle had lost all sense of organization. Lin Feng killed a strong cultivator with death strength and looked at the strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland. “We should move!”
“Where are we going?”
“I need to practice for some time, and then I’ll come back and continue fighting. In one year, we can form another army. You can also do what you wish. If you have other plans, it doesn’t matter. But the best thing would be not to disperse. After all, we have to stay safe,” said Lin Feng.
Everybody nodded., “We already did all we could. The battle is already broken up, and we can’t do much more. At the same time, we should also inform other people. We need a bigger army, and then we can come back and kill them,” one of the other cultivators spoke up.
“Alright. I’m sure other people think the same as you. It’s better to be prepared, just in case,” said Lin Feng. Their group started leaving the Milky Way battlefield. They had obtained many treasures and become stronger. They had to think about their own destiny too, though. This battle was too dangerous.
Lin Feng and the others noticed some battles here and there, but they didn’t get involved, they didn’t want to risk their lives. Sometimes, they bumped into some weak people and just killed them. When they left the Milky Way battlefield, they noticed some people who had fought with them against the outsiders. They didn’t fight against one another anymore, they just glanced at one another. On Hell’s side, the losses were too severe.
Everybody in the Celestial Country started hearing about the great war. Many strong cultivators were terrified and tried to hide. At the same time, others gathered into small groups.
The strong cultivators of the Continent of the Nine Clouds continued slaughtering people. A powerful strength pressured the strong cultivators from Hell. Everybody in the Celestial Country was terrified.
At that moment, Lin Feng and the others arrived in one of the hidden territories of Jalacandra Fairyland. There was nobody inside anymore. Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and started inspecting the items he had obtained in the Celestial Country.
He had killed many strong cultivators and had obtained many things, obviously.
Lin Feng spent one day sorting out everything. He was amazed at his spoils. Emperors were real heroes. They all had incredible treasures, Ancient scriptures, techniques, and talismans.
At that moment, Lin Feng recalled his godly awareness after having inspected a talisman. He was stunned.
Among the people from the Ancient Demon Clan, there was a technique used to make the body stronger. There was also a real demon pond which could cleanse demon cultivators’ bodies in an incredible way. They were incredibly powerful.
In the talismans, there were legends and teachings from their ancestors. Maybe the Ancient Demon Clan had the Demogorgon Seriatim Symphony!
Lin Feng inspected everything and continued cultivating. He would have to reach the other side of the Milky Way battlefield someday. He had to be extremely strong at that time, but now he was still too weak.
In the outside world, the war was terrifying as it continued. The members of the Continent of the Nine Clouds’ army were extremely strong, but everybody in Hell had already gathered. There was blood everywhere in the Celestial Country. All the strong cultivators from Hell couldn’t wait for the year to be over. New people from Hell would arrive and avenge them!
Lin Feng left the mysterious place of Jalacandra Fairyland and rose up in the air. There were corpses everywhere. He sighed, thinking of the great war that had happened.
During this time, Lin Feng had already been cleansed a second time by waves of Deva-Mara Kalpa strength. He also learned to control Life and Death Dao strength much better. He could carry out powerful life and death Dao attacks more easily now.
I’ll head back to Hell, I wonder whether Officer Shichuan is still there or not. If he’s there, he’ll help me inform Officer Uptala and then I’ll come back to the Celestial Country!, thought Lin Feng. Then, his silhouette flickered and he headed for the edge of the Celestial Country.
“Someone from Hell!” In the distance, some people noticed that Lin Feng had no imprint in his third eye. One of them waved his hands and red blood appeared. Lin Feng’s blood started boiling, and he threw himself at those people.
“Die!” said Lin Feng, releasing empty sword energies. The outsider’s faces changed drastically. Lin Feng just grunted coldly. Black death energies suddenly surrounded the outsiders as Lin Feng continued moving forwards. He had also put fire into his attack now! The flames immediately burned them alive, and their charred corpses fell down. Lin Feng continued on!

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