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PMG Chapter 1912: Three Years Have Passed

PMG Chapter 1912: Three Years Have Passed
In the Celestial Country of Lin Feng’s small world, there was a mountain range. A demon pond was there now, the water black and containing a terrifying demon Qi. It was the demon pond Lin Feng had stolen from the Ancient Demon Clan!
He had practiced the Ancient Demon Clan’s technique and had a Deva-Mara Body. He had become much stronger physically. Now, he was practicing cultivation in the demon pond.
Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes, black demon lights twinkling within them. He disappeared and reappeared somewhere else.
Jian Mang was seated cross-legged there. He was practiced cultivation calmly and patiently. Since Lin Feng had put him in there and he couldn’t get out, he had nothing else to do. Maybe if he became strong enough, he’d be able to leave someday…
Jian Mang sensed something and raised his head. He couldn’t see, but he sensed Lin Feng’s presence.
“If I’m not wrong, we’re in another world. How did you do that?” asked Jian Mang. He could sense that he was in a different world, people who were alive could only be captured in other worlds.
Lin Feng didn’t reply, staring at Jian Mang. Jian Mang asked mildly, “What are you going to do with me?”
A terrifying Qi suddenly rose up in the air. A demon appeared in Lin Feng’s mind, and then appeared behind him like an illusion.
In the Ancient Demon Clan, there was a spell. Cultivators could condense their souls to create a demon fire and burn people’s souls, and then wielding a mysterious power, they could create eighty-one demon imprints. With those eighty-one demon imprints, they could create a demon. It was a very complex and mysterious spell. People who were not talented didn’t even need to attempt to learn the demon puppet technique.
Even though Lin Feng couldn’t learn it, he had learned a spell to spy on people. With the demon puppet spell, cultivators could plant a demon puppet seed in someone’s soul and spy on them. The members of the Ancient Demon Clan didn’t use it because it wasn’t as powerful as the Ancient Demon Imprint. However, Lin Feng could use it on Jian Mang.
“Jian Mang, I’m going to plant a demon puppet seed in your soul, and then I will release you. My actual body is in the Celestial Country,” Lin Feng said coldly.
“What do you want me to do?” asked Jian Mang. He didn’t refuse, of course. What could he do, anyway? Lin Feng had everything under control.
“Follow me to the Milky Way battlefield. We’ll kill people and get out from there,” Lin Feng proposed. Jian Mang frowned. He understood, killing people on the Milky Way battlefield was a good thing, but getting out from there?
Dark lights sparkled and a demon puppet seed penetrated into Jian Mang’s brain. He didn’t resist.
“Let’s go out,” said Lin Feng indifferently.
A short time later, two people appeared in the air above a mountain range: Lin Feng and Jian Mang. They immediately turned into two light beams and headed off.
The Celestial Country was still chaotic. People were fighting everywhere. Qin Yao and the others had encountered some extremely strong cultivators. A terrifying fire had filled the air. It was Hellfire, and Qin Yao was inside.
“You’re a strong little girl, aren’t ya!” said someone, smiling evilly. Then, he did some hand seals and a terrifying Qi shot towards Qin Yao and the strong cultivators who were protecting her. The black Qi turned into light beams.
“Burn!” An ebony flame countered, shooting back towards him, Qin Yao’s Hell Fire! Thunder rumbled in the air, and a gigantic mountain fell down from the sky. The air became thick and heavy.
“Princess Qin Yao, move back!” shouted a member of the Kalasutra army. These peoples were all outsiders, their third eyes had imprints, and were all very strong.
Qin Yao nodded and continued retreating. The ancient mountain continued falling down from the sky, emitting sonic booms. Everybody fled. Around Qin Yao, everything was burning.
“Soul Stirring!” shouted an icy voice. Qin Yao gazed into the distance and saw a darkness waiting in the air. Her soul started shaking and her Hell Fire started weakening.
“Qin Yao!” shouted someone explosively. Qin Yao shook violently, some people wanted to save her, but the mountain was falling. The enemies were heroic figures, too. Qin Yao and the others were unlucky to have encountered them.
“Here!” shouted someone at Qin Yao. She turned around and saw an evil-looking person. It felt like he started absorbing her soul.
Two silhouettes appeared, moving so fast the air was screaming around them. When they saw Qin Yao, they were both startled.
Lin Feng lunged towards the man who was attacking Qin Yao. The man frowned and glared at Lin Feng. He tried to use his soul stirring spell on him, but all he saw was a pair of pitch-black eyes filled with death strength staring back and him, and death Qi started flooding into his body.
Lin Feng waved his hands and a death Kalpa sword appeared. In a flash, the sword pierced through that man’s head in just a blur of motion
Jian Mang attacked at the same time as Lin Feng. Sword lights moved everywhere invisibly quick. If the surrounding people hadn’t seen that speed with their own eyes, they would have never believed that a medium-level emperor could be that fast. Jian Mang’s sword attacks were also dazzling to the eyes, he used light strength.
When Qin Yao saw all this, she was stunned and disappointed. Lin Feng and Jian Mang had become so strong! She remembered back when Lin Feng had defeated her on the battle stage. Back then, she had thought she’d get her revenge someday, but now the difference between her and Lin Feng was even greater. Lin Feng could easily kill her, and could even easily kill the strong cultivators who were guarding her. He killed like an emotionless murderer.

After a short time, the battle was over. Lin Feng looked at Qin Yao.
“Why did you save me?” Qin Yao asked Lin Feng. She had always been hostile to Lin Feng.
“Tell Wang Xiao that I haven’t forgotten about him!” replied Lin Feng, before he and Jian Mang continued on their way.
Qin Yao felt like trash. Lin Feng didn’t even pay attention to her, a princess of Hell!

Lin Feng and Jian Mang moved invisibly fast through the Milky Way battlefield. Nobody could stop them, their hands and clothes were soaked with blood. They had already killed a great number of people on the battlefield.
The Milky Way battlefield was still very mysterious. The Yellow Springs were under them, people couldn’t go down there without dying. There were only corpses in the Yellow Springs. Lin Feng and Jian Mang continued flying towards the edge of the battlefield, carefully keeping track of their surroundings.
“The three-year period will soon be over,” Lin Feng said to himself. Because of Wang Xiao, he might miss the date of the agreement. What would Hou Qing Lin and the others do?
At the same time, in the Dark Night Region of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, Lin Feng’s clone flew towards Champion University, intending to uphold the agreement, of course!

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