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PMG Chapter 1916: Oppressing Ji Wuyou

PMG Chapter 1916: Oppressing Ji Wuyou
In Champion University, on the battle stage of the higher ranking list…
The Moon Group and Tiantai were fighting violently, especially since they couldn’t give up. They had to lose to leave off the battle stage. Nobody would get away unharmed.
The audience were astonished and amazed by Tiantai’s progress. In only three years, they had become so strong! They could even compete with the powerful Moon Group! Tiantai’s cultivators were really talented, especially since so many of them were low-level emperors, and most cultivators of the Moon Group were medium-level emperors.
However, if the crowd knew that Tiantai’s cultivators had all studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, they wouldn’t have been surprised. With the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, coupled with their talent, they could only be very strong, especially since Hou Qing Lin had taken them abroad to gather experience. They hadn’t wasted a single minute during those three years.
“Those bastards, the Moon Group recruited some strong cultivators again. They definitely have an advantage!” said Tantai. He was furious. He had participated in the first round of battles. He had faced three strong cultivators, but the last one was terrifying and he had forced Tantai off from the battle stage.

On another battle stage, Ji Wuyou defeated Tian Chi.
“Brother, Ji Wuyou really understands Dao strength, Destructive Dao strength. He even destroyed my Sentient Beings Buddhist Enlightenment and Indestructible Golden Body with his Dao strength. Be very careful when you fight against him!” said Tian Chi. He was very strong, but Ji Wuyou had defeated him, and he was still bleeding. Even though he couldn’t continue fighting, he was still proud of himself.
“I understand. Don’t worry and focus on healing your wounds now,” nodded Hou Qing Lin. Then, he looked at Ji Wuyou and released reincarnation strength, his expression furious.
“So Lin Feng is a coward?” said Ji Wuyou icily, while releasing ice-cold and oppressive energy around Tiantai’s cultivators. However, a silhouette in white clothes landed in front of Ji Wuyou. Some ice-cold Qi appeared and snowflakes swirled around. The atmosphere started freezing.
“Eh?” the crowd frowned. What was the celestial woman in white clothes doing on the battle stage? Besides, she looked furious and the atmosphere was freezing around her. The crowd didn’t understand, were there tensions between Ji Wuyou and the celestial being?
Ji Wuyou was astonished too, and said politely, “This is a battle between Tiantai and the Moon Group. It has nothing to do with you. Please get down.”
Hou Qing Lin was astonished. His silhouette flickered as he moved to intervene. He wanted to make Meng Qing get down from the battle. What could he say to Lin Feng if Meng Qing got injured?
However, Meng Qing started attacking. She disappeared and reappeared right before Ji Wuyou, striking out in Ji Wuyou’s direction. The atmosphere around her fist froze. Ji Wuyou had the sensation his blood was going to freeze.
“How strong!” thought many people, shooting to their feet in the bleachers. Teleportation, freezing Ji Wuyou, this woman who had been at Champion University for such a short time was so strong?
“Collapse!” shouted Ji Wuyou, releasing dazzling Cyan Dragon Totems. At the same time, terrifying destructive Dao strength suddenly appeared and the ice exploded.
However, Meng Qing released awe-inspiring ice energies once again and the destructive Dao strength itself started freezing! Ji Wuyou suddenly looked petrified as his arms started freezing as well.
“Dao intent!” Zong Que and Liu Yan in the bleachers suddenly stood up. They were all astonished. What was going on? Tiantai’s cultivators were too impressive. Those people had been in Champion University for what, five years? Ji Wuyou was extremely strong, he understood Dao strength, but now a new student was overwhelming him and surprisingly, she also understood Dao strength and was walking on the Path of Ice.
Hou Qing Lin had stopped moving, stunned. Meng Qing was incredible! Hou Qing Lin smiled and sighed. He hadn’t thought Meng Qing would be so strong. His teacher had told him that Xue Ling Long was from the Snow Clan and was extremely powerful. However, in the small world, they couldn’t imagine what that meant. Hou Qing Lin was still slowly starting to understand the outside world.
He raised his head, the battles had already gone on for a while. Half of Tiantai’s cultivators were injured. Four hours had passed already.
A strong wind started blowing. Some people started whispering. Hou Qing Lin turned around and saw Lin Feng arrive.
It was Lin Feng’s clone. He had been traveling for a while and now he was back. He was shocked, he hadn’t thought the battles would have started.
“Meng Qing!” Lin Feng looked at her as she was battling against Ji Wuyou. Even though she was wearing a veil, Lin Feng could recognize her Qi.
“Brother, what’s going on?” Lin Feng asked Hou Qing Lin. Hou Qing Lin rapidly explained everything to Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded, “Brother, you go on the farthest battle stage and I’ll go on the right one. The Moon Group can’t win any battle stage.”
“That’s what I wanted to do!” said Hou Qing Lin, nodding. He headed towards a battle stage. A strong cultivator from the Moon Group was already waiting for him there.
Reincarnation lights twinkled. Hou Qing Lin was already angry, and surged to the attack. His enemy was shaking violently. He had the sensation the reincarnation holes were absorbing him!
Hou Qing Lin jumped. His reincarnation strength turned into a vortex, it was going to absorb the man!
“He’s started to understand Dao strength, how insane!” Hou Qing Lin didn’t even realize what was going on in his body. He pummeled his enemy and blasted him away. Zong Que and Liu Yan were stupefied. Hou Qing Lin was so furious that he was starting to use Dao strength!
He started charging. His enemy’s face turned deathly pale. Reincarnation strength surrounded him and turned into a vortex. The strong cultivator of the Moon Group was terrified.
“Argh…!” the trapped man shouted furiously. He was hurled away and driven from the battle stage. The crowd was astonished.
The strong cultivators of the Moon Group were stupefied. Crackling sounds kept spreading in the air as they all clenched their fists.
Lin Feng’s clone was on the battle stage too. Even though he was just a clone and couldn’t use the strength of his real body, his soul was connected to his real body and kept progressing. His physical strength was explosive. He pummeled his foe with his punches, and his opponent’s bones instantly broke. Lin Feng’s clone also knew the same cosmic energies as he did!
“Lin Feng is progressing so quickly!” the crowd exclaimed in amazement. His cosmic energies had become much more incredible and so had his physical strength!
“Piss off!” a voice drew people’s attention. Ji Wuyou and Meng Qing were still fighting. Initially, they didn’t know how strong Meng Qing was, but now Ji Wuyou was injured. However, he had become furious and was doing all he could to stop Meng Qing. He used his full strength, but it didn’t work. Meng Qing could teleport and her ice energies were terrifying.
“That girl is incredibly strong. She can oppress Ji Wuyou!” The crowd was astonished. Was she really from the Snow Clan?
“What does the battle between Tiantai and the Moon Group have to do with you?” asked Ji Wuyou, staring at Meng Qing. Three years had passed. Now a new girl had become a student at their university and she was humiliating him again!
“Hmph! A stranger dares get involved in Tiantai and the Moon Group’s battle, if she doesn’t piss off, don’t blame me for being impolite!” said a strong cultivator standing in the bleachers icily. His energies were fearsome, and the crowd frowned. It was a strong cultivator from the Sun Group, someone from the Celestial Champion Ranking List!

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