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PMG Chapter 1921: Getting Ready To Go Back

PMG Chapter 1921: Getting Ready To Go Back
Juzi the Demonic Punisher had died. People died, some others rose. Juzi’s birth had been something special in the Ancient Demon Clan. He had been nicknamed the Demoniac Punisher, and the Ancient Demon Clan wasn’t disappointed in him. He had started practicing cultivation when he was two years old, and was very talented. In both the Continent of the Nine Clouds and Hell, he would be considered an extremely talented cultivator. When he was five years old, he had already broken through to the Zun Qi layer and understood abstruse energies.
When he was eight, he had broken through to the Huang Qi layer and controlled cosmic energies. He hadn’t been raised by just the Ancient Demon Clan, he had also been raised in Yama City. When he was ten years old, he comprehended Dao strength and he had been sent to the Hell Shrine, replacing his father. But everything had taken place secretly. People in the outside world didn’t know the Ancient Demon Clan had such a terrifying cultivator, otherwise, their rivals in Hell would have been scared.
Of course, all of that wasn’t important anymore.
In Champion University, the atmosphere was becoming more and more lively. The date of the Champion ceremony had already been determined. People from everywhere were invited. Amongst people of that era, Ji Chang was going to become the second Champion of Champion University officially.
Thanks to Ji Chang’s power, Ji Chang’s Club was recruiting more and more geniuses, and kept growing bigger and bigger. Things didn’t look good for Tiantai. Some people talked of a tragedy. With their lineup and their alliance with the Stone Group, Ji Chang’s Club was becoming extremely powerful. Tiantai was suffocating. Tiantai’s disciples were also getting bullied if they showed up at places. People didn’t kill them or cripple their cultivation, but still, being one of Tiantai’s disciples wasn’t easy these days.
A few disciples even started leaving Tiantai. Some even betrayed Tiantai and joined Ji Chang’s Club and the Stone Group.

“Kacha!” In Tiantai’s courtyard, an explosion shook the air as a stone blew to pieces.
“Ji Chang’s Club and the Stone Group are bastards!” Tantai’s face was red from fury. Some other people from Tiantai were around him, bleeding from wounds. Even when these core disciples went out, they got bullied. Ji Chang’s Club and the Stone Group wanted to put them in a dead end.
“Why are you so noisy?” shouted Yun Qing Yan at Tantai. She looked furious, too. She was losing patience.
“Let’s declare a war!” snarled Tantai ferociously.
“Declare a war? Why? The Stone Group and Ji Chang’s Club will crush us. Their leader Zong Que is the fifth student of the Celestial Champion Ranking List! He controls Dao strength! He might be stronger than people who are higher than him on the ranking list. He killed Lin Feng! They don’t care about rules. Zong Que has privileges, that’s why he dares act that way! And you want to declare a war?” shouted Yun Qing Yan.
She had told her parents about all these things, so she knew more than Tantai. Yun Qing Yan understood that Ji Chang’s Champion ceremony was extremely important. The university was proud of him, and was even erecting a statue of him there. He would probably become one of the leaders of the university someday.
These days, Tiantai couldn’t declare a war against Ji Chang’s Club or the Stone Group, unless they wanted to be wiped off the map.
In the courtyard, the other people remained silent. They were under great pressure. They all had lots of potential, had all studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, and were talented. They were real geniuses! But things weren’t easy, and they couldn’t be considered as extremely strong cultivators.
“How is Lin Feng doing?” whispered Yun Qing Yan. She missed him. His clone had been destroyed, how was his real body doing?
“If Lin Feng were here, he wouldn’t accept this situation!” said Tantai, clenching his fists so hard they popped. He was furious, yet felt powerless.

