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PMG Chapter 1926: Back

PMG Chapter 1926: Back
“That’s Destructive Dao when used by a piece of trash. How can he even fight against people?” said Lin Feng indifferently. Ji Wuyou heard Lin Feng, he was angry but also dizzy from his loss.
Ji Wuyou had his hands on his eyes, and pulled them away. His hair was messy, he looked maddened as he started running towards Lin Feng.
Lin Feng didn’t move. Ji Wuyou threw himself at Lin Feng in blind fury. When Ji Wuyou landed in front of Lin Feng, death strength penetrated into his brain and his face turned grey.
“Piss off!” Lin Feng punched him. Death strength flew throughout Ji Wuyou’s soul with a deadly rumble, and he was smashed away.
Ji Chang looked more and more furious. He immediately started racing towards Lin Feng. A terrifying destructive strength invaded the atmosphere.
Aoxu jumped up and released terrifying Aggressive Dao intent which collided with the Destructive Dao, and there was a huge explosion. People withdrew quickly, watching excitedly. Why were those people provoking the Ji Clan?
“Same old stuff. I’m off. See you,” said Lin Feng indifferently. Then, he rose up into the air, Jian Mang following him. Lin Feng glanced at Ji Chang one more time, turned around, and left, Aoxu trailing after him alertly.
Ji Chang grit his teeth in fury. The leader of the Ji Clan said calmly, “Forget about it. Wuyou got what he deserved. I’m disappointed.”
Ji Wuyou’s legs shook violently. Yu Wen Jing was furious, too. The Ji Clan was an ancient clan, and there were many young and strong cultivators. Ji Chang and Ji Wuyou were direct descendants. But if they weren’t strong enough, the clan wasn’t interested in them. Ji Wuyou appeared like a humiliation and a disgrace for the clan.
“I’m off too,” said Lang Ye and Jun Mo Xi. They also departed.
“Ji Chang, go back to the university and get ready to be declared a Champion. Don’t worry about the rest,” said the leader of the clan. Ji Chang nodded and looked over at Ji Wuyou, sighing to himself.
In Champion University, everything was the same. Everybody was waiting for the the same thing, Ji Chang’s Champion ceremony. The atmosphere was lively and there were many strong cultivators.
However, in Tiantai, the people were very depressed. Even though Ji Chang was going to become a Champion, Ji Chang’s Club and the Stone Group continued putting pressure on Tiantai. Tantai had gone out and had noticed that a bunch of strong cultivators had encircled Tiantai. They had attacked him a few times and broken some of his bones. He asked Yun Qing Yan, “Our second fellow disciple hasn’t come out yet?”
“Indeed,” said Yun Qing Yan nodding. “I told you not to do anything!”
“I can’t hide in the courtyard my entire life. We should leave Champion University then!” said Tantai, stewing with his anger.
“That’s what they want,” said Ruo Xie to Tantai, “We can’t leave otherwise. Things are deteriorating too quickly already.”
“Ruo Xie is right. Ji Chang’s Club and the Stone Group want to kick us out!” said someone at that moment. Everybody suddenly looked happy: Hou Qing Lin! His Qi had changed. He looked even more enigmatic and unfathomable than before.
“What should we do then?” asked Tantai to Hou Qing Lin.
“Endure and wait for an opportunity,” said Hou Qing Lin. His eyes were twinkling.
“When will have an opportunity?”
“During Ji Chang’s Champion ceremony!” spoke up someone at that moment. Everybody was stupefied and gazed into the distance, where three people were arriving. Tiantai’s people frowned. Lin Feng took off his mask and waved at them.
“Lin Feng!” The crowd was stupefied. Finally, Lin Feng was back!
“Lin Feng, are you all right?” Hou Qing Lin asked him. Back then, his clone had been destroyed. Was Lin Feng injured?
“I have recovered,” Lin Feng nodded. He walked up to the crowd and said, “I know everything. During Ji Chang’s Champion ceremony, I will teach Ji Chang’s Club and the Stone Group a good lesson.”
Hou Qing Lin frowned when he heard Lin Feng. Ji Chang’s Champion ceremony was very important for them. If Lin Feng caused trouble, the consequences would be tragic.
“Lin Feng, Ji Chang’s Club and the Stone Group joined hands and they are very powerful, especially Zong Que, the leader of the Stone Group. He’s extremely strong, he understands Dao strength. We won’t have any opportunity during Ji Chang’s Champion ceremony,” observed Yun Qing Yan coldly.
“I don’t want to attack them. I just want to take advantage of the ceremony to understand Champion University’s position. Do Ji Chang’s Club and the Stone Group represent Champion University? That’s what I want to understand,” said Lin Feng icily.
“Alright, since you seem confident, I trust you. I will inform my parents, we can trust them,” agreed Yun Qing Yan.
Hou Qing Lin looked at Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, are you really ready?”
“Indeed!” Lin Feng nodded. Hou Qing Lin didn’t say anything else. Lin Feng continued, “Gather Tiantai’s people, and for these next few days, don’t fight against people from Ji Chang’s Club and the Stone Group.”
Lin Feng looked over at Aoxu and said, “Aoxu, what do you intend to do?”
“I have nothing to do. I want to have some fun with you in the Holy City!” answered Aoxu in a free and unrestrained way.
“Alright, you can stay here for now,” Lin Feng nodded. After finding a flat for Aoxu and Jian Mang, he left.

