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PMG Chapter 1902: The Exchange

PMG Chapter 1902: The Exchange
In Hell, there were ten main cities and Ten Yama Courts. Yama City was controlled by King Yama. Just like Great Emperor Song, very people had ever seen him, including his descendants.
However, there were some exceptions. Two people had just arrived in Yama City. These people were both extremely strong and had reached the top of the Hell Huang Qi layer. In comparison with King Yama, they weren’t strong, but they could still see King Yama. This young man and woman were extremely famous in Hell, especially that young man.
Yama Hua was a descendant of King Yama. She was a princess in Yama City, a high-level Hell emperor and understood Dao strength. She was monstrously strong. In Yama City, everybody knew about her, and many young men wanted to marry her. However, she didn’t get married to a young man from Yama City, but to someone from another clan.
Many young men from Yama City were furious, but nobody dared say anything because she had gotten married to a member of the Ancient Demon Clan… Juzi!
The Ancient Demon Clan was legendary, and had existed for generations. Juzi was the strongest cultivator of his generation. But that wasn’t sufficient reason to explain why King Yama received her. Juzi had another position, he was a member of the mysterious Hell Shrine. He had become a disciple of the Hell Shrine and had benefited a lot from it.

At that moment, in the main hall of a palace, King Yama was seated upright and looking at Yama Hua’s big tummy. He smiled and said, “Ordinary woman are pregnant for ten months, but your pregnancy has lasted for three years. The baby will probably become an incredible cultivator!”
Everyone heard King Yama, and they didn’t think he was exaggerating. They already knew Juzi was the father, and he was an incredible cultivator. The crowd could already imagine how strong Yama Hua’s baby would become!
“I really don’t deserve so much praise, Master!” replied Juzi. He was wearing a black robe and his eyes were completely black.
“Juzi, I just learned that the Continent of the Nine Clouds had invaded the Celestial Country. We’ve lost the first battle already. It’s an opportunity for you!” said King Yama calmly. He looked like an ordinary old man.
Juzi looked at Yama Hua with love in his eyes and smiled. “Our baby will be born soon. She needs me at her side. I won’t leave Little Hua before our baby is three years old, especially for a full year.”
Juzi sounded calm and serene, but also firm.
“What a romantic guy!” King Yama smiled. “I’m happy for you. When the baby is born, come and visit as often as you want.”
“We will!” Juzi nodded. However, at that moment, he frowned. Yama Hua looked at him, he looked stupefied, and she asked, “Juzi, what’s wrong?”
“Nothing.” Juzi said, smiling broadly. “The Ancient Demon Clan just informed me that all the cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan who were in on the Milky Way battlefield have been killed. They’re also asking me whether I can go to the Celestial Country or not.”
“So what will you tell them?” asked Yama Hua in a low voice.
“I don’t need to accept. I know they won’t dispute me,” Juzi said indifferently. He had a very high status in the Ancient Demon Clan.
In the Great Imperial Song City, in Uptala’s ice world, Minister Uptala was standing at the top of an iceberg. His skin was as white as ice. Some people were in front of him, all wearing armor… troops of Uptala!
“Everybody, I might be forced to leave Uptala Hell, in which case I wouldn’t be your Minister anymore. The Great Imperial Song City will send another Minister to take care of Uptala’s zone. I hope you will take care of yourselves if that happens!” said Minister Uptala calmly. Since Qing Qing had been kidnapped, and Wang Xiao and the others had threatened him, he had no reason to stay on as a Minister anymore. Leaving was a logical consequence.
“Minister, you’ve been ruling over Uptala Hell for so many years, we know that Wang Xiao is threatening you because of what happened with Lin Feng! However, if you leave, we are willing to leave with you! We can’t let you down!”
“Indeed, Minister. We want to stay with you!” said many people.
Minister Uptala looked gravely solemn as he said, “Everybody, it’s not as simple as you think. If you want to follow me, you’ll just give Wang Xiao and the others a reason to say that Uptala Hell’s peoples are traitors, and they’ll destroy you all! I don’t want anything to happen to you.”
“I’m not staying in the Great Imperial Song City then!” many people sighed.
When Minister Uptala saw their expressions, he said, “If you don’t want to stay here, then wait for Vice Minister Shichuan to come back and leave with him. Go to another city. I’m sure the Great Imperial Song City won’t harm those who want to stay.”
Minister Uptala then left and went back to his Ministry, where he closed the door and waited patiently.

