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PMG Chapter 1908: Deva-Mara Body Technique

PMG Chapter 1908: Deva-Mara Body Technique
Juzi’s face twisted into a terrible grimace. He had fought against Lin Feng, and knew how strong he was. With his Great Imperial Weapons, Lin Feng was extremely dangerous. He even understood Dao strength. However, how come he was strong enough to capture his wife? Even if she was pregnant, she was extremely strong, and was a descendant of one of the Ten Yama Courts’ kings!
Juzi didn’t understand. Yama Hua was definitely strong. He couldn’t know that Lin Feng had a small world in his spirit. Even Juzi couldn’t escape from Lin Feng’s small world.
The saddest thing for Juzi was that he didn’t know where his wife was.
“Release my wife and I’ll let you go!” Juzi demanded icily. His wife was bearing their child, he couldn’t let her die, no matter what!
Lin Feng’s eyes were all black and piercingly cold, filled with a thick death Qi.
“When I die, your wife will die too. Therefore, you better ensure that I’m safe at all times,” Lin Feng answered evenly. Then, he turned around and surprisingly headed towards the Ancient Demon Clan. Juzi and the great emperor were astonished and gaped after him.
Some strong cultivators from the Ancient Demon Clan appeared, strong Qi on display.
However, at that moment, Lin Feng continued walking as if nobody were there.
“Nobody can touch him!” shouted a voice explosively. The strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan looked at Lin Feng icily, as if they understood what was going. Nothing could happen to Yama Hua, especially now that she was pregnant.
Lin Feng continued walking. Finally, he arrived at the depths of the Ancient Demon Clan and saw an altar. There was a gigantic demon pond in front of the altar. Many young men were bathing in it.
Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered. A young man suddenly stood up, but not in time. Lin Feng released a terrifying Qi and waved his hand. Instantly, black water started flowing, and that young man drowned inside it and died.
“Bastard!” shouted someone explosively. Lin Feng’s soul shook violently. A stronger cultivator appeared above the altar, looking furious.
“If you try and touch me, I’ll kill her!” Lin Feng said coldly. Nobody dared touch him.
Juzi rushed over and demanded, “Release my wife! I promise nobody will touch you, we’ll let you leave, safe and sound! If anything happens to my wife, I will kill you, no matter what!” Juzi swore furiously. The demon pond started churning from his agitation.
Lin Feng looked back at Juzi icily, his eyes expressionless.
“I also have something to say: everybody piss off and nobody can disturb me! Otherwise, I’ll kill her! If you do that, I won’t kill her. I will go back to the Celestial Country, and before going there, I’ll release your wife. That way, even if the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan want to kill me, they won’t have the occasion to. I don’t need you to promise me anything that way, either!” Lin Feng said icily.
Juzi was going crazy. His demon energies exploded wildly around him.
“Alright, as you wish!” Juzi said, then he snarled, “If my wife doesn’t feel well or is injured, I’ll kill you! Now, you guys, move away!”
People in the pond looked unhappy, glancing at Lin Feng as they hurriedly left.
They all looked at Juzi, but he couldn’t do anything. The more Juzi seemed to care, the more Lin Feng pushed his limits.
Juzi withdrew as well. He wasn’t confident, but he couldn’t take risks. He had no choice. Lin Feng had his wife, who was pregnant with their child!
After the crowd left, Lin Feng looked calm and serene. After a few minutes, he said, “If anyone continues spying on me, I may take back what I’ve just said!”
An eerie silence took over. The Clan was definitely furious. Lin Feng had killed so many of their people, but they had no choice. Now Lin Feng was now bathing happily in the demon pond!

After that, the atmosphere stayed very calm. Lin Feng was seated cross-legged in the demon pond and enjoying the demon strength there, becoming stronger. Nobody knew what he was really doing.
Today, in the demon pond, it was like a beast was shouting with pain.
At this moment, only Lin Feng’s head was showing at the surface. His silhouette was distorted, his face ferocious. Demon lights twinkled around him, exploding constantly. His bones were crackling and rupturing.
People who had never tried to study the Deva-Mara Body skill couldn’t understand how painful it was. The whole body had to break to become a Deva-Mara Body!
“Argh…!” Lin Feng screamed. He roared like an animal in pain. Many people in the Ancient Demon Clan didn’t understand, especially the great emperor who had chased Lin Feng. He knew what Lin Feng was doing, he was studying their technique, the Deva-Mara Body technique.
Ordinary people couldn’t practice that ancient and mysterious technique, there were too many criteria. People had to be incredibly strong physically, and their blood strength had to be powerful, too! They also had to understand life and death Qi before they could study that mysterious technique. Besides, it was also a technique they practiced over many years. They even started learning the basics when they were children to be able to understand it when they were adults. They also needed the help of the mysterious demon pond. With all those criteria, not many people had ever understood the full extent of that mysterious book.
Who would have thought that someone would kill Juxiao, and that his murderer fulfilled all the requirements to have a Deva-Mara body?
For the Ancient Demon Clan, it was a humiliation. They hadn’t had such a problem in tens of thousands of years.
Even though Lin Feng had been prepared, the pain was still unbearable, especially during the first minutes. He had never suffered so much!
He roared again. The demon pond was boiling around him, and a mysterious strength rose up into the air. That demon pond had been created by the Ancient Demon Clan’s ancestor. The demon pond Lin Feng had seen in the Celestial Country had been made with samples of this one.
A mysterious demon strength started flowing throughout Lin Feng’s body. He was recovering, but he was still in pain. It felt like he had been born again.
He clenched his fists and loud crackling sounds spread out. He had the sensation that he had an endless reserve of strength in his body now!
Lin Feng suddenly moved, smiling indifferently and standing up. Deva-Mara Kalpa strength glittered around him. It was the third wave of Deva-Mara Kalpa strength to cleanse his body since he had become a medium-level emperor.
Just like the first two times, the waves of Kalpa strength bombarded his physical body six times, then his soul three times. However, this time, they were even scarier than the previous time. The threads of energies also contained some terrifying explosive energies.
Even before seeing the Deva-Mara Kalpa strength, the Demon Clan wanted to capture Lin Feng and steal his skills, but they could only look on powerlessly.

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