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PMG Chapter 1911: Yu Wen Jing’s Embarrassment

PMG Chapter 1911: Yu Wen Jing’s Embarrassment
This time, those who were in charge of the medium-level emperors’ exam weren’t a faction, but some strong cultivators from the higher ranking list.
Yu Wen Jing was one of them. During these last three years, Ji Wuyou and Yu Wen Jing had cultivated really hard, whether in their clans or with Ancestor Zhu Tian. They had become much stronger.
During these three years, both of them had made great progress. Yu Wen Jing had become a medium-level emperor, and acquired powerful new spells and techniques. She had become really strong. She had also stepped into the higher ranking list as the seventeenth student. Accomplishing that in less than three years was a really good performance.
Yu Wen Jing looked at one of the women sitting the exam; it was Yu Wen Ting, her younger sister.
“Yu Wen Ting is really strong. Passing the exam shouldn’t be an issue for her,” Yu Wen Jing smiled.
“She’s indeed really strong. She will definitely pass the exam,” someone next to her nodded. They pointed at someone else and added, “That girl there is extraordinary, she’s extremely strong. Nobody can stop her. She’s even stronger than Yu Wen Ting.”
Yu Wen Jing looked over at the girl, who looked like a celestial being. Many people around here were staring at her.
“Hmph!” Yu Wen Jing groaned icily. Women could be very petty at times. When a man complimented a woman in front of another one, the latter couldn’t help but be jealous.
“Let’s see if she will pass the exam or not,” said Yu Wen Jing, staring at that celestial woman. The others frowned, but Yu Wen Jing’s social status was too high, so they just smiled wryly in the end. Poor girl, she was extremely strong, but Yu Wen Jing would probably try her best to prevent her from passing the exam!
However, after a short time, they remained motionless and stared at the contestants in astonishment.
Yu Wen Jing was attacked by someone and forced to the ground. She was surrounded by an ice-cold layer of energy and shivering. She pulled a long face and stared at the beautiful girl with the veil, who was surrounded by a celestial Qi.
Yu Wen Jing’s heart was pounding. She felt humiliated. She initially wanted to block that girl, but now she had been beaten down by her. Her pride and ego had been crushed, she couldn’t even compete with this fellow contestant. How painful! Besides, that girl was even more beautiful than her.
“Who are you?” Yu Wen Jing asked icily. She couldn’t think of any clan in the Holy City which this girl could have come from.
The woman in white clothes looked at Yu Wen Jing, a picture of calm and serenity. Yu Wen Jing felt even worse. She couldn’t see her eyes, but that girl was looking at her in a disdainful way. Everybody was staring at that beautiful woman, and she was looking at Yu Wen Jing as if the fact that she had defeated Yu Wen Jing was just normal.
The woman in white clothes passed next to Yu Wen Jing and continued walking on. Yu Wen Jing felt even more humiliated, turning her head and asking, “You’re from the Snow Clan?”
Yu Wen Jing had sensed the woman’s Qi. She looked beautiful, had an extraordinary Qi, and was really strong, she could only be from the Snow Clan. She had fought against members of the Snow Clan in the past. Even though she had never seen this woman in particular, she was reminded of people from the Snow Clan.
The woman in white clothes paused, but in the end she ignored Yu Wen Jing and continued walking away.
Everybody had seen their meeting, and were astonished at the results. Everybody was convinced that that new girl would pass the exam and rise quickly in Champion University.

As expected, the woman passed the exam. The woman in white entered Champion University, those in charge of the exam leading the way. They were all curious about that mysterious girl. At the same time, everybody in Champion University was talking about that girl who had defeated Yu Wen Jing easily, some of them not believing the rumor.
After the woman in white joined Champion University, she did only one thing: she asked about Tiantai and headed there.
When the girl arrived at Tiantai’s buildings, some people stopped her. When Yun Qing Yan saw this beautiful woman, she rose up into the air and was on the defensive.
“You want to join Tiantai?” asked Yun Qing Yan with a careful smile. This young woman was beautiful, Yun Qing Yan didn’t feel good in front of her. Since when did this woman join Champion University? Qing Yan had never seen her before.
The woman in white studied Yun Qing Yan and then looked behind her, seeing some other people. Her eyes twinkled and she immediately ran past Yun Qing Yan.
“You…” Yun Qing Yan was astonished, she turned around and saw the woman in white already in the distance. She was speechless. That woman hadn’t looked threatening, and didn’t seem to want to attack…!
“Hou Qing Lin!” said the woman in white when she arrived at the courtyard. She rose up into the air slightly and everybody looked at her, surprised by her sudden presence. Many people had the same thoughts as Yun Qing Yan.
When Hou Qing Lin heard someone call his name, he was also surprised. He raised his head and was astonished. Yuan Fei, Huang Fu Long, and the others were astonished too. The woman removed her veil, and they all sort of gaped at her breathtaking beauty.
How beautiful!, thought Yun Qing Yan, also catching up at that moment
“What a beautiful woman!” Qing Feng was astonished too. She was the princess of the Animal World, she was already extremely beautiful, but this young woman was even more beautiful than her!
When the woman in white saw Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, Yuan Fei and the others, she smiled resplendently. Only Wu looked back at her in a cold and arrogant manner.
“What about him?” asked the woman in white. She smiled only because she was thinking of him.
“He’s traveling abroad,” Hou Qing Lin sighed back to the woman in white. He was excited to see her. Unfortunately, that guy hadn’t even left a clone of his in Tiantai.
The woman in white suddenly stopped smiling, looking very disappointed.
“I’ll prepare a residence for you. You’ll see him when he comes back,” Hou Qing Lin added quickly.
“Yes, sister, he also misses you!” added Yuan Fei loudly. Yuan Fei, Ban Ruo, and Xing Zhan were also students at Champion University these days.
The woman in white was naturally Meng Qing. She wasn’t used to seeing all of them together, so she shook her head and smiled, “Nah, the university will get something sorted for me. Just tell me when he comes back!”
She put her veil back on and left gracefully. Meng Qing had grown up in Black Wind Mountain, then she had met Lin Feng and had explored the world, but she didn’t like commotion, especially when Lin Feng wasn’t there with her. She wasn’t used to dealing with so many people at the same time.
“She hasn’t changed, she’s still the same!” laughed Yuan Fei. Hou Qing Lin and the others understood that was her personality. They were happy to see Meng Qing finally make it to Champion University, though!
“Who was that beautiful woman?” asked Yun Qing Yan. Her heart was still pounding.
“Lin Feng’s wife,” Hou Qing Lin told her.
Yun Qing Yan was astonished. She smiled and said, “That guy is really lucky…”
Wu and Qing Feng were astonished, too. Wu looked at Qing Feng, who appeared quite calm, wondering what she thought about Meng Qing?
“No need to tell everyone about this. She doesn’t like it when people disturb her,” Hou Qing Lin reminded them. Everybody nodded. If Ji Chang’s Club learned that Meng Qing was Lin Feng’s wife, they would bully her. Hou Qing Lin didn’t want anything bad to happen to Meng Qing.

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