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PMG Chapter 1915: World of the Living Imprint

PMG Chapter 1915: World of the Living Imprint
There were many strong cultivators around Lin Feng and the other two. Lin Feng glanced at them icily and released a lot of death strength. The strong cultivators shook. This guy looked ordinary but a single glance and he could kill people…
“Lin Feng, you started walking on the Path of Life and Death, how’s it going?” asked Aoxu as he released oppressive energies. Aoxu was a dragon cultivator, terrifyingly strong, and he had a high cultivation level too. He was far from ordinary.
Lin Feng and Jian Mang were fighting too. Jian Mang had turned into lights, his silhouette kept flickering here and there. Lin Feng was cutting apart people one after another with Kalpa sword attacks. At the same time, death strength surrounded him like an ocean. Many of his foes died when the black water reached them!
“Those three people understand Dao strength!” The expressions of the people who were coming to attack them changed drastically. They were frightened and dispersed quickly.
“Die!” said Aoxu. Dragon claws attacked one of them. Blood splashed and he was torn apart.
Another man shouted in alarm and looked at Aoxu come towards him, his face ferocious and bloodthirsty.
Aoxu brandished his claws, a blood dragon appeared and grabbed that man’s body and ripped him apart violently.
Many strong cultivators tried to stop the three of them, and died. Silhouettes fell from the sky one after another. However, more and more strong cultivators were alerted when they heard the sounds of fighting and headed towards them.
A mysterious Qi spread out from the Milky Way. The crowd was startled to see a mountain range fall from the sky. It contained an incredibly oppressive Qi.
The wind started blowing, clouds appeared, and blotted out the sun and the sky. It looked apocalyptic.
“That’s…” When Lin Feng saw that Ancient Mountain he was astonished. It was the same thing as when the man with the immortal king body type had appeared. Was there someone in this mountain too?
But this Ancient Mountain was different from a Celestial mountain. This ancient mountain had an incredibly oppressive strength. Dazzling lights shone all around it as it turned into a gigantic Ancient Imprint. It felt like it could destroy this world!
That ancient imprint didn’t have earth or empty space strength, it was a pure imprint!
“Maybe something great is going to happen this time,” whispered Aoxu when he saw the ancient mountain. The mountain descended from the sky and moved towards the Yellow Springs. It didn’t drown in the Yellow Springs, but just like a paper boat, it started floating atop the Yellow Springs, an incredible sight!
What kind of ancient mountain is that? Surprisingly it doesn’t sink…, thought Lin Feng with an astonished frown. When the mountain had descended from the sky, it looked small, but now it look gigantic. There was a flatland in it too, it looked like a gigantic hand imprint with a terrifying Qi which rose to the skies.
Many people came over quickly. Even the people who had been looking at Lin Feng and his allies were now staring at the mountain.
“Let’s go and see!” said Aoxu suddenly, and he raced ahead. He quickly landed at the front of the mountain, and a terrifying strength dashed to the skies. Dazzling lights emerged from Aoxu’s eyes, and the crowd saw him stomp the ground beneath him with his right foot. The whole mountain shook violently, the shockwaves sending the closest watchers tumbling as everyone clutched at their ears. There was an eruption beneath him, and Aoxu was hurled away bleeding.
“What a terrifying imprint technique. The World of the Living Imprint!” Aoxu was astonished and frowning. The crowd was staring at Aoxu, trembling after his display. That mountain’s imprint was terrifying!
“Does it have Dao power?” Lin Feng asked Aoxu. The mountain had to contain Dao power, otherwise it couldn’t have thrown Aoxu away and injured him.
“Apparently. I can’t recognize what strength it is. It’s an ancient imprint. It probably doesn’t contain any kind of strength,” said Aoxu. The crowd was astonished. Someone else went up to the mountain and jumped down on it. The same thing happened to them as to Aoxu. But that man didn’t even manage to walk on it as long as Aoxu and was hurled away even more forcefully.
Lin Feng’s eyes glittered before he took his own chance to jump to the front of the mountain. When he landed, he sensed an oppressive strength pulsing towards him. Those were ancient imprints, coming from the earth and sky. That wasn’t any type of strength behind them, it seemed. The ancient imprints alone surged towards him violently.
“That strength comes from nowhere. Does it have Dao power?” Lin Feng frowned, as he moved back. He didn’t persist.
However, Lin Feng was running backwards but moving forwards. There was a mysterious gravitational force coming from that mountain. Quickly, the mountain disappeared from people’s field of vision. They were all astonished. Lin Feng just looked at the traces of oppressive strength.
Aoxu was astonished too, but he looked at Lin Feng, whose eyes were obsidian. He jumped up and said, “Let’s get out and kill!”
Aoxu’s eyes twinkled and he burst into bold laughter. They wanted to kill these people and reach the other side. Lin Feng was more than daring and bold enough to go with him.
His Purple Tank appeared and rolled in the air, full of death lights. Lin Feng and the two others moved invisibly fast. Lin Feng did a knifehand strike and a death river appeared before them. Who would dare to block them?
However, some people moved towards them, trying to kill them.
Lin Feng released dazzling Deva-Mara Kalpa strength. Some pitch-black death swords appeared and shot out in all directions. Lin Feng stared at one cultivator, who sensed death strength invading his body. Lin Feng didn’t stop, he continued racing forwards.
Aoxu’s eyes were filled with flames of fury. Dragon chants spread in the air, he raised both his fists and suddenly, hundreds of blood dragons appeared and moved towards his target. The dragons grabbed him with their claws and shredded him. Nobody could stop them!
Jian Mang was behind Aoxu and released dazzling sword lights. Aoxu worked with him as easily as Lin Feng.
“Those three people understand Dao strength. They’re really strong!” The outsider crowd was appalled, and many people ran away from the three of them, not daring to fight. Lin Feng and Jian Mang’s attacks were dangerous. One of them could kill people by glancing at them, and the other one was as fast and swift as light. Aoxu’s attacks were overwhelmingly brutal.
The Milky Way started crackling, and another mountain descended from the sky. Many people noticed it, and attacked the mountain, trying to break it. However, a terrifying demon cultivator appeared out of it and began killing.
He looked in the direction of the Continent of the Nine Clouds on the other side of the Milky Way and his eyes glittered. He then rose up into the air, and nobody dared to stop him.
That demon cultivator was Juzi from the Ancient Demon Clan. He had missed the three-day opening period and was descending from the sky, just like the young man with the immortal king body back then.

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