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PMG Chapter 1913: Foil

PMG Chapter 1913: Foil
In Champion University, the Holy City, the Dark Night Region…
The atmosphere was very tense. Three years before, in Champion University, a new group had risen: Tiantai! Some incredible cultivators had risen with it. They had defeated the Star Group of Ji Chang’s Club. After that, they had agreed on a date for a battle between the Moon Group and them.
Now, it was about to happen.
“Ji Wuyou is back!” someone called out. They had seen him flying in the sky, dressed in fine clothes.
“The strong cultivators of the Moon Group have already come back. They’ve gone to the battle stage of the higher ranking list. And Lin Feng has disappeared, we rarely see him at university. We’ll see what Tiantai intends to do against the Moon Group,” said someone, looking in Tiantai’s direction. The Moon Group had been rising these last few days and were pressuring Tiantai.
“Yes, well, Tiantai is still a new group. And during these three years, the Moon Group has become much stronger. One of them even become a high-level emperor and left the Moon Group. Some people didn’t break through on purpose, just because of this battle. Those who joined Tiantai three years ago are still low-level emperors. Defeating the cultivators of the Moon Group will be very difficult!”
The cultivators of the Moon Group were also very talented. Tiantai’s cultivators couldn’t possibly have broken through within three years, that was much too difficult!
“By the way, a new celestial girl has joined our university, have you seen her?”
“Only once. She really looks like a celestial being! I wonder who she is. I’ve heard that she defeated Yu Wen Jing during the exam. Yu Wen Jing went back to meditate in seclusion and hasn’t come out since.”
“Yu Wen Jing is the Princess of the Yu Wen Clan and Ji Wuyou’s woman, she has a very high social status. Some people wanted to avenge Yu Wen Jing and went to find that celestial girl. However, after seeing her, they were very polite to her, exchanged a few words, and just left!”
“Haha, how could you attack such a beautiful woman? Impossible! They say she’s a celestial woman from the Snow Clan. I wonder if it’s true or not.”
In Champion University, people talked a lot about Tiantai and the Moon Group, as well as the celestial woman. Many people wanted to get to know her, but she was very distant.

In Tiantai’s buildings, in a secret room, Hou Qing Lin was releasing reincarnation cosmic energy. He frowned and kept attacking.
Argh, this is frustrating. What is my Path?, thought Hou Qing Lin with a long sigh. Ji Wuyou already understood Dao strength. Even though the Ji Clan helped him a lot, he was also quite strong and very talented. But Hou Qing Lin also had the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, so he couldn’t be weaker than Ji Wuyou. He had to understand his own Path, his own Dao! Otherwise, even if he became a great emperor, he would be weak, and stronger great emperors would oppress him.
After a few minutes, Hou Qing Lin took a deep breath and stood up. It was time to fight against the Moon Group. Even if he hadn’t managed to understand Dao strength, he had to respect the agreement. Even if they lost, it didn’t matter!

There was an ocean of people at the battle stage of the higher ranking list. There were even some high-level emperors. The cultivators of Tiantai and the Moon Group who were going to fight were heroic, and a lot of people paid attention to them.
Ji Wuyou and the other members of the Moon Group had already arrived. Ji Wuyou looked angry. He sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes, trying to forget about the outside world. But he couldn’t hide his Qi, he was too furious. He wanted to get his revenge, it was time!
“Ji Wuyou has become so strong already. Maybe he will become the first cultivator of Champion University someday, just like Ji Chang!” exclaimed a young man wearing blue and green clothes. There were many people behind him, including many high-level emperors and medium-level emperors.
“Zong Que, Ji Wuyou is a little boy who doesn’t like it when people compare him with his brother,” said someone next to him. He was an ordinary and simple-looking man named Liu Yan. They were all excited to see the battle.
In Champion University, the most powerful groups were usually created by high-level emperors, just like Ji Chang’s Club had been created by Ji Chang. Since he was the first student of Champion University, Ji Chang’s Club was also very famous and had a good reputation. The stronger the leader of a group, the better the reputation of the group. The Stone Group and the Wind Clan were two other powerful groups in Champion University.
The strong cultivators of the Stone Group all controlled earth cosmic energy. They exchanged a lot in terms of earth cultivation. Their leader was Zong Que, the fifth cultivator of the Celestial Champion Ranking List.
The Wind Clan had been created by Liu Yan. He was the seventh cultivator of the ranking list, and controlled wind strength. People from the Wind Clan were all extremely fast. A thousand years from now, they would become terrifyingly powerful, and could become an ancient clan. The founder of the Wind Clan was from an ancient clan. In the Dark Night Region, many people from ancient clans created new clans, sects, and other organizations.
“Zong Que and Liu Yan came to watch the battles. It seems that the fighting will be incredible. Many public figures from Champion University are here. I wonder where the great emperors are?” mused someone who had recognized Liu Yan and Zong Que. When people became great emperors, they rarely showed up at the university. Great emperors liked to travel everywhere in the continent. Great emperors could be considered genuinely strong. They could create sects, clans, and travel anywhere.
“Little boy? He now understands Dao strength. He’ll probably soon be on the list of potential champions,” replied Zong Que, smiling indifferently.
“Zong Que, since you came back from the Celestial Country, do you understand Dao strength now too?” asked Liu Yan when he saw Zong Que’s smile. Many people who were on the Celestial Champion Ranking List and gone to the Celestial Country had died. Many other people had already replaced them. Some people had also decided to stay in the Celestial Country to continue practicing. Liu Yan had heard that Zong Que had obtained some mysterious things and had been meditating in seclusion during the previous days.
“What do you think?” said Zong Que. He almost looked evil.
The crowd looked solemn and gazed into the distance. A group of people was coming over. They were very young and looked extraordinary: the people from Tiantai!
Zong Que and Liu Yan studied the group, Zong Que said, “They are still new in Champion University, but they are really strong. As I see it, Tiantai is just a new group, but they are already powerful. In ten years, they’ll become really terrifying.”
“Ten years is too long. I’ve heard that even the Sun Group even wanted to oppress Tiantai. Ji Chang’s Club won’t let Tiantai rise that easily. They won’t let Tiantai suppress the Star Group and the Moon Group that easily, either. Ji Chang’s Club already feels humiliated. You don’t understand the temper of those people,” Liu Yan said indifferently.
Many people thought that it was too late. Tiantai had oppressed and humiliated the Star Group, but they wouldn’t be able to defy the Moon Group. They had been lucky the first time, but now they weren’t going to be able to rise anymore. They were under too much pressure.
Ji Wuyou was seated cross-legged in the air, and suddenly opened his eyes, which glittered with sharp lights. His Qi started rolling around him, the energies destructive and oppressive.
“They’re finally here!” Ji Wuyou slowly stood up and looked over at those people. Finally, after three years!
“That celestial girl is here too!” Many people noticed Meng Qing in her white clothes. She was mysterious, so many people just called her the celestial woman or celestial girl.
“I wouldn’t have thought that she would be interested in the battle too!” thought the crowd. People knew almost nothing about her, just that she rarely went anywhere.
Yu Wen Jing, who was standing next to Ji Wuyou, looked over at Meng Qing angrily. She hadn’t shown up publicly for a while precisely because of Meng Qing. Everybody in Champion University knew that Yu Wen Jing had been defeated by that woman during her exam, and she was also much more beautiful than Wen Jing. She had turned into a mere foil in other people’s eyes!

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