Meng Qing was practicing cultivation alone in a room. Her room was filled with a chill colder than ice. However, at that moment, she suddenly opened her eyes.
“Meng Qing…” said a warm voice. Meng Qing shivered as someone entered her room.
Meng Qing smiled radiantly. The ice in her room melted as the temperature instantly rose.
Lin Feng looked back at her in a warm and gentle way as he walked over to her.
“Are you alright…” Meng Qing asked gently. As she was talking, Lin Feng ignored what she was saying and drew closer to her. She blushed. If anyone else had seen her that way, they would have been too jealous to speak.
“Don’t talk.” Lin Feng smiled. He just stared at Meng Qing, which made her laugh. Her heart was melting.
“You’re so beautiful,” Lin Feng said gently, before he kissed her. He was as gentle, as if she were made of china. They both kissed passionately. It was like they had turned into one.
A mysterious Qi invaded the room, and then they disappeared from there.
In Lin Feng’s small world, when Meng Qing saw more people she knew, she was astonished and overjoyed. She asked Lin Feng, “How did you do that, Lin Feng?”
“This is my world, our world!” smiled Lin Feng.
Xiao Ya quickly arrived and hugged Meng Qing. “Meng Qing, sister!”
“Xiao Ya!” Meng Qing caressed Xiao Ya’s hair and shouted, “Father, mother!”
“Hey!” Yue Meng He and Lin Hai arrived and greeted Meng Qing. They were very happy.
Wu Shang’s eyes twinkled and he said to Lin Hai, “Dad, you look close to that celestial girl, how come I don’t know her?”
Everybody burst into laughter when they heard Wu Shang.
Liu Fei slapped Wu Shang’s shoulder and said, “That’s your sister-in-law!”
“Sister-in-law?” Wu Shang was astonished and looked at Lin Feng, “Brother, you’re really incredible, extremely strong and you’re also amazing at courting women!”
“I’m alright,” said Lin Feng, glancing at Wu Shang. Wu Shang was already eighteen years old!
They were happy to be together. Lin Feng and Meng Qing spent some time in the small world. A clone was outside until the day of the Champion ceremony. The atmosphere there became more and more lively, and many strong cultivators from everywhere came to Champion University.
Ji Chang’s Champion ceremony was an incredible event in the Holy City. Ji Chang’s Club was on everyone’s lips. Their leader was going to become a Champion!
In Tiantai, the atmosphere was calm. It was as if they had disappeared from Champion University. The Stone Group and Ji Chang’s Club stood guard over the gates of Tiantai’s territory.

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