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PMG Chapter 1918: That’s How It Is

PMG Chapter 1918: That’s How It Is
Snowflakes invaded the atmosphere. Meng Qing disappeared and reappeared in front of Zong Que. She raised her hand and the space around Zong Que started freezing.
“Hmph!” Zong Que groaned icily. He shook his right hand and a mysterious strength rose up. The atmosphere started shaking and the ice started cracking.
“Piss off!” shouted Zong Que explosively. The soundwaves of his voice and his bell fused together and resonated in unison. The crowd started having auditory hallucinations. The soundwaves seemed like a mountain pummeling their brains.
Meng Qing’s brain started shaking violently. Even though she understood Dao intent, her soul wasn’t as powerful as her opponents, so she couldn’t do much. She had the impression her soul was going to collapse. Blood splashed out of her mouth and stained her white clothes and veil.
“Meng Qing, get back!” Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with death. He looked at Zong Que icily and released as much strength as he could. He was furious it wasn’t his real body, otherwise he would have crushed Zong Que.
“Death intent? Surprising.” Zong Que looked at Lin Feng and withdrew. His soul turned into threads of ancient bells which all moved towards Lin Feng and rang in unison. Lin Feng had the sensation his soul was going to break apart.
“Die!” shouted Zong Que explosively. Millions of bells rang out in unison. Lin Feng’s silhouette became distorted. His clone was made of part of his soul. The most terrifying kind of attack for a clone was that kind of soul attack. Thunder rang out, and the crowd saw Lin Feng’s body crack and explode.
Suddenly, the air became completely silent. The crowd was astonished. The battle between the Moon Group and Tiantai had already exceeded all their expectations.
If the rest of Ji Chang’s Club hadn’t gotten involved, Lin Feng and that girl would have crushed the Moon Group, thought a few high-level emperors looking coolly, understanding what was going on.
“He had really learned Dao strength.” Liu Yan was staring at Zong Que. This guy had learned about Dao strength in the Celestial Country. The ancient bell attacks were too terrifying!
The snowflakes in the sky became colder and colder. Meng Qing was still bleeding. The space around her became colder and colder and froze. The crowd started shivering. The crowd was scared just glancing at her.
Zong Que frowned and eyed Meng Qing. This girl was strange, her Qi was terrifying.
Tiantai’s people looking furious. Hou Qing Lin was going insane. His reincarnation strength turned into a tornado.
“No, Lin Feng was right, we have to end this battle. Meng Qing cannot get injured again!” Hou Qing Lin ground his teeth so hard that blood dripped from his mouth. He tried to calm down gradually, and looked at Meng Qing. Meng Qing was going insane.
Meng Qing started crying, her face turning deathly pale. She looked crushed and desperate. Many people started feeling extremely sad when they saw such a breathtakingly beautiful woman like that. She looked crushed, her heart shattered into a thousand pieces. Tears even appeared in some people’s eyes. They felt very sad for her, too.
“Sister, Lin Feng is not dead,” said Hou Qing Lin to Meng Qing using telepathy. Meng Qing shivered and turned around, staring at Hou Qing Lin.
“It was only one of Lin Feng’s clones. His real body is not here,” Hou Qing Lin told her calmly. Lin Feng had shouted out before dying, it meant he wanted to Hou Qing Lin to handle the situation. Hou Qing Lin understood that he had to control himself and that he had to take care of Meng Qing. Nothing could happen to Meng Qing!
“Trust me!” said Hou Qing Lin, nodding at Meng Qing. She shivered, but tried to calm down. She coughed and blood fell down onto her shoes. She felt ice-cold. That blood came from her heart!
“Sister, go back. Nothing can happen to you before Lin Feng comes back to university,” said Hou Qing Lin to Meng Qing. Meng Qing didn’t say anything and jumped back onto the ground.
Hou Qing Lin looked at Zong Que icily and said, “There are rules when it comes to battles in Champion University. Today, you killed one of my fellow disciples out of hand. Don’t the law enforcement officers care about the rules?”
The Moon Group and Tiantai’s cultivators had already stopped fighting. People from Tiantai looked furious and shouted, “I’m Tantai, I’m also a student in Champion University! Aren’t there rules in this university? Nobody cares about them? Law enforcement officers just watched a student get killed and didn’t react at all? Anyone can get involved in battles? Is it allowed to kill students as one wishes? Are there no rules in the end?”
“Are there no rules after all?” all the cultivators of Tiantai started shouting in unison. They were furious.
Someone slowly rose up in the air. That person was wearing golden clothes. He looked at the crowd furiously. He looked majestic and domineering.
Hou Qing Lin realized that Shi Hao Tian wasn’t far away.
“He asked outsiders for help and they came here to kill our people from Champion University. Killing them is fine,” said the person in golden clothes.
The crowd was stupefied. Lin Feng had called in outsiders?
“When did that happen?” asked Hou Qing Lin icily.
“Do I need to explain?” said that person indifferently. Tiantai’s people were stupefied and pulled long faces at the farcical words.
“I’ll report to the leaders of the university. If I made any mistake, then I’ll bear the responsibility,” said the law enforcement officer in golden clothes icily.
“Bear the responsibilities? How can you bear the responsibilities for killing my fellow disciple? Will you kill yourself?” said Hou Qing icily. His eyes were filled with reincarnation strength.
“Insolent!” shouted the law enforcement officer of the university explosively. Then he smiled coldly, “The Moon Group and Tiantai can continue battling. I will take care of the higher ranking list. I will also start a legal procedure within the university. No need to worry about that.”
After that, he rolled up his sleeves and left.
“That law enforcement officer is on Ji Chang’s Club’s side. Lin Feng from Tiantai died, but because Ji Chang’s Club has such a high social position in Champion University, nobody can do anything!” The crowd was stupefied. Even in Champion University, strength was still the most important thing. In that world, rules could always be violated.
But Lin Feng’s wife was so strong, the university was probably going to attach importance to her and the law enforcement officer would have to punish the killer.
“Since the university is against us too, this battle has become pointless!” declared Hou Qing Lin. Then, he looked at the other members of Tiantai and said, “Tiantai’s people, come back with me.”
Tiantai’s cultivators looked furious and followed Hou Qing Lin as he left. The battle was over.
Ji Wuyou didn’t look happy at all. He looked furious.
“We had agreed on a battle three years ago and you think you can leave now?” shouted Ji Wuyou icily. Ji Wuyou didn’t intend to let them off.
Zong Que came next to Shi Hao Tian, he wanted to say something.
“Brothers, from now, join hands with us to oppress Tiantai. If anyone refuses to help, they won’t stay in the university for long,” said Shi Hao Tian icily.
Zong Que smiled and nodded, “Of course.”
The crowd dispersed but they felt sad. They had compassion for Tiantai and for Lin Feng. Surprisingly, Zong Que had killed him, and the university didn’t do anything for him. He was such a genius! It was such a tragedy.
But very quickly, they heard something and understood why things were happening that way.
The astonishing news was: That the Holy City had invited all of the influential groups and the three universities to come to Champion University. This time, it was going to be Ji Chang’s Ceremony as a Champion!
The crowd started thinking that Lin Feng had maybe been Ji Chang’s first victim…

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