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PMG Chapter 1919: Juzi Is Here To Kill

PMG Chapter 1919: Juzi Is Here To Kill
After Tiantai and the Moon Group’s battle, at university, many people also said that they had been astonished by Tiantai’s progress. They were actually able to compete with the Moon Group. That was incredible!
The celestial woman in white was surprisingly Lin Feng’s wife, and terrifyingly strong. She could oppress Ji Wuyou! Unfortunately, Lin Feng hadn’t been able to fight against Ji Wuyou, Zong Que had killed him! Many people felt sad for Meng Qing. She was so talented, and now she had lost her husband. There were also many people who didn’t care, as it might clear the way for them…
The crowd sighed. Lin Feng had died, it was a pity. Now Ji Chang was going to become a Champion. Ji Chang’s Club was going to become the most powerful group of Champion University once again. If Tiantai wanted to rise within the university, it would be extremely difficult. Lin Feng had died because Tiantai had tried to oppress Ji Chang’s Club. At the same time, Ji Chang’s Club now had an alliance with the Stone Group. They were going to oppress Tiantai together. However, they probably wouldn’t kill Tiantai’s people within the university again.
They had killed Lin Feng because Ji Chang was going to become a Champion. He was the pride of the university. His name would be carved in the Champion stone and they would make a statue of him. He would have incredible privileges within the establishment too. They had killed one person, but it didn’t matter that much.
Suddenly, Tiantai had lost its reputation. Everybody was hiding and didn’t come out anymore. They knew that if they came out, the Moon Group and the Stone Group would harass them. It was as if they had disappeared from Champion University in the blink of an eye.
Elsewhere in Champion University, the atmosphere was lively because of Ji Chang’s ceremony. He would become Ying Cheng’s successor, the new Champion. However, the date hadn’t been determined yet. Some people said that the university was already making Ji Chang’s statue, however!
Ji Wuyou wasn’t excited at all. He wanted to dazzle more than his brother. He had gone back to meditating in seclusion.
In the Celestial Country, Lin Feng and the two others had already crossed the Milky Way battlefield, and  were on the side of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Currently, there were resting in a hidden cave. Lin Feng was seated cross-legged. His soul filled the cave, and a terrifying vitality kept undulating in the air. The cave had turned into a holy life place. The life energy was even spilling out of the cave. Grass and trees became even greener, and started growing much faster.
Jian Mang was outside of the cave. Aoxu was far away in the distance and came up to Jian Mang. He asked, “Has he recovered yet?”
“I don’t know,” Jian Mang replied indifferently. He was annoyed. He didn’t know what was wrong with Lin Feng, either. Lin Feng’s soul had suddenly been severely damaged, and his Qi had become really weak. That’s why he was in a cave, he was trying to heal his soul.
A terrifying vortex suddenly appeared and filled the air. It suddenly turned into a terrifying death strength, and grass and trees started dying. The death strength then moved towards the cave as if that cave had become the entrance of Hell.
A silhouette slowly came out of the cave. He was surrounded by death lights and looked scary. A single glance at him sufficed to make someone’s soul shake.
“Lin Feng, what’s wrong?” asked Aoxu to Lin Feng. He didn’t understand why Lin Feng had been suddenly injured.
“I had a clone, and my clone was killed in the outside world, so my soul was damaged,” replied Lin Feng. Aoxu was shocked. Lin Feng had a clone. How incredible!
“And have you recovered yet?” asked Aoxu.
“I’m alright. The injury wasn’t that bad,” replied Lin Feng, looking indifferent. He had created that clone over three years before, and it had progressed really quickly. Therefore, his clone’s death hadn’t had too much of a big impact on his real body. Of course, Lin Feng was also able to recover that quickly because he understood life and death strength. It was extremely useful for his soul!
