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PMG Chapter 1922: Ji Clan’s Banquet

PMG Chapter 1922: Ji Clan’s Banquet
Those three cultivators were terrifying and all controlled Dao strength. They could kill almost any cultivator of the Huang Qi layer.
They didn’t look for people to fight, however, they just kept moving. More and more strong cultivators appeared in their field of vision despite that. Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with death Qi. He did a knifehand strike and a river of death strength appeared.
“Stop!” Two people appeared in front of them, one of them charging forwards, and Qi pulsed out to attack.
Aoxu’s blood dragons roared, the air around them broke apart. Lin Feng released an ocean of black death strength. Those cultivators disappeared and drowned inside. The three continued on and finally, more and more strong cultivators appeared in their field of vision. They understood that these people were waiting, that this was the right place.
“Back!” said Lin Feng, withdrawing. Someone moved towards them, but they didn’t dodge. They just killed him.
Many people rose up into the air and realized that the attacker had just disappeared. They looked at Lin Feng and the two others, and realized that they were extremely strong, so they didn’t try anything dodgy. Those cultivators had spent a year in the Celestial Country, and now they were about to leave, so there was no need to risk their lives.
Now they were waiting. Soon, they would be able to leave!
Finally, the day arrived. The passage between the Celestial Country and the Continent of the Nine Clouds was going to open. Golden lights appeared, and in the sky, nine passages appeared. They probably led to nine different places in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Gigantic letters appeared in the sky, the names of the nine clouds: Godly Clouds, Dark Clouds, Green Jade Clouds, Red Clouds, Bright Clouds, Jade Clouds, Blue Pale Clouds, Purple Clouds, Supreme Clouds.
There was only one passage between Hell and the Celestial Country, but there were nine passages between the Continent of the Nine Clouds and the Celestial Country. Many strong cultivators were present now. When the lights flashed, the strong cultivators rose up in the air and flew towards the passages.
The three cultivators flew towards the passage which led to the Dark Night Region. Nobody stopped them, they were too strong.
“Imprints, those people are from the other side, how audacious! What are they doing?” People frowned when they saw the three of them. Some people flew towards them, but all they saw were bloodthirsty red dragons. Some people started bleeding, they could die at anytime!
“How strong, let’s kill them!” Many strong cultivators rose up in the air at the same time. Aoxu shouted furiously and turned into a dragon. The crowd was stunned; that was a real dragon from the Dragon Clan!
“I’ll block them, you kill them!” shouted Aoxu. He descended from the sky and released powerful dragon energies.
A black death strength river appeared in the sky and people disappeared inside. When the river vanished, corpses fell down from the sky. They had been killed in the blink of an eye!
Lin Feng and Jian Mang jumped onto Aoxu’s back, and the dragon flew through the crowd. Dazzling light swords and death swords kept streaking across the sky. The crowd split apart to dodge the attacks, staring after the dragon.
The three quickly arrived at the end of the passage which led to the Dark Night Region.
“Let’s get out!” said Lin Feng. His eyes were black as Aoxu immediately crossed the golden lights. The crowd was stunned. Were those people insane? They were going to the Dark Night Region?
The passage which led to the Dark Night Region was sealed, the universities managed that passage!
At that moment, some silhouettes rose up in the air. A powerful dragon had appeared! People were startled and looked at that dragon… it was a blood dragon!
Aoxu turned into a human being again as a powerful Qi appeared around him. In the distance, there was an old man on a mountain. He shouted in challenge, “Dragon, where are you from?”
“They came from the Milky Way battlefield!” said some people behind Lin Feng and the others. Since they had left the Celestial Country, the imprints in their third eyes had disappeared. They looked ordinary now.
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He suddenly turned around and looked at that person with his death eyes. The person’s body started decaying, Jian Mang released a light sword and cut apart that person, who died instantly.
Instantly, the atmosphere became still. Everybody was staring at them in astonishment. Those three people were insane!
“I’m from the Dragon World. I was traveling in Hell and now I want to travel in the Continent of the Nine Clouds!” said Aoxu loudly and aggressively.
The old man in the distance nodded, “Since you’re from the Dragon World, you can come.”
“Go!” said Lin Feng, rising up into the air. They crossed the gigantic gate and disappeared from people’s fields of vision. People would soon forget about them, there were so many strong cultivators in that world.
Dark Night Region, the Holy City…
The date of Ji Chang’s ceremony had already been determined. He was considered a hero in the Holy City, and the Ji Clan was one of the most powerful clans in the Holy City. They had organized a banquet, and everybody was invited, especially the young strong cultivators from the Ancient Clans of the region.
The atmosphere in the Holy City was lively. Many people from many Ancient Clans came to the Holy City. It was also a good opportunity for young people to stand out and make friends with strong cultivators of the same generation.
Many geniuses had risen in the different universities during those years.
In the Celestial Godly University, Chu Chun Qiu had risen. His cultivation speed was terrifying. He was famous even after having just joined the university, and was now a high-level emperor. He had started understanding Sky Absorbing Dao strength. His strength was mysterious and enigmatic. Some people said that he had the potential to become a Champion too, just like Ying Cheng.
Many people knew that when Chu Chun Qiu was a low-level emperor, it had taken him only six months to become a medium-level emperor. He had the potential to become a king!
Apart from Chu Chun Qiu, many other people in the Holy City who had special bodies rose, such as some people who had king bodies, or the World King Body, or the Godly Imprint King Body. All those people were terrifying cultivators blessed by the gods.
The Snow Clan also had incredibly strong cultivators.
Ji Chang was going to become a Champion, it made many young people feel enthusiastic. Many people admired him, they wanted to become stronger and become like him. Many people were also trying to predict what was going to happen in the future, and many people wanted to fight to compare themselves.

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