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PMG Chapter 1927: Flames

PMG Chapter 1927: Flames
In Champion University, there was a Champion stage, with many people around.
At that moment, on the Champion stage, there was a group of elders. They all looked enigmatic and unfathomable. Ji Chang was standing there as well. Ji Chang was in the middle of them and receiving the Champion Crown. Some people said that Ji Chang’s name was already carved in the Legendary Waterfall Abode of the Immortals, he just had to sign it. They had carved his name beforehand, as if his future success were obvious.
On this day, the Holy City was almost empty, very few people on the streets. Many people were going to the Champion stage. They wanted to participate to Ji Chang’s Champion ceremony. He was the pride of the Holy City. That was incredible. Many people admired him and wanted to be like him.
However, at that moment, in Tiantai, many strong cultivators had gathered: Lin Feng, Hou Qing Lin, and the others. Aoxu and Jian Mang were there, too.
“Are you ready?” Lin Feng asked the crowd. Yun Qing Yan’s beautiful eyes twinkled. She looked at Lin Feng, still hesitant. This guy was insane. This was Ji Chang’s Champion ceremony. Everybody was going to the Champion stage, but not far from Tiantai, there were still strong cultivators from the Stone Group and the Moon Group still guarding them.
“Yes, I am!” said Tantai, nodding enthusiastically. He had been waiting for this day for so long. His anger had simmered far too long.
“Lin Feng, what do we do with those people?” Huang Fu Long asked Lin Feng. Everybody looked at Lin Feng. Indeed, what could they do with those people?
“Cripple the cultivators of the Stone Group and kill those of the Moon Group,” said Lin Feng icily. Everybody shivered. Cripple and kill them? Lin Feng was crazy!

In a building nearby, members of Ji Chang’s Club were waiting. In another one, there were people from the Stone Group. Those people had been sent exclusively to monitor Tiantai’s activities. Their goal was to oppress them and make them leave Champion University.
“So many strong cultivators will go to Ji Chang’s Champion ceremony. Many people are seething with excitement, and we’re here… Pfffff…” said one of them with a sigh. He was annoyed. He had to monitor Tiantai, he couldn’t go to the ceremony. He was leaning against the wall. “Tiantai’s people don’t dare come out anymore. Why are we still here?”
“Haha, they’re a bunch of trash. Surprisingly, they dared to humiliate Ji Chang’s Club. Zong Que killed Lin Feng and Tiantai has lost all their power. I wonder what Ji Chang’s Club will give to our leader.”
The two guards were talking, however, at that moment, one of them said, “Wait!”
“What’s wrong?” said the other one frowning. He looked at that person. His lips twitched. He gazed into the distance and smiled coldly, “Is Tiantai doing something?”
“Are they coming to us?”
“Hmph! Do you think they could fight against us?” the two cultivators gazed into the distance. Dozens of cultivators suddenly appeared in their field of vision. Their Qi was ferocious.
“Stop!” shouted a guard of the Stone Group explosively. Other guards heard them, and hurried to join him.
“What are you doing?” Lin Feng and the others were facing them and oppressing them. The guards suddenly felt cold. Finally, one of them retreated. He realized that he couldn’t do anything to these cultivators.
“You better think carefully before doing anything! It’s Champion University here. If you attack the Stone Group, their revenge will be terrifying!” shouted a strong cultivator. However, at that moment, Lin Feng looked at him with his death eyes. Suddenly, that cultivator sensed that his body had started decaying. He turned grey. A medium-level emperor like him was so weak before Lin Feng.
“You’re insane!” shouted that cultivator, extremely loudly. Tiantai’s cultivators advanced relentlessly, their Qi was terrifying.
Tantai bellowed furiously, lions appeared around him. The man he’d picked groaned with pain and coughed up blood. Tantai landed in front of him and lifted him up in the air.
“Piss off!” shouted Tantai explosively. He punched the cultivator. Explosion sounds spread in the air. His viscera exploded and he fell down from the sky limp as a noodle. His colleague’s faces turned deathly pale.
At the same time, many people came out of the buildings. They were astonished.
“Tiantai wants to violate the rules of the university!?” shouted one of them explosively. Lin Feng looked at him icily.
“Violate the rules of Champion University?” Tiantai’s people found that statement ridiculous. Violate the rules? What dogshit rules?
Another loud shout spread in the air as a building exploded. The guards of the Stone Group realized what was going on and came out. Among them was a terrifyingly strong cultivator, a high-level emperor. He was the strongest cultivator of the Stone Group.
“Tiantai, you want to bring about your own destruction!” exclaimed the high-level emperor icily. Then he charged Lin Feng. When Lin Feng saw that, the death energy in his eyes became even more terrifying.
“You…” the man’s face turned grey, and he was abruptly horrified.
Lin Feng charged to meet him, death strength surrounding him. The man was being corroded and death energy started flowing throughout his body. The high-level emperor almost forgot to strike back in his powerlessness. He had the sensation he was dying.
“That’s Lin Feng, he’s not dead!” screamed a shocked cultivator of the Stone Group at that moment.
“That’s Lin Feng!?” Someone else looked petrified. The heart of the high-level emperor started pounding furiously as Lin Feng arrive before him, desperation tearing at his resolve.
“Die!” shouted the cultivators of Tiantai in unison. They looked like ferocious tigers attacking their prey. Lin Feng punched the high-level emperor with his death fist. The cultivator’s face turned deathly pale, as he raised his fists and punched back. Their fists collided, and his bones creaked painfully.
They had controlled themselves for too long. Tiantai’s cultivator couldn’t hold it in anymore. Horrible shrieks kept rising. Many people heard them in their surroundings. When the cultivators of Ji Chang’s Club saw that, they looked astonished and ran away to inform the strong cultivators of the two groups. Tiantai’s people were insane! They dared violate the rules!
Only a few guards of the Stone Group remained. Many corpses lay on the ground. The buildings they’d come from were destroyed. Some people’s hearts were pounding. They gazed into the distance and saw some people running over. What a relief! Tiantai’s people were probably going to die now, finally! The strong cultivators of the Stone Group and Ji Chang’s Club were going to avenge their friends now. The university wouldn’t say anything if they got their revenge.
In the distance, some people who hadn’t gone to the ceremony yet arrived. When they saw the scenery, they were astonished.
“Those are Tiantai’s people, what are they doing?”
“I see Lin Feng, he’s not dead?!”
“Tiantai attacked the Stone Group! They’ve been oppressed for so long now, they went crazy!”
Everybody was shaking. Tiantai’s cultivators ran towards the buildings of Ji Chang’s Club. The members of Ji Chang’s Club were shaking. They weren’t that many people there, and most of them were from the Moon Group as well. They couldn’t resist Tiantai!
“Tiantai’s people dare act that insolently, they must die, they must be wiped off the map of Champion University!” shouted someone explosively in the distance. Three high-level emperors had arrived. One of them was from the Sun Group. The two others were from the Stone Group. All of them were on the Celestial Champion Ranking List.
Ji Chang’s Club’s cultivators were convinced that Tiantai was doomed!

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