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PMG Chapter 1910: Celestial Being

PMG Chapter 1910: Celestial Being
Lin Feng was back in the Celestial Country once again. When he appeared there, many people looked over at him. The air still felt tense and dangerous. People had been fighting over this territory forever, after all.
Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered as he flew away. The strong cultivators from the Continent of the Nine Clouds weren’t here. After all, this was the entrance from Hell, they couldn’t be here the whole time, otherwise it would have meant that the whole Celestial Country belonged to them.
Suddenly, a cold Qi surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng quickly turned around. He looked at the cultivator with his obsidian eyes, and that person shivered. How scary!
Lin Feng ignored him and continued flying. After a short time, he arrived in a mountain range, and found a cave. A light beam had come from the sky and created a crater in that place. The hole had appeared when Lin Feng was practicing cultivation the previous time here. It was also where the entrance of the Jalacandra Fairyland was.
There was nobody inside. Lin Feng found a cave and started meditating in seclusion. He needed to become stronger during this year. Thus, he needed to kill many people. Even though Lin Feng had become quite strong, he still thought he wasn’t strong enough. Many people here could possibly defeat him there, such as Ji Chang. Lin Feng’s main advantage was that he was walking on the Path of Life and Death. However, Ji Chang understood Dao strength better than him, and Juzi was even more terrifying. Even with Great Imperial Weapons, Lin Feng couldn’t defeat him.
However, Lin Feng was more confident than people who didn’t understand Dao strength at all. Few people of his generation could actually defeat him.
At that moment, in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, in the Dark Night Region, in Champion University, the people from Tiantai sensed some oppressive energies.
In Tiantai’s courtyard, a few people had gathered: Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, Yun Qing Yan, Tantai, Jing Shou, Huang Fu Long and someone else: Ruo Xie.
During the past year, Emperor Wu Tian Jian had returned to Sword Mountain. After he became a great emperor, he had started meditating in seclusion, studying the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures and improvinig his Nihility Sword Scriptures. In the end, he had managed to understand the Path of Nihilism. He had defeated Emperor Tie Jian, killing him. Emperor Wu Tian Jian had become the new leader of Sword Mountain. The elders had then explained the secrets of Sword Mountain to everyone in Sword Mountain.
Ruo Xie knew Emperor Wu Tian Jian. Emperor Wu Tian Jian had told Ruo Xie about Tiantai and everything, so Ruo Xie had gone to the Holy City and had found Tiantai there.
Tiantai occupying the territory of the nine great celestial castles was a symbol for Tiantai. Qing Di Mountain was friends with Tiantai, so nobody could attack them.
Tiantai’s core disciples were all extremely talented. They had all studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures by now. However, a strange gloomy energy surrounded them.
“How are Qiu Ming’s injuries?” Hou Qing Lin asked to Yun Qing Yan.
Yun Qing Yan looked glum and pulled a long face, “Very severe. Many days are required to recover.”
“That wasn’t a good way to practice. Six people from Tiantai have died already. Eight are severely injured. It’s all my fault!” sighed Hou Qing Lin.
“The Moon Group used some evil techniques to spy on us and attack us by surprise. It has nothing to do with you!” rebutted Yun Qing Yan.
“Brother, don’t say it’s your fault!” added Tian Chi. Everybody nodded agreement.
“Three years have passed. We’ve all become stronger. Many of us have already become medium-level emperors. Ji Wuyou is the strongest cultivator they have in the Moon Group. He doesn’t need excuses to fight against us, though,” said Qin Wu, pulling a long face. Indeed, the Moon Group was becoming stronger than Tiantai again. In Champion University, many people considered Tiantai weaker than the Moon Group.
Many people in the Moon Group were extremely strong, especially Ji Wuyou. One had already become a high-level emperor. Because of the agreement between Lin Feng and the Moon Group, many people were trying to become high-level emperors.
Hou Qing Lin remained silent for a few seconds. Then, he looked at Jing Shou, who was the same as before. He was wearing white clothes and his hands were still in his sleeves, like always.
“Jing Shou, how are your disciples doing?” Hou Qing Lin asked Jing Shou.
“No problem. I have a group of assassins already,” Jing Shou said calmly. During these years, Jing Shou was in charge of teaching people how to become assassins in Tiantai.
“Alright, even if we lose, it doesn’t matter. Sooner or later, we’ll surpass the Moon Group. We just need more time! The most important thing is to avoid being ambushed by the Moon Group!” said Hou Qing Lin slowly. Everybody remained silent for a few seconds. They understood that Hou Qing Lin was saying that for their own good.
Tiantai had changed a lot. They had all become much stronger, and had lots of heroes. The battle between Tiantai and the Moon Group was going to be incredible. Even if they lost, it didn’t matter, they would learn from their mistakes, like back when they had defeated the Star Group.
“How’s Lin Feng doing?” Tantai asked Hou Qing Lin.
Hou Qing Lin replied, “Let’s not think about Lin Feng.”
“Alright!” Tantai nodded. He understood what Hou Qing Lin meant. Maybe Lin Feng’s real body wouldn’t be able to make it back…
In the Holy City, three months passed and new exams took place at university. People took the exams of the four universities.
At that moment, in Champion University, near the territory where medium-level emperors were taking the exam, there were many strong cultivators. They were all incredible geniuses of the Holy City.
“The Yu Wen Clan is here. Yu Wen Ting is another princess of the Yu Wen Clan. She is even younger than Yu Wen Jing of a few years ago. She is extremely strong, and she’s also very beautiful. I wonder if I could become her boyfriend?” wondered a young man staring at the object of his words.
“Do you think you will have such an opportunity? Stop dreaming. Yu Wen Jing will get married with Ji Wuyou. Yu Wen Ting is probably as strong as her sister, and she’ll find an amazing husband too,” someone else rebutted him heartlessly.
“So many outstanding women. The Ji Clan’s young men are incredible strong. Ji Chang, Ji Wuyou, they’re all astonishingly strong and talented.”
Even though the students of Champion University were incredibly strong, Yu Wen Ting was even better than most of them. She was a dazzling woman who always looked arrogant and proud.
In the distance, someone else in white clothes appeared. She was wearing a veil which covered her face.
“Pfew… What an incredibly beautiful woman!” sighed a young man. He had seen many beautiful woman in his life, but this one was extraordinarily beautiful.
Many people looked at her and couldn’t look away. She looked like a goddess!
“She’s so stunning, she’s bewitching!” someone else blurted out. Everybody sighed. Such beauty! They wished they could see her face, whisk away the veil covering it…
In a short time, everybody stopped looking at Yu Wen Ting and looked at the new woman who was arriving.
She landed gracefully on the ground, surrounded by a celestial Qi. Everybody could sense how cold her Qi was. People wanted to get closer, but they couldn’t. She was already a medium-level emperor!
Everybody had one thought: this woman had to be a princess, but from which influential group?

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