In a hidden room, Hou Qing Lin was studying and practicing. There was reincarnation strength all around him, and the reincarnation strength in his eyes was evolving.
“Path, what is my Path? What is my Dao?” Hou Qing Lin’s reincarnation strength was becoming more and more terrifying. The space around him was distorting.
“If I don’t understand the Dao, how will I destroy them?” Hou Qing Lin didn’t look like a calm and detached young man like in the past. He looked insane. What was the point of being an emperor if he didn’t understand the Dao?
The Dao is mysterious. It’s something you can’t touch. It’s something which you realize, it’s about your own body, and your own destiny!, thought Hou Qing Lin. Nobody could help him understand the Dao, especially since he understood a very mysterious kind of strength: reincarnation strength! He had to rely solely on himself. Nobody could give him any tips!
Reincarnation, six paths, the earth and sky, reincarnation strength, maybe my path has to change drastically, it has to reincarnate!, Hou Qing Lin’s eyes became ice-cold. The air around him was twisting as he meditated.
If I can’t understand the wheel of reincarnation, how can I walk on the Path of Reincarnation?! Suddenly, Hou Qing Lin understood something. He slowly sat down and closed his eyes. In the hidden room, the reincarnation strength started pulsing strongly. A vortex appeared and enveloped his body.
Hou Qing Lin had to understand Dao power.
Lin Feng understood Dao power because he was walking on the Path of Life and Death. Ji Wuyou understood Dao power because he had been helped by his clan. Zong Que was extremely strong. He was the fifth cultivator of the Celestial Champion Ranking List, at the very top of the Huang Qi layer, and had obtained mysterious treasures in the Celestial Country.
When people noticed Lin Feng and his friends in the Celestial Country, they were killed stealthily, so as not to draw people’s attention. Lin Feng continued practicing cultivation secretly. During that year, Lin Feng was cleansed by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength again. He also bathed in his demon pond sometimes. His Deva-Mara Body was cleansed a second time. It was extremely painful, but worth it. His physical strength improved considerably.
His Deva-Mara Body was powerful. The cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan didn’t study that technique carelessly. They usually waited until they reached a very high level and even then, they cleansed their Deva-Mara Body at most three times per level; at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end. Someone as astonishing as Juzi had cleansed his body three times when he was a low-level hell emperor, five times when he was a medium-level hell emperor and nine times when he was a high-level hell emperor.
If a cultivator didn’t wait long enough to cleanse their body, they could die. However, Lin Feng had been cleansed by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength, and he had an incredible physical body. He had cleansed his body twice using the Deva-Mara Body technique and his body had been cleansed four times by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength. In terms of physical strength, he almost had the strength of a high-level emperor. It meant that any high-level medium-level emperor couldn’t do anything to him using physical strength.
For many people, that was a dream, but for Lin Feng it wasn’t enough. It was never enough. He didn’t care about being able to kill medium-level emperors. He didn’t even care about killing high-level emperors. He had so many trump cards, he could already kill some, for example with his deployment spells. He was happy to become stronger though, step by step.
Lin Feng and the others finally started moving. One year had almost passed. They were going to be able to leave soon.
The three cultivators moved fast and quietly, taking a path where there weren’t too many people. When they encountered enemies, they joined hands and crushed them in the blink of an eye. Many people were going to leave the Celestial Country, how many strong cultivators were there? They had to be careful.
“How fast.” In the distance, some people saw them, and were shocked by their speed. When one of them saw the three dazzling lights, he frowned and shouted furiously, “Intruders! How audacious!”
That shout drew many people’s attention. Very quickly, many people noticed them and flew at them to attack.
However, Lin Feng and the two others simply accelerated. Finally, someone managed to catch up with them.
“Die!” Lin Feng suddenly turned around and released a terrifying death strength. That person’s face turned black, a dazzling sword appeared and cut him apart He fell from the sky, dead.
Everything happened in a few seconds, but it was enough time for someone else to arrive. A death sword streaked across the sky. That person released soul strength, his blood boiled, and then gushed out. In the blink of an eye, two strong cultivators had died.
The three of them continued on.

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