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PMG Chapter 1907: Hostage

PMG Chapter 1907: Hostage
When the young man moved towards the cultivators who were arriving, the great emperor was petrified. They saw Lin Feng come towards them on his boat, his eyes filled with death Qi. Lights emerged from his eyes.
A gigantic hand moved towards them, bearing a pressure as if it weighed millions of tons. Thunder rolled, and one of the younger cultivators immediately exploded.
Lin Feng was extremely fast on his boat, arriving near them in the blink of an eye. A black energy moved towards them, and some silhouettes disappeared inside it.
“Asshole!” shouted the great emperor behind Lin Feng explosively. He released his soul strength, shooting it towards Lin Feng.
Lin Feng looked emotionless, his eyes all black and cold. He threw himself at the two remaining young people and death lights filled the air as he released Kalpa strength. The two people were terrified. They were strong young people from the Ancient Demon Clan, they were already high-level Hell emperors, but Lin Feng was too frightening!
Some subtle resonating sounds spread out in the air, terrifying the two younger cultivator’s further. Lin Feng’s understanding of Dao strength was improving at the speed of light, being wielded ever more freely.
However, a terrifying oppressive strength appeared around Lin Feng before he could kill them. He turned around as his soul shook violently. The strength of a great emperor was astonishing, much stronger then Lin Feng!
A hand struck out towards him. At the same time, a sun appeared to counter it, Lin Feng was still on his boat and moved away very quickly. Even with Great Imperial Weapons, he couldn’t compete with a great emperor. Now that he had the imprint of the Ancient Demon Clan in his body, he couldn’t escape from them, either. He felt a little bit desperate, but he was still determined to fight as hard as he could.
At that moment, two people appeared in front of him above the gigantic waves of the sea, a young man and a woman. They were the married couple, Yama Hua and Juzi, on their way back from Yama City.
At that moment, Juzi looked at those two black eyes and both of them sped towards Lin Feng. A member of the Ancient Demon Clan was also chasing this person!
“An Ancient Demon Imprint?” Juzi glanced over Lin Feng and said to the woman, “Hua, you go back.”
“Alright,” Yama Hua agreed. Juzi flashed forwards and blocked Lin Feng. He looked invincible, as if nobody could defeat him.
Lin Feng frowned as he paused before Juzi. Juzi looked extremely strong…
However, Lin Feng had no choice. He raised his left hand and punched out. A gigantic demon hand appeared. Juzi flickered forwards. More punches thundered out to counter Ling Feng’s. His punches destroyed the energies and moved towards Lin Feng.
“This strength…” Lin Feng trembled. Lin Feng didn’t understand; this guy was a high-level Hell emperor, but he seemed stronger than the great emperor chasing him!
Subursts flared, however, his enemy destroyed them instantly. They were already close to one another…
Invisible sword energies whistled as Lin Feng saw terrifying demon energies emerge from his opponent’s body. A gigantic hand appeared and moved towards Lin Feng, space bending around it.
Lin Feng’s attack turned grey and broke apart. He immediately released life energy to flow throughout his body. Lin Feng’s face turned deathly pale as he stared at Juzi. He realized how strong Juzi was. He hadn’t thought that the Ancient Demon Clan would have such terrifying cultivators. Juzi was stronger than Ji Chang! He was even stronger than the great emperor who was chasing him!
If Lin Feng had known Juzi’s position or his reputation in Yama City, he wouldn’t have been surprised. In Hell, it was difficult to find more than five people of the same generation who could compete with him.
Behind him, Qi pulsed and grew. Lin Feng didn’t dare fight further. He moved in another direction but Juzi chased him and released demon strength to pound him and his boat. If Lin Feng hadn’t been releasing life strength the whole time, he would have been badly injured or even died!
Juzi stared at Lin Feng proudly. Nobody had ever escaped from him in Hell, even Great Imperial Weapons were useless against him.
“What kind of Dao strength is that?” Lin Feng was astonished and felt great pressure.
“Juzi.” The great emperor of the Ancient Demon Clan finally arrived. He was behind Lin Feng and Juzi was in front of him. They didn’t hurry to attack Lin Feng. He nodded at Juzi and said, “How was your trip to the city?”
“It was good. King Yama and I talked about cultivation. He’s very nice. But since Hua is pregnant, we couldn’t spend too much time there,” Juzi replied calmly.
Lin Feng’s eyes lit up. King Yama? This guy had met one of the Ten Yama Courts’ kings, King Yama?
“Haha, your baby will become insanely strong someday. The Shrine, King Yama, and the Ancient Demon Clan will raise your child together. He will become terrifyingly strong,” laughed the great emperor. Then, he looked at Lin Feng icily and said, “This guy killed many young cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan. He has killed so many of them that a whole generation has almost entirely disappeared.”
“I’ll use him as a ghost then!” Juzi declared calmly.
“Alright, do whatever you wish with him!” said the great emperor slowly. They both looked at Lin Feng icily.
Lin Feng looked emotionless. He took out his sun disc and demon hand and threw them out. The great emperor was startled, but he still caught the two items. He looked amused.
“I’ll come with you to the Ancient Demon Clan!” Lin Feng said coldly and withdrew his Qi.
The Great Emperor was amused as he smiled. “Great, give me your boat and let’s go.”
Lin Feng threw his boat at the great emperor and started flying. Juzi and the great emperor stayed behind him, so he wouldn’t be able to escape. Without the boat and the Great Imperial Weapons, they could easily kill him. But to use him as a ghost, they couldn’t kill him or cripple his cultivation.
Lin Feng had killed so many strong cultivators from the Ancient Demon Clan, he knew what it meant to be used as a ghost by them. They needed extremely strong cultivators if they wanted to use them as ghosts.
The three of them quickly arrived in front of a demon island. It looked like a gigantic demon stone. The Qi inside was mysterious.
Yama Hua was standing on a gigantic stone there, looking extremely beautiful as she waited for her husband.
At that moment, Lin Feng suddenly took out a talisman, it contained a strange Qi.
“Eh?” Juzi frowned. Then, he heard a strange sound. Lin Feng broke the talisman and disappeared. He threw himself at Yama Hua.
“You want to die!” shouted Juzi explosively. His voice made Lin Feng shake violently. However, he didn’t attack. He dashed ahead, but his wife was there too, near to Lin Feng!
However, Juzi wasn’t worried about his wife. Yama Hua was a proud woman, and even though she was pregnant, Lin Feng probably couldn’t defeat her easily-!
But this time, Juzi made a mistake. Indeed, Yama Hua was extremely strong, she released her soul strength and Lin Feng sensed how terrifying her power was. At the same time, she released terrifying Dao strength.
However, she failed to stop him. Some strange Qi appeared, and she disappeared.
Juzi was astonished and furious. He didn’t dare attack Lin Feng anymore!
Lin Feng could have put Juzi in his small world, but he was too strong. He could have caused trouble in his small world. When he saw Yama Hua there, however, he didn’t hesitate.
“You would dare attack a pregnant woman?” A terrifying Qi emerged in the air. Juzi’s instant fury made him look exactly like a raging demon!
In return, Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with death. He said to Juzi, “A great emperor, a high-level emperor, and all sorts of strong cultivators from the Ancient Demon Clan tried to kill me, and now hope they can make me turn into a ghost, you fool! If I die, your wife will die too!”

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