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PMG Chapter 1904: A Lotus

PMG Chapter 1904: A Lotus
Wang Zhen waved and his army moved. They surrounded Minister Uptala and the others.
Minister Uptala sighed and said, “Let Lin Feng and my daughter off, and I’ll be your servant forever.”
“Dream on, Minister!” spat Wang Xiao, smiling coldly. “My son was the most precious thing to me in life. Lin Feng killed him, you think I would let him off? You’re ridiculous!”
Lin Feng looked furious. but then Minister Uptala said, “You want all of us to die here, then?”
“Indeed! Now, Minister Uptala, I will show you what it feels like to lose your children!” said Wang Xiao icily. He suddenly turned around and looked at Qing Qing as some Qi surrounded her. Her white arms turned black, followed by her face.
“Qing Qing!” Lin Feng and Minister Uptala turned around and looked at Qing Qing. Minister Uptala started crying.
“Dad, don’t cry, promise me that you’ll live on, and don’t stay here, leave!” smiled Qing Qing sadly. She reached out and wiped her father’s tears away. She was far more worried about her father then herself.
“It’s my fault.” Death Qi appeared in Lin Feng’s eyes, but life Qi started flowing throughout Qing Qing’s body. He could eliminate the death Qi in her body, but he couldn’t destroy the destructive strength.
“Lin Feng, it has nothing to do with you. I bear the consequences for my actions. You are extremely talented. You can’t die!” Qing Qing smiled. Then, she looked at Minister Uptala and said, “Dad, freeze me, at least, I won’t die ugly.”
“Alright!” Minister Uptala released an ice-cold energy, which surrounded his daughter. She slowly froze and the destructive energy did as well. Qing Qing was still smiling within, like a statue.
At that moment, Lin Feng released a special Qi, and Qing Qing disappeared from where she was. Minister Uptala looked at Lin Feng strangely.
“Die!” A terrifying Qi dashed to the skies, a punch appeared, an immortal Hell river appeared and moved towards Minister Uptala. At the same time, Jian Mang and Lin Feng sensed a terrifying death strength surround them. Their willpower was being corroded!
Lin Feng released life stamps. He released chilling death energy and glanced at Jian Mang, wondering whether to save him or let him die.
Jian Mang suddenly opened his eyes, now filled with rare light intent. Jian Mang had always hidden some of his special powers. If Wang Xiao hadn’t tried to kill him a moment before, he would have continued hiding his special powers.
Jian Mang had no reason to hide his powers, unless Wang Xiao was controlling him.
“So you should go into a cage!” Lin Feng said. A second later, Jian Mang disappeared. The crowd frowned. Did Lin Feng have a special treasure? He could even store away living people!
At this moment, Lin Feng didn’t mind revealing his trump cards anymore. He couldn’t die here. He didn’t want to die. He wanted to go back to the Continent of the Nine Clouds! Now, showing what he was capable of didn’t matter much anymore. He should have made Qing Qing go to his small world much sooner.
Minister Uptala took out a lotus and said to Lin Feng, “Go inside!”
Lin Feng jumped onto the lotus, which closed itself around him and wrapped him up. At the same time, a terrifying immortal strength moved towards Minister Uptala, carving fissures in space.
A terrifying fire started burning on Minister Uptala’s body. A terrifying Qi rose to the skies and protected the lotus around Lin Feng. Minister Uptala looked extremely determined. He had said it; even if they both died, he would be the first one to die.
The fire continued burning Minister Uptala, growing rapidly more intense. His expression changed drastically. Nobody knew better then he how powerful the Path of the Lotus was. At that moment, Minister Uptala was using his own soul for the benefits of his Path. He was changing his Path!
“Wang Zhen, you’ll be the first one to die!” said Minister Uptala icily. People realized that the situation was extremely dangerous. Minister Uptala was a great emperor. Wang Zhen looked terrified. There was a huge difference between him and Uptala. Minister Uptala was going crazy!
Suddenly, the earth started giving birth to Blue Uptala Lotuses, appearing one after another. Minister Uptala’s full strength existed in those lotuses. Dazzling lights bloomed everywhere, and a gigantic lotus appeared and moved towards Wang Zhen!
Wang Xiao was initially standing next to Wang Zhen, but at that moment he retreated, abandoning Wang Zhen. Fighting against Minister Uptala was useless at this moment, he was too dangerous!
“Break!” shouted Wang Zhen furiously. He released energies in pulses and broke Uptala’s ice energies first. An ocean of death Qi appeared in the space and moved towards the Blue Uptala Lotus.
However, at that moment, the Blue Uptala Lotus expanded greatly in size, and enveloped all the death Qi, and Wang Zhen with it!
“No…!” Wang Zhen screamed, his soul fleeing his body. However, the Blue Uptala Lotus became even larger and enveloped his soul as well. Some strong cultivators who weren’t far enough from Wang Zhen didn’t have time to escape and were absorbed by the Blue Uptala Lotus as well!
The Blue Uptala Lotus’ petals then closed. Destructive strength saturated its interior, and Minister Uptala’s Blue Uptala Lotus broke apart into a million lotuses. Wang Zhen and all the others had disappeared.
The ice-cold Hellfire burning on Minister Uptala’s body was getting stronger. There were many great emperors in the crowd, but they all dispersed, not daring to get close to Minister Uptala. At that moment, Minister Uptala was risking his life, but they didn’t want to risk their own lives against him. That was Wang Xiao’s responsibility! Who wanted to risk their life for him?
“You sacrificed your body for the Dao, you want to die!” sneered Wang Xiao icily. He had never thought Minister Uptala would be this crazy!
Minister Uptala suddenly turned around, and an ocean of strength moved towards Wang Xiao at the same time as Minister Uptala charged him. Millions of lotuses appeared, each lotus a terrifying killing weapon!
Wang Xiao waved his hands and a lade of red fire appeared before him, moving to block the lotuses. Minister Uptala continued charging, not caring at all about its terrifying strength.
Everybody was shaken, fully able to see that Minister Uptala didn’t care about dying anymore. He had killed Wang Zhen first, and now he wanted to kill Wang Xiao.
“Hmph!” Wang Xiao snorted coldly. He waved his hands and a curtain appeared between them. It was a silver web, looking extremely sharp and could seemingly cut apart people’s bodies and souls!
However, Wang Xiao’s smile disappeared instantly. Minister Uptala charged right through the silver web, getting cut, but it was as if he hadn’t sensed anything. Minister Uptala landed in front of wang Xiao, bearing one Blue Uptala Lotus in his hand, one Blue Uptala Lotus of the earth and sky. He wanted to plant it in Wang Xiao’s body!
Wang Xiao’s expression changed drastically. He retreated instinctively while releasing terrifying energies. Minister Uptala didn’t stop, however, ignoring everything as he put the Blue Uptala Lotus on Wang Xiao.
A destructive death strength burst out.
“No…” Wang Xiao’s soul turned into a cloud and dispersed, his physical body falling limply down from the sky.
A few strong cultivators landed in front of the corpse and stared at Minister Uptala icily. Minister Uptala was insane. He had killed Wang Xiao’s physical body!
“Someone will kill you, sooner or later.” Minister Uptala’s sighed, as his body then slowly turned into a Blue Uptala Lotus. He brought Lin Feng’s Blue Uptala Lotus along with him as a vortex appeared amid dazzling golden lights, before disappearing into the ground. The crowd was astonished and shaken by the sight
Minister Uptala had surprisingly decided to turned into one of the earth and sky’s Blue Uptala Lotuses!

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