Someone finally arrived near Minister Uptala’s office, and not someone he wished to see. It was Wang Zhen. He opened the door rudely and saw Minister Uptala seated cross-legged in a pond. He sneered, “Minister, did you capture him or not?”
“Maybe that Lin Feng didn’t want to come back to Hell and stayed in the Celestial Country,” snorted Minister Uptala after opening his eyes.
“Minister, no matter how long Lin Feng stays in the Celestial Country, he will come back someday. And I’ve heard that Vice Minister Shichuan has already captured Lin Feng,” Wang Zhen smiled darkly.
Minister Uptala looked surprised, but he had already expected that Lin Feng would come out. He wasn’t reassured since he had sent Vice Minister Shichuan alone to pick up Lin Feng.
“If I had news from Shichuan, I would tell you,” said Minister Uptala calmly.
Wang Zhen sneered again, “I hope you’re not plotting anything dodgy. If you betray Great Emperor Song, Qing Qing will be considered a traitor, too!”
Wang Zhen turned around and left, slamming the door behind him. Minister Uptala’s eyes were glittering daggers. He looked after Wang Zhen with murder in his eyes.

Three days later, Minister Uptala brought some people outside of the city. They arrived in a boundless mountain range with very few inhabitants. After a short time, Shichuan and Lin Feng also arrived.
Lin Feng calmly looked at Minister Uptala and greeted him softly, “Minister.”
It was impossible to understand what Minister Uptala thought when he saw Lin Feng. He looked at Shichuan and said, “Shichuan, bring all of those people who wish to go to Yama City. Find Minister Yugang there, he will help you.”
“Minister, I want to stay here.” said Shichuan. He was stunned at the command.
“Go. They’re here already,” said Minister Uptala, waving his hands. In the distance, a terrifying army appeared, led by Wang Xiao. He was holding onto a chained Qing Qing.
“Minister Uptala, you’re ordering the Uptala Army to leave? Doesn’t that prove that you’re a traitor?” shouted Wang Xiao furiously, his strength rising in challenge to the Minister.
“After I hand Lin Feng over to you, I will take Qing Qing away with me out of the city. If they don’t want to stay, it’s their problem. I won’t force them to leave or to stay, but I still have to guarantee their safety. Besides, they have nothing to do with me. If you attack them, it will prove you are traitors!” Minister Uptala replied scornfully.
“I don’t care about them, they can leave or stay!” sneered Wang Xiao icily. Then he looked at Lin Feng. That man had killed his son!
“Minister, we’ll be waiting for you!” Vice Minister Shichuan knew that he couldn’t afford wasting time, so he took Uptala’s army away. Wang Xiao didn’t mind. He wanted Lin Feng! If Minister Uptala did anything dodgy, he’d kill them all!
“They’re gone! Give us Lin Feng, now!” demanded Wang Xiao icily. He wanted to show Lin Feng how cruel Hell truly was!
“Only Lin Feng is left. Give me my daughter Qing Qing, Wang Xiao!”
“We can exchange at the same time!” Wang Xiao agreed slowly.
Minister Uptala nodded and looked at Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, I, Uptala, am very sorry.”
“Seems like I’m doomed,” Lin Feng sighed as he walked forwards.
Wang Xiao smiled coldly. He was surprised, he hadn’t thought this would be so easy.
“Go!” said Wang Xiao, and freed Qing Qing, before releasing a terrifying strength which surrounded Lin Feng like a web.

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