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PMG Chapter 1924: Humiliation

PMG Chapter 1924: Humiliation
Lin Feng glanced at the crowd. He could sense that all these people had an incredible Qi. They were all geniuses.
“Prince of Hell, are those your friends?” asked someone. They were curious.
“Indeed!.” Jun Mo Xi nodded and walked through the crowd. All the people there were extraordinary.
“The Prince of Hell’s friends can make themselves at home!” said Ji Wuyou to Jun Mo Xi and his three friends. However, Lin Feng looked indifferent and detached. Ji Wuyou frowned. Lin Feng’s eyes looked scary, but he was a guest. Ji Wuyou decided to forget about him and continued greeting guests.
After them, ever more people arrived, all from the Holy City. Some of them were on the Imperial Ranking List, some of them were just considered astonishingly strong. The atmosphere was getting more and more lively.
Apart from those strong cultivators, there were elders in the main hall. A strong cultivator of the Ji Clan came out and smiled at the crowd. “Everybody, you’re all geniuses from the Holy City. Welcome to the Ji Clan! It’s an honor for us to receive you here. Some people say it’s because we want to gain influence. However, it’s not true, Ji Chang is going to become a Champion, everybody knows that. It’s not only an honor for us, the Ji Clan, but for everybody in the Holy City.”
Many people also thought that since Ji Chang was going to become a Champion, the Ji Clan didn’t need to struggle to become more influential.
“We invited all of you so that you can make friends with one another and so that you can compare yourselves with one another. Ji Chang is going to become a Champion, but in the future, who will become the king of the Dark Night Region?” said the strong cultivator of the Ji Clan. He didn’t hide his real goal. He definitely hoped that Ji Chang would become the king of the region.
“Everybody can talk about cultivation, if you wish, you can also exchange views. I don’t think people here would refuse!” said the elder. He started putting tables aside. Then he smacked a table and laughed wholeheartedly, “Come on, everybody, have a seat. No need to greet all the newcomers now. They can just come and sit.”
The crowd looked at the lines of tables. More elders came out of the palace. They wanted to see how strong the young people of the Holy City were.
“Everybody, please make yourselves at home!” said the elder of the Ji Clan as he sat down on the leader’s chair in a dignified manner.
Everybody raised their glasses and downed them. Someone said, “There are many geniuses in the Holy City these days. Apart from Ji Chang, only one has been proclaimed a Champion: Ying Cheng! He’s first on the Imperial Ranking List, walking on the Path of Celestial Disorder. He can destroy anything, the ten thousand things of creation. Maybe he will become the king of the Dark Night Region!”
“Your statement is arbitrary and subjective. Ying Cheng is the Champion and he’s the first one on the Imperial Ranking List, but it’s not just because of his Dao. It’s because he has the strength of the top of the Huang Qi layer and he has many special spells,” said someone in white clothes while slowly sipping on their glass. “There’s a huge difference between me and Ying Cheng. But I can use clones to fight, like him, so when someone fights against me, it’s like fighting against millions of people.”
Some Dao intent suddenly rose up in the air. The crowd looked at that cultivator, many shadows appeared around the one who had just talked.
“Path of the Thousand Illusions. Not bad indeed,” said the elder of the Ji Clan with. He raised his glass for that young man calmly.
“Path of the Thousand Illusions?” someone smiled coldly. A thread of yin Qi appeared. A man in grey clothes lowered his head and said, “Ji Chang is walking on the Path of Destruction. He can destroy all your shadows in the blink of an eye. And you think that kind of person could become the king of the Dark Night Region?”
The young man who controlled the shadows looked at him coldly.
“That’s Xie Yue, he’s the 10th cultivator on the Imperial Ranking List. He’s supposedly extremely evil. He can eat any kind of strength. His physical body, blood, vitality and soul are incredible,” Jun Mo Xi said to Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded. So many people were here, and they were all outstanding people in the Holy City.
As expected, the young man who controlled the thousand shadows was furious, but he didn’t dare attack Xie Yue. He was only 30th on the Imperial Ranking List!
