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PMG Chapter 1917: Killing Lin Feng

PMG Chapter 1917: Killing Lin Feng
However, some strong other cultivators were staring at Lin Feng, not Meng Qing.
Zong Que and Liu Yan were staring at him and frowned. They didn’t understand something, they had seen Lin Feng before, but they didn’t recognize him this time, there was something different. His Qi was different, too. His Qi was terrifying but it was like he had come from the Celestial Country or Hell. He controlled Hell death strength, and his eyes contained death Qi. He looked like a demon!
“Is it really him?” thought Zong Que and Liu Yan. They weren’t sure.
Hou Qing Lin looked at the one who had just threatened Meng Qing and said icily, “And how dare you get involved in the Moon Group’s affairs?”
“Bastard!” shouted back Shi Hao Tian. His voice made everyone shake as his voice resonated in people’s brains.
“Shi Hao Tian from Ji Chang’s Club. Fourth on the Celestial Champion Ranking List! He’s terrifying, the second strongest cultivator of Ji Chang’s Club! He must have come here to watch.” The bystanders were shocked to see Shi Hao Tian, fourth on the Celestial Champion Ranking List. It also meant that he was the fourth strongest student of Champion University. They could imagine how strong he was!
“Since the Moon Group doesn’t want to fight, why come here and fight? They’re just humiliating themselves,” said Lin Feng icily. His silhouette flickered and he moved over to Meng Qing, landing in front of her.
Ji Wuyou released a wave of Qi towards Lin Feng. He shouted icily, eyes going red, “Lin Feng!”
Ji Wuyou jumped and threw himself at Lin Feng. Dragon lights dazzled around him as he released a terrifying destructive strength.
Meng Qing turned around and released ice energies. The ancient dragon immediately froze and so did the destructive strength. At the same time, Meng Qing disappeared and snowflakes appeared, a graceful hand imprint among them. Ji Wuyou sensed a mysterious strength surround him. He released more destructive strength and dragons chanted louder.
Meng Qing did a knifehand strike and a celestial king Qi invaded the atmosphere. She was suddenly surrounded by a holy celestial halo, and looked like a real goddess!
That celestial woman in white has an amazingly powerful body type. She probably has a king body type!, thought everybody. Meng Qing looked like a celestial goddess, extraordinary and untouchable.
Ji Wuyou’s strength turned into snowflakes. At the same time, he was violently forced backwards.
I wonder what kind of man could marry her!, thought the astonished crowd, shaking at this display. That woman was like a goddess, so unbelievably beautiful. Ji Wuyou looked like a buffoon in front of her!
“Lin Feng, go to another battle stage. The battle between Tiantai and the Moon Group is not over!” said Ji Wuyou to Lin Feng coldly.
“Not over?” Lin Feng smiled icily, “How do you want to fight? A group battle or one-on-ones?”
“The remaining people can fight in a group battle!” replied Ji Wuyou coldly.
“Alright, so a group fight!” said Lin Feng, smiling coldly. He looked at Meng Qing and she looked back at him, smiling resplendently. When she smiled, her snowflakes almost melted in homage.
Lin Feng slowly walked over to Meng Qing. Back then when he had gone to the small world, he hadn’t gone to the ancient world to see Meng Qing because he didn’t want to disturb her. The ancient world had helped her become stronger.
Lin Feng wasn’t disappointed. Meng Qing was incredibly talented. After having spent some time in the ancient world, she had become extremely strong. Lin Feng was very happy for her.
“Eh?” When the crowd saw Lin Feng walk towards Meng Qing, they didn’t understand what was going on.
They looked at Meng Qing, she was smiling at him brilliantly. It made everyone shiver. Before Lin Feng showed up, she didn’t smile and now she did?
Lin Feng walked up to Meng Qing and put his hands on her shoulders, he even caressed her face. Meng Qing looked incredibly warm and gentle. The onlooker’s brains felt as if they were going to explode. They were starting to ask themselves questions, why had Meng Qing shown up in Champion University, and why was she on the battle stage?
Lin Feng put his hands down and touched her hands. He smiled and said, “Silly girl, how come you didn’t tell Lang Ye to message me? I would have come and picked you up.”
Meng Qing had found Champion University, probably thanks to Lang Ye.
“I didn’t want to disturb you, so I came here alone,” said Meng Qing gently. The crowd was stunned.
Lin Feng rolled his eyes and looked at Ji Wuyou, “Are we not having a group battle? What are you doing staring at me like that?”
Ji Wuyou looked frozen and said rather emptily, “Are you inviting outsiders to help you?”
“Outsiders?” Lin Feng glanced at Ji Wuyou coldly. “Ji Wuyou, are you saying that my wife is an outsider? So your wife isn’t a member of the Ji Clan?”
“His wife.” The minds of the crowd were instantly blown. The celestial woman who could defeat Ji Wuyou was Lin Feng’s wife? Married to the one who had defeated Ji Wuyou in the past. The crowd was completely dumbstruck.
Yu Wen Jing pulled a long face and stared at Meng Qing. Lin Feng’s wife! Ji Wuyou and Yu Wen Jing had been humiliated by Lin Feng in the past, and now, three years later, his wife had humiliated them!
In the Celestial Country, Lin Feng and the two others continued traveling invisibly fast. They had already managed to escape from the strong cultivators and Lin Feng’s eyes weren’t filled with death energy anymore. He was smiling indifferently and warmly. Years had passed, and finally he could see Meng Qing again. What a great thing.
“Lin Feng, did something happen?” asked Aoxu when he saw Lin Feng’s smile. It looked quite strange, given their circumstances. Jian Mang looked as emotionless and expressionless as before.
“Something great happened, of course!” said Lin Feng with a broad smile. His two bodies were interconnected. His clone was happy too, but he was looking at Ji Wuyou icily.
Lin Feng’s clone hadn’t noticed that Shi Hao Tian had gone over to Zong Que and Liu Yan. He whispered, “Did you notice?”

