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PMG Chapter 1914: Aggressive

PMG Chapter 1914: Aggressive
Tiantai’s people were under pressure.
“Where’s Lin Feng?!” shouted Ji Wuyou furiously. He had been waiting for three years, Lin Feng had humiliated him, they had to come back, all of them!
“He will come when he’s ready,” said Hou Qing Lin calmly. He raised his head, the sun was in the middle of the sky, it was noon. Lin Feng’s clone was probably going to arrive at any minute.
“He’s hiding?! Since it’s that way, I’ll crush you all and we’ll see if he doesn’t show up!” swore Ji Wuyou furiously. “Today, we’ll fight on three battle stages at the same time. If you come onto the battle stage, you cannot jump off! If you are forced off the battle stage, it means you lost, otherwise you can’t jump off. We’ll fight like that until nobody’s left. Will you dare or not!?”
Three years had passed. This time, nobody could jump off the stage, they had to fight until the end!
“Why wouldn’t we dare?” said Hou Qing Lin calmly.
“Since it’s that way, let’s fight!” said Ji Wuyou. Three different people landed on the battle stages, all of them strong cultivators from the Moon Group.
These people are quite weak in the Moon Group. They just want to see how strong Tiantai’s people are, thought the more knowledgeable observors.
Hou Qing Lin’s silhouette flickered. Lin Feng still hadn’t come back. It didn’t matter. If they lost, Lin Feng’s clone wouldn’t be able to save the situation anyway.
“Huang Fu Long, Tantai, Qin Wu, you start,” said Hou Qing Lin calmly. They nodded and jumped onto the battle stages to start the fights!

Lin Feng didn’t know about what was going on there. His clone was in the Holy City and racing towards Champion University.
His real body was on the Milky Way battlefield. Dazzling swords streaked across the sky and he cut apart an enemy. He also captured items which fell in the form of meteors. They could already see the boundary between the Milky Way battlefield and the other side.
Lin Feng and Jian Mang ran towards that celestial border. Their third eyes twinkled and a new imprint appeared.
“Let’s avoid the crowd and get out of here,” Lin Feng said to Jian Mang. They were flying so fast that whistling sounds followed after them. After a short time, they arrived on the other side of the Milky Way battlefield. When people noticed that they had an imprint, they wanted to kill the two. Lin Feng was convinced he could defeat many people, but he couldn’t defeat an army. He wasn’t strong enough yet.
“Intruders!” shouted someone icily. His eyes were as bright as suns and dazzling, a fire burning in them. He immediately started running towards Lin Feng and Jian Mang.
“Kill!” said Lin Feng. Jian Mang moved invisibly fast, his eyes became dazzling with light strength. Instantly, their enemy had the sensation he was going blind. Jian Mang looked like a dazzling light beam, a sword of pure light. In comparison with Jian Mang’s swords, the sun actually looked quite pale!
Lin Feng’s eyes were all grey as he watched Jian Mang’s amazing speed. At the same level, it was difficult to compete with Jian Mang in terms of speed!
After killing that person, they continued flying on their way.
In the distance, many people saw them and raced towards them, attempting to surround them.
“Intruders, kill them!” shouted someone explosively. Lin Feng pulled a long face. That person had shouted so loudly that many people probably heard him.
During the year which had passed, the two worlds had been fighting constantly on the Milky Way battlefield. Each time they noticed intruders, they didn’t hesitate and joined hands to slaughter them. They wanted to protect their side of the Milky Way battlefield.
“Three high-level emperors,” said Lin Feng to Jian Mang coldly, “You kill the one on the right, I’ll block the two others.”
Jian Mang nodded as those people drew closer.
Dazzling lights illuminated the atmosphere again. Jian Mang threw himself at the one who came from the right. One of the cultivators coming from the left also sensed those whistling sword energies. He was startled and suddenly stopped in place, releasing his soul strength. Lin Feng moved towards the one in the middle and released death Kalpa strength. That cultivator was surrounded by green earth strength, and Lin Feng’s strength couldn’t pierce through.
Such a powerful defense!, thought Lin Feng. Lin Feng accelerated and his black water appeared.
“Death Dao intent!” His enemy was astonished. Lin Feng landed in front of him and punched him violently while releasing Deva-Mara Kalpa strength against the dazzling green lights around him. Crackling sounds spread as his green armor cracked. Still, Lin Feng frowned. What kind of armor was that? His defense was terrifying!
Earth cosmic energies were great for defense. Death strength could easily corrode people’s lives and kill them, but his opponent’s defense was so great that the death strength couldn’t pierce through. Lin Feng’s attack seemed inefficient.
“Break!” shouted Lin Feng explosively, releasing immortal strength. Deadly cosmic energies filled the air. Lin Feng attacked his enemy dozens of times, and the armor kept crackling from the impacts. Lin Feng’s physical strength was overwhelming, finally blasting apart the green lights. Lin Feng’s fist crashed onto his enemy and his head exploded.
Even though the enemy had incredible defense skills, he wasn’t that strong at all.
After his kill, a deadly strength appeared behind Lin Feng, but flickers of sword light glittered and destroyed it.
Jian Mang continued on to attack the last one. Lin Feng turned around and used his Nihility Sword, but Jian Mang killed him first.
“Hurry up and run!” shouted Lin Feng when he sensed more energies converging on them. Lin Feng’s soul was shaking violently. After all, they were on the Milky Way battlefield, and the people who came there were extremely strong.
“Roar!” Dragon chants arose, and Bestial Qi pulsed. Lin Feng saw a silhouette coming towards him. That person’s third eye was dazzling, it was someone from Hell!
“Aoxu!” Lin Feng was startled when he saw the new arrival. Surprisingly, it was Aoxu! Two years before, they had been to the Pathfinder Peak together, and now Aoxu had come back. He seemingly understood the basics of Dao strength now, as well!
“Lin Feng, here we meet again!” said Aoxu frowning and laughing at the same time. In the distance, some strong cultivators from the Continent of the Nine Clouds had arrived too.
“Those guys don’t let anyone from Hell come here. Lin Feng let’s go and kill them together, alright?” said Aoxu cheerfully. A gigantic and terrifying hand imprint appeared and hurtled out. Aoxu laughed loudly. He was from the Dragon Clan, his physical body was astonishingly powerful. The enemy could feel Aoxu’s oppressive energies.
“Die!” shouted Aoxu explosively. He punched out, shaking the sky. Rumbling sounds spread in the air. His target’s body instantly exploded, pieces of flesh and viscera flying everywhere. The other outsiders around were astonished and stopped moving.
“Aoxu, I see that you also comprehended Dao strength after you went to the Pathfinder Peak, but what kind of Dao is it?” Lin Feng asked him.
“Aggressive, the Path of Aggressiveness. You can also call it the Path of Strength. Dragons are aggressive and physically strong. I am from the Dragon Clan. I must be brutal, violent and aggressive!” Aoxu declared. He seemed extremely enthusiastic.
“Indeed, it suits you perfectly! You are even more aggressive, indeed!” Lin Feng nodded. Dao strength was very mysterious, it was not just about one’s way, but also about one’s personality. Lin Feng was walking on the Path of Life and Death, Officer Uptala had walked on the Great Path of the Uptala. Aoxu was walking on the Path of Aggressiveness!

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