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PMG Chapter 1909: Going Back to the Celestial Country

PMG Chapter 1909: Going Back to the Celestial Country
After understanding the Deva-Mara body, Lin Feng felt alive again. However, he didn’t leave the demon pond. He understood why the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan loved this place, especially after having obtained a Deva-Mara body. They could absorb the energies of the demon pond far more easily!
Time passed again. In the pond, a new illusionary body which looked the same as Lin Feng appeared.
Lin Feng opened his all black eyes and looked at his clone. He could already understand the basics of the Three Lives Scriptures. It meant that he would have no problem fully understanding them in the future. At that moment, the Lin Feng clone who was practicing cultivation in a mysterious room in Champion University also opened his eyes, and dangerous lights filled the air!
The Lin Feng illusion went back into his body and disappeared. Lin Feng closed his eyes again and dove into the demon pond.
Juzi was getting impatient as he sat there cross-legged on a gigantic stone. He gazed into the distance and looked at the demon pond. He couldn’t hold it in anymore, the situation was having an impact on his cultivation. He could only hope that Lin Feng would honor his promise and wouldn’t kill his wife. Juzi was furious when he thought that someone could kill his wife on a whim!
“Juzi!” called out someone at that moment, and a silhouette came over to him, landing before Juzi. He was wearing black clothes and was surrounded by black demonic intent.
“Ancestor,” Juzi greeted him. The silhouette’s demon intent dispersed. He looked clean and young, no older than Juzi, but he was much, much older.
“Juzi, if you want, I’ll go and kill him,” said the Ancestor. Juzi knew that it was easy for his ancestor to kill a cultivator of the Huang Qi layer. But the problem was, he didn’t want to take that risk! If they killed Lin Feng, his wife might really die along with him. He would feel guilty for his entire life if that happened!
“Ancestor, I’ll take care of him,” Juzi said.
The man remained silent for a few seconds before softly saying to Juzi, “Alright. He can’t escape anyway, we’re in Hell. I’ll let you deal with him then.”
He disappeared from Juzi’s field of vision. Juzi remained silent for a few seconds and closed his eyes to keep waiting.
Finally, it was the last day. Lin Feng rose up into the air. Juzi instantly arrived next to him.
Lin Feng glanced at him coldly. Silhouettes rose up into the air all around. Lin Feng smiled icily and said indifferently, “Give me back my things now.”
He had given them a demon hand, a sun disc and a boat. Everything appeared before Lin Feng and he jumped onto the boat. “I know that some of you want to kill me. But don’t try, otherwise three people will die at the same time.”
His boat shot across the sky. The demon pond slowly disappeared, only a mere puddle was left. Everybody frowned and pulled long faces.
“What’s going on?” asked someone. They couldn’t stand it anymore.
Someone said icily, “He took the demon pond away!”
More people began shouting in outrage. “I’ll kill him in the Celestial Country.”
“I’m coming too!”
“Nobody can go!” said the great emperor icily. “A year ago, he killed Juxiao and the others. Now he has taken our demon pond and has practiced our Deva-Mara Body technique, and he’s also been cleansed by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength. He must have become much, much stronger. Only Juzi can kill him now!”
At the entrance of the Celestial Country, there were still some people waiting. There were even more people this time than the previous. People from everywhere in Hell had gathered there. The last year had been terrifying for Hell in the Celestial Country with the great war over the Milky Way battlefield happening. Therefore, Hell had to send even more people now, and reclaim it!
When Lin Feng arrived, he had already put on a mask. The last time, he had escaped from Wang Xiao thanks to Minister Uptala, but this time Wang Xiao wasn’t going to let him off if he saw him. Lin Feng didn’t dare to gamble.
Juzi closely followed Lin Feng. As long as Lin Feng had his wife, he wouldn’t be able to relax.
Lin Feng glanced at the crowd and suddenly looked surprised.
He’s here too. Does he want to go to the Celestial Country too?, thought Lin Feng. He noticed Minister Kalasutra and his daughter Qin Yao. Apart from them, there were also many soldiers in armor. Those people were probably members of the Kalasutra army.
Qin Yao had also become a medium-level Hell emperor. Back when Lin Feng had just arrived in Hell, she was already at the top of the lower Huang Qi layer. Now, she had become stronger. It was normal after a year.
But it was dangerous for someone like Qin Yao to go to the Celestial Country. There were many strong cultivators in the Celestial Country. Even though Qin Yao was strong, there were an endless number of people there who were stronger than her.
“Qin Yao, you should wait until you’re a high-level Hell emperor to go to the Celestial Country!” advised Minister Kalasutra. He was worried for her.
“Dad, Lin Feng went to the Celestial Country even though he had just become a medium-level Hell emperor, and he also came out much stronger than before. How could I flinch? I’ve already modified the Hell Fire. At the very least, I can protect myself, I won’t die!” replied Qin Yao, looking very determined.
Wang Xiao and the others had chased Minister Uptala and Lin Feng, everybody knew about that already. They also knew that Jian Mang had always hidden his real strength, and Wang Xiao and the others had prevented him from going to the Celestial Country and kidnapped him.
“Minister, this time, we’ll go to the Celestial Country and protect the princess!” a young man said to Minister Kalasutra. Minister Kalasutra remained silent for a few seconds. As long as they didn’t encounter a terrifying cultivator, there should be no problem…
Everybody had been waiting for such a long time. Finally, the lights were twinkling, but people were still waiting for some people to come out.
Finally, the scouts came out. They were soaked with blood. They were high-level Hell emperors, but they weren’t extremely strong.
“How’s the situation in the Celestial Country?” asked someone.
The lead scout replied, “This year, the strong cultivators of Hell resisted against the outsiders, but everything changed. The Milky Way battlefield isn’t a border area anymore, there are strong cultivators everywhere, on both sides of it.”
That person didn’t sound so sure because he hadn’t been able to go to the Milky Way battlefield. He had just heard about those things.
It’s chaotic. Everything is chaotic there!, thought the crowd. Some people continued coming out of the Celestial Country.
Lin Feng’s eyes lit up. That was a perfect opportunity!
“Don’t forget your promise!” Juzi groaned icily.
Lin Feng replied, “When I go in, I’ll release your wife. If you do anything dodgy, I’ll kill her.”
Lin Feng then flashed in the direction of the entrance. Just before he entered the Celestial Country, a woman appeared, and he entered the Celestial Country alone as she fell.
“Little Hua!” Juzi exclaimed, flashing up and catching Yama Hua gently. He was so relieved. Lin Feng had released his wife, otherwise, he would have followed Lin Feng in and killed him.
Yama Hua was bewildered as she asked, “Where is he?”
“He’s in the Celestial Country,” replied Juzi.
Yama Hua looked stunned for a moment, before turning furious and demanding, “Kill him, Juzi! You must kill that asshole!”
Juzi said gently, “Little Hua, did he do anything to you?”
Yama Hua shook her head, but said, “You must kill him.”
“I’ll take you back to the Ancient Demon Clan first,” Juzi replied coldly.

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