Liu Yan and Zong Que smiled. They understood that he was talking about Lin Feng.

“Maybe they are different people,” whispered Zong Que.
“I don’t care whether they’re the same person or not. The consequences will be the same!” said Shi Hao Tian coldly. Zong Que and Liu Yan smiled at him meaningfully.
Liu Yan said, “This battle has nothing to do with us.”
Shi Hao Tian looked quite calm. They started talking using telepathy. At some point, Zong Que and Liu Yan looked angry. Zong Que also looked angry and nodded.

On the battle stage, the strong cultivators of both sides gathered. Gigantic waves of Qi pulsed in the sky.
Then, suddenly, gigantic waves of oppressive energies rolled in waves. It was Zong Que!
Lin Feng raised his head and looked over at Zong Que. He didn’t understand.
“You, come!” said Zong Que pointing at Lin Feng.
Lin Feng frowned and rose up into the air. He said coldly, “What do you want?”
“You asked for people’s help and you want to kill people from Champion University. You must die!” shouted Zong Que explosively. He waved his hand and strength surrounded Lin Feng.
Lin Feng had the sensation his bones were going to be crushed: earth strength! His expression changed drastically and he shouted furiously, “You are getting involved in Tiantai and the Moon Group’s battle on purpose?”
“You’re going to die!” shouted Zong Que explosively. He waved his hands and suddenly, a terrifying strength bore down on Lin Feng’s chest. He groaned with pain and released his Qi. The pressure was too intense though, and he was driven away.
The crowd was astonished, what was going on?
“The Moon Group is shameless!” said Hou Qing Lin, looking at Shi Hao Tian.
Shi Hao Tian said icily, “The battle between the Moon Group and Tiantai can start for real.”
Instantly, the strong cultivators of the Moon Group attacked. Waves of strength pulsed. Meng Qing rose up in the air and flew towards Lin Feng. However, suddenly, some Cyan Dragons moved towards her. Ji Wuyou prevented her from going to his aid.
Zong Que ran towards Lin Feng, releasing even more strength. Lin Feng started suffocating. Lin Feng saw a gigantic ancient soul bell moving towards him, and his face turned deathly pale. This was his clone, and it was a clone Lin Feng had made two years before. Even though Lin Feng’s real body had progressed a lot, his clones couldn’t compete with people like Zong Que, who was a strong cultivator of the Celestial Champion Ranking List. Lin Feng felt powerless in front of him.
The ancient bell rang and moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng knew he was going to die if the bell crashed onto him.
“Brother, let’s cancel the battle!” shouted Lin Feng. The bell rang again, Lin Feng’s brain shook violently.
“Will Zong Que kill Lin Feng without having signed a contract?” The crowd was stunned. What was going on? Why did Zong Que dare attack Lin Feng like that? Even though Zong Que was on the Celestial Champion Ranking List and had privileges, it didn’t give him the right to kill other students as he wished!

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