“How many  of the people who are on the Imperial Ranking List understand Dao strength?” Lin Feng asked Jun Mo Xi.
“From what I know, those in the top forty basically all understand Dao strength. Many of them are also at the top of the Huang Qi layer. Half of them are here today, I think. Xie Yue is one of them,” replied Jun Mo Xi. Lin Feng nodded. The Imperial Ranking List was the ranking list of the whole city, it included the four universities and all the clans.
“Of course, some extremely strong cultivators aren’t high-level emperors yet and understand Dao intent, therefore, they are at the bottom of the Imperial Ranking List. Some other people understand Dao intent, but are not known yet.
“People who have special body types are talented and understand Dao intent more easily. There are also people like Chu Chun Qiu. In the Holy City, there must be around fifty people who understand Dao intent, and who only have the strength of the Huang Qi layer.
“The Ji Clan invited us all because Ji Chang is going to become a Champion. Why isn’t he here?” asked Xie Yue looking at the elder of the Ji Clan.
“Ji Chang appreciates his friends’ suggestions. If you want to see him, you can,” came a voice from the palace. The crowd suddenly sensed a destructive Qi. It felt like the earth and sky were going to collapse. A silhouette flashed out… it was Ji Chang!
“Destructive Dao. I’ve heard that you could destroy entire worlds with that kind of strength. I wonder if it’s true!” said Xie Yue slowly. He stood up and released a fearsome grey Qi. The earth and sky became grey.
A terrifying grey wind swirled towards Ji Chang. However, the grey energy broke apart around Ji Chang, it couldn’t get close to him!
“Brother Xie Yue, your Dao intent isn’t enough,” Ji Chang said loudly. He released a terrifying destructive strength, it felt like an ocean had started roaring. The grey energies in the area all disappeared.
Xie Yue was shocked, but he just smiled evilly and said, “No wonder you’re a Champion, Ji Chang.”
He sat down again. Both their energies disappeared.
“Destructive Dao, how strong!” The crowd was impressed. The young man who was walking on the Path of the Thousand Illusions was depressed. He couldn’t compete with Ji Chang at all!
“I’ve heard that Ji Wuyou also understands destructive Dao intent. He wants to be stronger than Ji Chang, I wonder who is stronger?” whispered someone.
“Ji Wuyou from Champion University has lost two battles already,” said someone at that moment indifferently. Ji Chang and Ji Wuyou’s faces darkened. Lang Ye, the speaker, just raised his glass and took a sip.
Ji Wuyou looked furious and pulled a long face. He had lost two battles: first, one against Lin Feng, and a second one against Lin Feng’s wife.
“Brother Lang Ye, would you like to try and battle against me?” said Ji Wuyou icily.
Lang Ye raised his head, he looked indifferent. “We’re here to talk about cultivation. Dao is important, but the person is even more important. You understand Destructive Dao like Ji Chang, but your Dao was frozen. A cultivator stronger than you can easily defeat you.”
Ji Wuyou remained silent for a moment. Lang Ye was saying he was weak?
Ji Wuyou stood up and headed towards Lang Ye. He said icily, “Please come and fight, Brother Lang Ye.”
“No need. If I fight against you, I will be merciless and I will hurt you. That wouldn’t be good,” said Lang Ye coldly. Everybody was staring at Lang Ye. He had the World King Body and understood Dao, too.
“Brother Lang Ye, you’re right. I’ve heard that Tiantai had oppressed the Moon Group in Champion University, and then Ji Chang’s Club got involved. The Stone Group also attacked Tiantai, all of that inside Champion University! If you injured Brother Ji here in the Ji Clan, then the consequences would be dramatic,” spoke up Jun Mo Xi.
Ji Wuyou looked impotently furious. They were humiliating him!
Everybody had heard about what had happened in Champion University, including Jun Mo Xi and Lang Ye. They also knew that Lin Feng wasn’t dead. He had given them a talisman with his godly awareness inside and it hadn’t broken!

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