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PMG Chapter 1905: Turning Into A Blue Uptala Lotus

PMG Chapter 1905: Turning Into A Blue Uptala Lotus
In Hell, a Blue Uptala Lotus was surrounded by golden lights as it moved along. When people saw it, it sometimes just disappeared before their eyes. Many people sighed. What kind of incredible spell was that?
The Blue Uptala Lotus drifted through the air for two days. Finally, it landed in the middle of an ocean, many other lotuses appearing around it. In a short time, the ocean was covered with Blue Uptala Lotuses, a special and mysterious Qi surrounding them.
One of the Blue Uptala Lotuses, larger and brighter than the rest, opened itself up. After that, another Blue Uptala Lotus opened itself, and a young man appeared inside. At that moment, he was surrounded by an ice-cold Qi, as well as Death Qi.
The young man’s eyes were closed. A first layer of the lotus broke, and then a second, shining lights penetrated into his body. The lotus had borne Lin Feng far away and now it was lending him strength. The lotus was surrounded by strange lights, all sorts of strength were changing. The will of that Blue Uptala Lotus surrounded all the energies.
The young man’s silhouette flickered. He had already woken up. Of course, he didn’t even need to open his eyes in such circumstances, he just had to sense the incredible energies around him. Everything was natural and peaceful.
A strong wind was blowing and causing gigantic waves to form.
However, in that ocean, there was a great black demon mount, gigantic and filled with an incredible demonic Qi. Many mysterious people were waiting atop of it.
At that moment, on the demon mount, a strong cultivator suddenly opened his eyes. He suddenly stood up and left his meditations. After a short time, he arrived in front of an ancient demon sacrificial altar and jumped atop it. There was a demon pond next to the altar, all black and containing demonic strength.
“Have you sensed the strange Qi of the Ancient Demon Clan?” asked the person who had just arrived. From inside the demon pond, many people opened their eyes, which were all fully black. They had sensed a demon imprint, but it was very far away. Only strong cultivators from the Ancient Demon Clan could wield such imprints.
“I sensed it. That person must be quite strong. A medium-level Hell emperor or a high-level Hell emperor, at least!,” replied someone.
“Indeed. Have any of you used the Ancient Demon Imprint?” The crowd remained silent for a few seconds. They hadn’t planted any Ancient Demon Imprint on anyone.
“Who is willing to go and bring him back?” asked the strong cultivator on the sacrificial altar calmly.
A few people who were in the demon pond rose up into the air. “We’ll go!”
“Alright, you three can go. There won’t be any problem if you stay together,” agreed the strong cultivator on the altar. Then, he sat down cross-legged and said, “Remember, if anything goes wrong, come back. We’ve lost enough people on the Milky Way battlefield. We can’t afford to lose any more people of the same generation.”
“We understand!” said the three confirmed, before leaving the small island.
Lin Feng was still on the Blue Uptala Lotus. After a short time, he slowly opened his eyes. He was surrounded by an incredible mélange of energies. Cosmic energies floated in the air: death, life, earth, and empty space cosmic energies.
I’m bathing in Dao strength. My will is being cleansed. I can now borrow Dao strength!, thought Lin Feng solemnly. He obviously couldn’t understand the Blue Uptala Lotus intent easily, but he was bathing in it and could borrow it.
“Minister, are you still alive?” Lin Feng was stupefied. A lotus was slowly opening the great emperor appeared within its petals. If Minister Uptala hadn’t transformed, they would have died…
Lin Feng released a special Qi, transferring to his small world. Jian Mang was seated cross-legged there, his eyes closed. Lin Feng watched Jian Mang coldly.
“I know that you’re not blind. Why do you continue pretending?” Lin Feng asked coldly.
“I am blind. What you saw weren’t my eyes, but my Path,” Jian Mang said calmly. After being imprisoned, he had tried to leave this place using strength, but had failed. He couldn’t destroy this small world with his strength. He knew he’d need much time to break free, so he had decided to stay there and practice, not wanting to waste time.
“You may think I betrayed you. However, I had already been captured, and they didn’t care about my explanations. If you had killed me to keep me silent back then, this wouldn’t have happened. Of course, back then, maybe you couldn’t have killed me. I did not think that you would become so much stronger in the Celestial Country. Unfortunately, I couldn’t come with you before I was kidnapped. And now I won’t have the opportunity, either,” sighed Jian Mang.
Lin Feng knew that Jian Mang wasn’t lying. He didn’t talk much, but when he talked, he usually spoke the truth.
“I was unlucky from birth, being born blind. However, I refused to complain, I decided to become strong, and I studied the rare light strength. As a blind person, understanding light cosmic energy was extremely useful. In addition, I also studied speed strength. That’s my Path, my cultivation replaced my sight it is like my eyes. I won’t fight against you here, though,” continued Jian Mang. He inherently sounded cold and detached, and he always remained calm, perhaps because he understood light energy. Such people were rare.
Lin Feng didn’t say anything else. He took Qing Qing, who was still frozen, away. He took her home to Xue Yue. Even here inside his spirit, Lin Feng could still sense the special power of the Blue Uptala Lotus. An incredible Dao strength was flowing throughout his body.

Outside in the real world, Lin Feng raised his head and gazed into the distance. He saw three people getting closer. Those three people were wearing black robes and were surrounded by an unfathomable and enigmatic demon Qi. They looked like extremely strong demon cultivators.
The three people paused after arriving close to him, and examined Lin Feng calmly. When they saw the Blue Uptala Lotus and its mysterious Qi, they were surprised.
“Come with us!” one of them ordered Lin Feng coldly. A demon cultivator from the Ancient Demon Clan had planted an Ancient Demon Imprint in his body, and they wanted to take him back to the Ancient Demon Clan.
Lin Feng looked back at them emotionlessly, his eyes full of death intent.
“Who are you?” Lin Feng asked grimly.
“Ancient Demon Clan!” replied the speaker icily. Then, he dropped towards Lin Feng and released a suffocating aura of energy.
Lin Feng slowly rose up into the air to meet him. Death strength filled the air, embodied as seals of energy, racing towards the eyes of the newcomers.
The speaker sensed the terrifying energies first, as his face turned grey. A ebony black Kalpa sword streaked across the sky with a whistle of speed, and he suddenly collapsed and fell from the sky, his body crashing onto the Blue Uptala Lotus.
Lin Feng then flashed towards the other two cultivators. Those people grimaced and retreated quickly. However, Lin Feng wasn’t going to let them off. A black river surrounded them. Their faces turned deathly pale when they realized that it was Dao strength. One of them took out a talisman, which immediately exploded. Black water started flowing and one of the two fell into it. A deadly sword then shot towards him. The other one wanted to escape, but he sensed the terrifying sword energy move towards him. He could only wail in terror as he died.

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