“The passage of the Celestial Country is soon going open again. Aoxu, what do you intend to do?” Lin Feng asked Aoxu.
“I don’t have any plans. What about you? You wanted to come here, but you don’t seem that interested in fighting?”
“I’m from the Continent of the Nine Clouds, I accidentally ended up in Hell. I decided to fight my way to the other side of the Milky Way battlefield because I want to get back to the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” said Lin Feng flatly, no longer bothering to hide the fact.
Aoxu was astonished and laughed, “Interesting! You surprisingly ended up in Hell? I’ll come to the Continent of the Nine Clouds with you then!”
“You want to go to the Continent of the Nine Clouds?” asked Lin Feng, somewhat surprised. “Can you get to the Dragon Clan from the Continent of the Nine Clouds?”
“The Continent of the Nine Clouds is all the same. We can also get to the Dragon Clan from there. Traveling and fighting a little bit would be a good thing. I could also become a great emperor there!” replied Aoxu casually.
Lin Feng nodded. No problem. However, the earth and sky started shaking, and rumbling sounds spread in the air. Mountains starting breaking apart.
Rumbling sounds spread in the air as gigantic stones fell from the sky. Mountains broke. A terrifying demon Qi filled the air. Lin Feng raised his head, startled at what he saw. There was a silhouette waiting there in the sky. It was Juzi from the Ancient Demon Clan!
“He came here too?” Lin Feng stared at Juzi. Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with death energy. Juzi’s eyes were filled with demon energy. Juzi looked calm and composed, majestic and dignified, like a king in his element.
Damn Ancient Demon Imprint!, thought Lin Feng. Aoxu released dragon Qi. Dragons started chanting as his Qi rose to the skies. Stones kept exploding all around them, and a nearby hill even even collapsed.
Juzi just looked down at them loftily.
“What a powerful demon cultivator!” said Aoxu. However, Lin Feng looked angry and was staring at Juzi. He said icily, “Since you came here, you will never go back.”
“Aoxu, Jian Mang, I need some time,” Lin Feng said to them.
“I’ll give it a try,” said Aoxu. He rose up in the air and threw himself at Juzi. He released terrifying dragon energies which turned into dragon claws and made the atmosphere shake violently.
Aoxu was really strong, even for someone at the top of the Huang Qi layer. He understood Aggressive Dao strength, and his physical attacks were terrifying. He was probably stronger than ordinary great emperors already.
Juzi was expressionless and emotionless. A gigantic demon imprint came crashing down, looking like a gigantic hand. His black demon eyes twinkled with indestructible Deva-Mara strength.
The mountains around kept exploding and breaking apart.
“Die!” shouted Aoxu. An aggressive strength emerged. However, a gigantic “DEMON” word appeared in the sky, shining with terrible power. Both fighters’ souls collided. Aoxu shook violently and was hurled back.
“What a terrifying fighter!” Aoxu sighed. With his dragon body and aggressive Dao, he had just been forced backwards, as if this demon was invincible.
Dragons chanted, and Aoxu turned into a gigantic blood dragon, staring at Juzi icily.
Lin Feng came forwards, as a deployment spell appeared on the ground. A layer of illusion Qi appeared, and Lin Feng slowly disappeared into the illusion.
In his spirit’s world, he took out his Celestial Evolution Chessboard, and stepped aboard it. Life and death lights twinkled, pulling his world cosmic energies into the Celestial Evolution Chessboard.
Juzi had crossed the Celestial Country to find Lin Feng. In Lin Feng’s small world, only his own cosmic energies worked. What would Juzi do in there?
Lin Feng jumped onto the Celestial Evolution Chessboard. A million of lights glittered and changed. Marks intertwined. Cosmic strength pulsed on the deployment spell.

In the outside world, the earth and sky became red. Juzi’s blood started boiling. Aoxu moved forwards, Jian Mang helping him. It was still too difficult for them to truly fight against Juzi, especially for Jian Mang. It was the first time Jian Mang felt so powerless in his life. Juzi was terrifying!

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