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PMG Chapter 1928: Emotionless and Merciless Killings

PMG Chapter 1928: Emotionless and Merciless Killings
Tiantai’s cultivators were going wild. They crushed the strong cultivators of the Stone Group and Ji Chang’s Club one after another. If the newcomers killed Tiantai’s cultivators, the university wouldn’t say anything, Ji Chang’s Club had too much influence these days.
The three high-level emperors released their Qi towards Tiantai’s cultivators. A terrifying strength filled the air. In the distance, some people noticed the agitation there. Surprisingly, the battle stage wasn’t the only lively place?
Tiantai’s people arrived in front of the high-level emperors. The three high-level emperors stared at Lin Feng and one of them questioned icily, “You’re not dead?”
“Back then, your people killed one of my clones,” said Lin Feng indifferently.
The cultivator smiled coldly and said, “Since it’s that way, I’ll kill you once again!”
“Tiantai’s people have violated the rules of the university. You crippled and killed so many of our cultivators! That’s a huge offense! You must die! From today on, Tiantai won’t exist anymore!” shouted the high-level emperor explosively. “Kill all the cultivators from Tiantai!”
Terrifying energies rolled in waves. The strong cultivators of Ji Chang’s Club started attacking.
“Tiantai people, die!” the strong cultivators looked crazed. A high-level emperor ran at the front of them. A gigantic golden hand descended from the sky, twisting the sky. Golden lights illuminated everything.
Tantai roared furious defiance with his lions. Qing Lin released his nine explosive cauldrons. Tian Chi turned into a golden Buddha, Ruo Xie released deceleration cosmic energies, their enemies were moving as if caught in shifting sands. Jian Mang unsheathed his swords. Hou Qing Lin jumped forwards and released reincarnation energies which absorbed everything coming at them.
The battle was incredible. The high-level emperor ran towards Lin Feng, his gigantic golden hand targeting Lin Feng too.
Lin Feng raised his fist, a simple punch and the golden hand exploded. His enemy was astonished as Lin Feng raced towards him.
“I’ll kill you once again!” said the cultivator, releasing golden lights. However, at that moment, he saw Lin Feng’s eyes, filled with death energies. His face turned grey as a death sword moved towards his eyes. His eyes turned grey. It felt like he was dying and going to Hell.
How could he be so strong? He was staring at Lin Feng and his eyes filled with death.
A death sword appeared and his skull cracked… and then he collapsed. The faces of the other strong cultivators turned deathly pale. A high-level emperor had just been killed by Lin Feng?
Hou Qing Lin jumped forwards and released reincarnation energies above the crowd. The strong cultivators had the sensation they were dying and disappearing in the wheel of reincarnation.
The reincarnation energies then disappeared. For those people, it felt as if their souls were falling into a black hole. They looked petrified, their eyes wide open as they fell down from the sky, dead.
“Reincarnation Dao!” The two high-level emperors were astonished, their faces changed drastically. Hou Qing Lin had comprehended Reincarnation Dao! And Lin Feng could kill high-level emperors! How? And Jian Mang and Ruo Xie, both were astonishing and fast, one controlled light energy, the other one controlled speed and decay cosmic energies, both rare kinds of energies. Those two people were particularly strong when they joined hands. Ruo Xie used his deceleration cosmic energy and Jian Mang used his light sword attack.
The strong cultivators of Ji Chang’s Club kept dying, one after another. This time, they didn’t cripple people’s cultivation, they just killed them.
“How strong! Lin Feng is back, Hou Qing Lin understands Dao strength, there’s also that blind assassin. Tiantai is going crazy!” The onlookers in the distance frowned, all of them amazed, astonished, and stunned. Tiantai had been patient for so long. Finally, they were getting furious. They didn’t care about the consequences anymore!
Lin Feng jumped forwards, people around him died one after another, their lives corroded away by his death strength. Only the two high-level emperors were still alive. However, they remained discreet, terrified of what was happening.
How come Tiantai was so powerful all of a sudden?
“Let’s go!” the two cultivators suddenly turned to flee. However, they sensed death strength rising around them. They released their soul strength to resist. They weren’t weaker than Lin Feng, but Lin Feng’s Nihility death sword had stamps, so it stuck on their soul.
In a flash, Lin Feng jumped forwards and slapped one of those cultivators’ heads. That person trembled violently. He was on the Celestial Champion Ranking List, but at that moment, he looked extremely weak and couldn’t withstand even a single attack.
The other cultivator was terrified. This Dao intent was so powerful, even Zong Que’s Dao intent wasn’t as strong!
“I don’t want to die!” Lin Feng had grabbed the other one, he was now begging him. Lin Feng threw him away violently. There was a clap of thunder, and his body exploded. In Lin Feng’s eyes, there was only death.
They had killed his clone, injured Meng Qing, and oppressed Tiantai! They had to die, all of them!
Lin Feng looked like an emotionless and merciless murderer at that moment.
“Lead the way to the Stone Group,” said Lin Feng to the last one icily. Death Qi was still flowing in that person’s body. Lin Feng could kill him at anytime if he wished.
“Alright!” The cultivator nodded and headed towards the Stone Group.
The Stone Group’s territory was much larger than Tiantai’s. However, at that moment, there weren’t many people there, they were all at the Champion stage. Those who remained sensed a terrifying Qi invading the atmosphere and raised their heads. When they understood what was going on, they were all petrified: “Tiantai!”
“The Stone Group will disappear today,” promised Lin Feng. He waved his hands, and mountains fell from the sky, hitting like thunderous meteors. People ran away.
“Cripple their cultivation!” ordered Lin Feng, chasing the people who were fleeing. He released death strength and one cultivator suddenly stopped moving as a terrifying strength crushed him. However, Lin Feng and the others just passed by him. They didn’t stop.
At the Champion stage, the ceremony had started. Ji Chang had a crown on his head now, a beautiful Champion Crown. Behind him, there were nine dazzling Cyan Dragon Totems. He looked like a king.
“Ji Chang, today, I declare that you are a Champion. Your name will be carved in the Champion Palace. Don’t forget to come and sign it!” said the official in charge of the ceremony.
Ji Chang nodded, “I will never humiliate the university or tarnish its reputation. It is an honor for me to have my name in the Champion Palace!”
“Hurray!” At the foot of the stage, everybody shouted cheerfully as the crowd congratulated him. They had to give him face now, he had power!
However, some people had decided not to give him face at all. In the distance, a group of people was flying their way quickly.
“Tiantai is causing trouble!” said someone in the crowd.
A strong cultivator suddenly rose up in the air and challenged them. “You dare cause trouble during the Champion ceremony?”
“Tiantai’s people have killed our people and destroyed the Stone Group!” said someone from Ji Chang’s Club in disbelief.
Another strong cultivator arrived, “Tiantai is killing people within the university! Many people of the Stone Group and Ji Chang’s Club are injured or dead!” said the two people.
Suddenly, the air went still. On the date of Ji Chang’s Champion ceremony, Tiantai dared cause trouble and kill people? Many people looked amused, they loved trouble and battles!
Zong Que’s eyes flashed. Tiantai’s people had dared kill his people?

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