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PMG Chapter 1923: All the Geniuses

PMG Chapter 1923: All the Geniuses
Above the Holy City, a boat flying towards Champion University.
On the boat were three people. The red-robed man looked extremely aggressive and monstrously strong. He looked monstrously strong. Behind him was another man, two white balls in his eye sockets, the definition of a blind man. And behind them, there was a man who didn’t look strong, but his every motion contained death strength.
“Champion University, Ji Wuyou, Moon Group…” At this moment, Lin Feng was furious. His clone had been killed, Tiantai had been humiliated. He had to get his revenge!
However, at that moment, someone rose up into the air. He was wearing fine clothes, and looked handsome, confident, and at ease. He was surrounded by righteousness Qi. When he sensed the death Qi, he frowned and looked at those three people. As they moved closer, he recognized them and smiled.
“Lin Feng!” Jun Mo Xi flew over to them. He hadn’t thought he’d see Lin Feng today!
Lin Feng’s eyes became normal again. Jun Mo Xi landed on the boat and frowned. “Lin Feng, your eyes, they looked piercingly cold. They contain a strange death intent!”
“I accidentally ended up in Hell and spent some time there. I crossed the Celestial Country to come back,” replied Lin Feng. Jun Mo Xi was stunned. Lin Feng had been to Hell? Most people had only heard legends about Hell. And he had crossed the Celestial Country, that was incredible!
“According to legends, Hell is a world in itself. But most people have never been there!” said Jun Mo Xi, very impressed. He clapped Lin Feng’s shoulder and smiled, “Let’s go, Lin Feng. You came back at the right time. Today is the Ji Clan’s banquet, they invited everybody. They also hope that the young people of the city can make friends. Let’s go there and see how strong the young people of the Holy City are.”
“The Ji Clan’s banquet?” Lin Feng was furious. The Ji Clan was Ji Wuyou’s clan!
“Indeed. Ji Chang, who is in Champion University like you, is going to become a Champion. For your university, it means influence and glory. Before the Champion ceremony, the Ji Clan wanted to organize a banquet. Everybody is invited. Maybe the Ji Clan want to see how strong young people in the Holy City are in comparison to him,” Jun Mo Xi said before adding, “Lin Feng, someone you know, Chu Chun Qiu, has become terrifyingly strong. He understands Sky Absorbing Dao now. Even though Lang Ye and I have king type bodies, we don’t progress as fast as him.”
Jun Mo Xi was a medium-level emperor and so was Lang Ye, but Chu Chun Qiu was terrifyingly strong. He was stronger than almost anyone of the same level. His cultivation speed was incredible.
Lin Feng remained silent for a few seconds. Chu Chun Qiu was mysterious, enigmatic, unfathomable, and people didn’t understand him. He was discreet and had few enemies. However, back then, in six months, from a new low-level emperor he had become a medium-level emperor.
“Let’s go to the Ji Clan then. Mo Xi, lead the way,” said Lin Feng with a hard smile. He recalled his death Qi and put a mask on. Ji Chang and Ji Wuyou both knew him. He had to hide if he wanted to go to the Ji Clan.
“How’s Xiao Die?” Lin Feng asked Jun Mo Xi.
“Good. I took her back to the King of Hell Palace. She feels lonely. The King of Hell Palace isn’t the Celestial Palace of the Immortals,” Jun Mo Xi sighed. Lin Feng clapped his shoulder compassionately. The Celestial Palace of the Immortals had been destroyed by the Wen Clan and the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine. Because of that, Jun Mo Xi felt guilty.
Both of them suddenly looked a bit nostalgic. They had both gone through a lot. Now, they were becoming stronger and stronger. They had lost a lot for their improvements. It was the price to pay to become a strong cultivator.
Jian Mang was still there. He looked as emotionless as usual. Nobody paid attention to him. Aoxu smiled next to Lin Feng and his friend. Real friends didn’t need to talk a lot. Lin Feng and Jun Mo Xi were like brothers.
There were many people at the banquet. Most of the people were in a gigantic courtyard. There were many young people with an incredible Qi, who looked proud and indifferent.
Ji Wuyou and Yu Wen Jing were in the crowd. Ji Wuyou greeted the guests. Yu Wen Jing was next to him and chatting with different people.
Many people were watching them.
“Two heroic cultivators from the Ruan Clan, incredible determination and strength. They both are incredibly strong, 51st and 52nd in the Imperial Ranking List of the Holy City,” spoke up someone. The crowd was surprised. The Imperial Ranking List of the Holy City was the ranking list of the whole Holy City for people of the Huang Qi layer. There were many students and other people on it. 51st and 52nd, those two people were incredibly strong.
The two cultivators of the Ruan Clan smiled indifferently. Then they landed on the ground in the middle of the crowd.
However, after they arrived, someone else arrived.
“Four Seasons University, Lang Ye from the World Clan, he has the World King Body. He’s extremely talented and controls a very mysterious kind of strength: world strength!” said a voice again. Many people raised their heads. Even though Lang Ye wasn’t on the Imperial Ranking List, he was a descendant of the World Clan, and had a World King Body. That was enough to be respected. He would be on the Imperial Ranking List sooner or later!
“The Ji Clan perfectly understands the balance of power in the Holy City,” said Lang Ye. Each time someone arrived, the Ji Clan knew who it was.
“Lang Ye, long time no see!” said Dugu the Winner to Lang Ye. They glanced at each other. Back then at the Ice-Moon Lake, they had fought. Nobody had won. Now, Dugu the Winner had become even stronger. He had the Godly Imprint King Body, how many imprints did he have now?
“Chu Chun Qiu from the Celestial Godly University. Descendant of the Chu King. He has studied the Sky Absorbing Celestial Scriptures and the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. He already understands Dao strength. He’s 32nd on the Temporary Imperial Ranking List.”
Another announcement drew the crowd’s attention. People stared at Chu Chun Qiu. He had never fought against someone from the Temporary Imperial Ranking List, but he was already 32nd on it. It proved how strong he was. The Temporary Imperial Ranking List was an indicator but sometimes, it meant more than the actual Imperial Ranking List. Chu Chun Qiu had achieved many things, so he was on the Temporary Imperial Ranking List. The Temporary Imperial Ranking List was based on someone’s strength and achievements. The actual Imperial Ranking List was based on battles. Even though the Temporary Imperial Ranking List was sometimes more accurate than the actual Imperial Ranking List, most people hoped to be on the real one.
“Celestial Godly University, Huo Jiu Yang, he has the innate Nine Suns King Body, he studies the Nine Suns Sutra. His power is explosive.”
“Another king body!” the crowd looked at the newcomer. It was a young man walking slowly along: Huo Jiu Yang!
“Snow Clan, Xue Fan, Xue Bing.” A woman and man arrived together. They were very good-looking. The girl looked like a celestial being, pure as jade and clean as ice, pure and noble.
As expected, people in the Snow Clan are blessed by the gods, thought the crowd when they saw how good-looking those two young people were.
“Jun Mo Xi, the Prince of Hell, from King of Hell Palace, Imperial immortal body.”
The crowd raised their heads and saw four people in the sky. They knew one of them: Jun Mo Xi, the Prince of Hell from the King of Hell Palace. The three others were strangers, however. They had never seen them. Even the Ji Clan didn’t know them.
Those three people are so strange. One of them is a low-level emperor, but his Qi seems powerful. He must be dangerous. The others are medium-level emperors. One of them is blind. He doesn’t look dangerous, but he probably is. The last one has an aggressive Qi. He looks extremely proud too, thought the crow,looking at Lin Feng and the two others. Nobody recognized them. Why were they with Jun Mo Xi?

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